For CEO of Illinois based, food company OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin, he is a key leader with an impressive career as an executive and role model for fellow executives and stakeholders in his industry

Sheldon Lavin began in food in 1970 by making contact with, then getting hired by the meat company, Otto & Son, Inc. Forward ahead to 2018 and CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has years of dedication and years of hard work and preeminence in his industry to thank for his past successes.

OSI Group, which is an American-based company with its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, manages 65 facilities, and 20 thousand employees who are working in 17 countries. OSI Group is a $6 billion-dollar firm. According to Forbes, OSI Group is the 58th biggest private company in America. CEO and President of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin, is responsible for leading OSI’s growth, in the Asian and European markets.

At one point, Sheldon Lavin held the role of Chairman of Amick Farms in 2006 after once OSI Group purchased this American-based poultry firm. OSI Group also received kudos for being one of the best 100 American food firms while under Mr. Lavin’s management. OSI Group is a firm that is known for its quality, excellence and impressive track record in areas of environmental safety, efficiency, sustainability, and processing. As CEO and Chairman of OSI Group, Mr. Lavin has been effective at attaining short-term, and long-term goals.

As CEO, Sheldon Lavin has focused on making some important deals in order to increase OSI Group’s growth, on an international scale. In the last few years, OSI Group has purchased BAHO Foods, Flagship Europe, and expanded its facilities to double its chicken processing capacities in Toledo, Spain. Because of the increased demand by consumers for chicken in recent history, Sheldon Lavin and other executive leadership at OSI made the decision to add energy efficiency solutions and new facilities to handle these market changes.

OSI Group produces a large variety of meat, fish, poultry, vegetable, specialty-dough, and other food processing solutions for many clients, stakeholders, and customers. OSI Group supplies its brands and products to private-label, food service-distributor, retail, and restaurants. OSI has focused on attaining key business milestones and making a larger push into many regions like Europe, India, and China.

Mr. Lavin earned his bachelor’s degree in business from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. He also obtained a degree in accounting and finance and attended Northwestern University and the University of Illinois.

Sheldon Lavin supports many causes like the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Lavin is the trustee and chairman of their capital campaign.

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David McDonald Helps Educate Those On Sustainable Agriculture

David McDonald was born and raised in northeast Iowa, where he graduated from Iowa State University. He earned his degree in animal science and was honored with the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. Shortly after graduation, McDonald began his lucrative career at OSI Industries in Chicago, Illinois. Thanks to his hard work and dedication, he is now the president and COO of the company.

David McDonald is very active in the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. The program helps students learn how to produce food, fiber, and energy. Learn to protect natural resources, develop their communities, and help nourish families. It teaches them how to solve problems, create value, and market ways to do business. McDonald and OSI Industries arranged a trip to their facilities in China for students who now work for the company. David also donates his free time serving as chairman of the board to the American Meat Institute. He has six children with his wife Malinda residing in Warrenville, Ill. His two oldest children plan to follow in his footsteps and are currently attending Iowa State University.

OSI Group is the world’s leading supplier of proteins such as sausage links, sandwiches, beef patties, and pizza. They operate over fifty plants in 17 different countries. They have eight facilities in China alone making them the largest producer of value-added poultry in the country. They provide protein products to popular retail brands including Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway and Yum Yum. David McDonald has lead the way for the success of OSI by helping to launch several other profitable endeavors. They helped expand a beef processing facility in Poland by over 30%. OSI also built a new frozen food processing facility in India. Two years ago OSI acquired Baho Food in Europe. McDonald was personally delighted by the acquisition as it already complimented OSI’s existing products.

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Waiakea Water Eco-friendly Volcanic Water

Ryan Emmons is the founder and CEO of the bottled water company, Waiakea Water that is produced in Hawaii and distributed internationally. The company began in 2012. According to Ryan Emmons, it was founded on a desire to improve accessibility to clean water and education in Hawaii and on the sub-saharan in Africa. Ryan Emmons is from Hawaii and has spent time in this region of Africa working on clean water initiatives.

In the article, “The Truth Behind Waiakea Water,” this brand is Hawaii Volcanic Water filtered through nearly 14,000 feet of volcanic rock that comprise the Mauna Loa volcano. The article’s author makes mention of the company’s plan to announce release of a degradable plastic bottle in 2018. This will help address the current international blight of plastics occupying environmental landfills or oceans and lakes. Incidentally, in the United States alone, about 23 percent of plastic goods are recycled each year according to a statistical citation in this article. Moreover, nearly 38 billion plastic water bottles worldwide occupy environmental space each year.

The degradable bottle is said to be 100 percent recyclable. Plastic bottles are estimated to take nearly 1,000 years to completely break down under current conditions. The sustainable management measures being put in place by Waiakea, are said to reduce this breakdown time to 15 years, but will still be recyclable throughout this time.

Volcanic water benefits are several. This is due to the alkaline or acid level being lower, and the pH factor being rated at between 7 and 14 on a 0-14 point scale. Benefits are said to include:

– Detoxification and cleansing body tissue

– Volcanic or alkaline water can remove fecal matter from the colon causing possible constipation

– Antioxidants in volcanic water minimize the ability of free radicals to influence early aging or cancer

– Volcanic water, with its mineral and electrolyte content, cleans skin tissue and pores

– Volcanic water reduces entry of foreign pathogens

A small marketing budget in 2012 has resulted in marked growth and impact from Waiakea on the bottled water industry during its short six-year history.

A few tