Fortress Investment Group: A Powerful Partnership

Expanding its Strategy

There is a lot of exciting news happening out there in the world of finance today. One interesting event is coming from the Fortress Investment Group. A company that manages over 40 billion in assets, Fortress is now expanding its strategy to include a new investment. The firm has partnered with iPass, a worldwide provider of WiFi. iPass specifically gives businesses assess to the biggest WiFi network in the world.

The firm funded iPass with over 20 million. 10 of the initial 20 million dollar sum was immediately available for the WiFi provider to begin using. The investment is a big play that many are anxious to see will pay off or not.

The Appeal

With enough study, it quickly becomes apparent why the Fortress Investment Group is so interested in funding iPass. The connectivity company operates the world’s largest WiFi network. This lets consumers and businesses from all over the world access WiFi hot spots easier and more conveniently than ever.

The centralization connectivity that iPass offers is something that is sure to hold value as it expands and people understand the service that they offer. That is something that the clever folks at the Fortress Investment Group have already picked up on. They know that this kind of service has a lot of room to grow, and that it is only a matter of time until their clientele base starts to pick up. At a certain point a successful business reaches a point of critical mass and has a massive ROI, that is exactly what Fortress is hoping for.


One of the big things that makes iPass’s service so appealing is that it offers their WiFi connections to an unlimited amount of devices, and has no data caps. There has been a big problem lately with companies limiting their data streams, iPass intends on making that a thing of the past.

The Fortress Investment Group has partnered up with iPass so that they can build bigger and better infrastructure, and really give them the push they need into profitability. Exciting times are ahead for both businesses, that much seems apparent.

Agora Financial Keeping the Readers' Money Safe By Providing Trusted Financial Information

If you are looking to secure your financial future, then it is necessary that you can make right investments at the right time. Keeping track of your expenses and ensuring that a portion of your income goes to savings and investments each month is essential for long-term financial growth. The market is flooded with a wide variety of investment options these days, and it has become difficult for the consumers to trust these investment options blindly. While many of these investment options can prove to do what it claims, it has become difficult for the consumers to comprehend and differentiate well from the bad. It is where the need of a trusted financial adviser comes in. While hiring a professional financial planner or an expert is always an option, it is essential to educate yourself as well about the financial world and how the investment tools work.

It would help you understand which commercial and investment instruments are excellent and worth investing in and which ones to stay away from. Agora Financial is a publishing house that offers both print and online publications in the field of finance. It helps the readers to keep track of where the financial markets are heading and provide economic predictions as well as tips on what to do to avoid losses, increase profits, and so on. Agora Financial is one of the leading as well as the most trusted names in the financial world and was established in the year 1979 by the famous financial correspondent Bill Bonner. The establishment of Agora Financial happened on the premise that the people need to be educated about the financial markets and the various investment and financial options that are available in the market.It is what would help in structuring the country’s economy in the long-term when people can invest regularly and keep their finances in order.

Also, achieving financial freedom is not an easy task as easy as it may seem on the outset. People need to invest regularly and diversify their investments to ensure that they can reap the benefits from their investments that they are looking for.Whether you are planning to invest in stocks or want to go with the wave of cryptocurrencies, the publications of Agora Financial can help you in ways more than one. The financial predictions by the experts at Agora Financial have been helpful for its readers, and have helped save millions of them over the years. Many of the market predictions by Agora Financial has come true in the past few years, which has helped the company build trust in this highly competitive financial market. Agora Financial has a vast network of business correspondent spread across the planet, and they scoop essential news from different industries to ensure that the market predictions and financial analysis by the experts at Agora Financial are as accurate as possible. The company has helped many of its readers to not only make substantial profits but has saved from diving into deep losses by advising them to pull out from their investments at the right time.

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SahmAdrangi-Founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management

Nearly $100 million was raised from investors through SahmAdrangi’sKerrisdale Capital Management. An individual who has knowledge of the situation said that the money was raised to bet against a single stock. Generally hedge fund managers raise money to focus on things such as supporting distressed energy companies or aiding residential securities that are mortgage-backed. The Kerrisdale Capital Management plans to use its money to short the stock of an unveiled public company. Adrangi stated in an E-mail that Kerrisdale raised a significant amount of money in such little time so they used their advantage within the alternatives community. Shane Wilson, a Kerrisdale analyst, worked alongside Adrangi to create reports, videos, and a website to convince other individuals of their thesis. The targeted company will be released in May and the fund has begun to buy stock to initiate their position within the unnamed company. Kerrisdale is known for betting against companies and making it public. Kerrisdale’shedgefund has averaged an annual return of nearly 28% over the last 5 years; however, the fund is down by 7% starting in 2016 all the way through March and to know more

SahmAdrangi is 33 years old and he is located in New York City. Sahm is the founder and chief investment officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management which was founded in 2009. Adrangi first became known after he started shorting fraudulent Chinese companies. Sahm started his career at Deutsche Bank where he was an analyst.

Adrangi obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Yale. He has held positions at Longacre Fund Management as an analyst. At Longacre he conducted investment analysis and research for credit fund and equity fund. Adrangi also worked at Chanin Capital Partners where he watched over creditors in out-of-court bankruptcy reestablishments that fall under Chapter 11.

Primary Specialties of Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is a highly regarded global money lender. They have several stocks that they hold as collateral and they closely monitor their performance. Al Christy Jr. is in charge of evaluating the stocks’ performance and also plays a central role in lending his clients the appropriate percentage. As a customer, you are eligible for up to 80% of stock’s value, although so seldom does the amount go beyond 60%.

Loans borrowed attract between three to five percent interest in a period of five years. Presently they are celebrating about fifteen years of service, having accumulated an asset value of approximately $40 million. Although there are other loan lenders, Equities First maintain their clients because of their favorable interest rates.

Details Enhancing Continued Growth at Equities First Holdings

It is worth appreciating the EFH founder and CEO for his aggressiveness. He realized an inclination towards financiers taking stock as loan collateral and implemented the same at EFH. While other lenders keep hardening the loan acquisition process, he makes it easy for people to acquire capital.

From his findings, most people had difficulties meeting their professional goals due to financial constraints, something he could help solve. Since 2002, the company counts more than 650 transactions successfully made, amounting to more than $1.4 billion. It is a milestone worth applauding. Being guided by transparency and integrity, they have been able to lead legal and regulatory institutions across the world.


Following the past remarkable success achieved at EFH, no doubt there is even more to expect. They have maintained low fixed interest rates, and this keeps popularizing them. Right now they have offices in nine countries, with fully owned affiliates in London, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. They get motivation from their mission, which is to deliver maximal benefits with minimal risks, so as to enable their clients to meet their desired goals, both personal and professional.



The history of Highland Capital

Highland Capital is an investment company with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It was founded in 1993 by Jim Dondero and Mark Okada. The firm deals in long-only loans, loan strategies, oil and gas funds, credit hedge funds, and special situation equities.


In 1997 Mike Okada and James Dondero acquired a stake in Protective Life, PAMCO and formed Ranger asset management. Ranger asset company later changed the name to Highland Capital. They were able to acquire their first commingled bank fund in 2000. Their expansion continued, and in 2004 they bought floating rates from Columbia asset. Highland Capital management managed to open two more branches between 2008 and 2011. The firm’s Singapore office was opened in 2008 and Seoul in 2011.


The duos deal in more than money markets and have branches in Seoul, Singapore, New York and Sao Paulo. The company has vast experiences in a variety of products for both retail and corporate clients. The firm has a customer base that ranges from financial institutions, foundations and endowments, pension plans, government agencies and high-end individuals.Highland capital management endeavors to assist their clients through value-oriented strategies to ensure they get full objectives from their investments.


Highland Capital Management is led by a team of qualified and experienced staff. James Dondero is a Chartered Financial Analyst with years of experience in equity and credit markets. Mark Okada works as the portfolio manager and Chief Investment Officer of Highland Capital. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst. He is charged with overseeing most of the company’s investment.



Highland capital boasts of experienced employees who are well versed with the changing money markets and investment opportunities. The employees in all of their offices are regularly involved in voluntary work and financial aids to charity organizations. They aspire to change the investment business with the guidance of the investment boards in the firm.


Highland Capital has significantly improved over the years, and their strategies keep changing to suit the prevailing market conditions. They have incorporated research and market analysis thoroughly to ensure they trade with minimal risk at the same time get the maximum returns for their clientele.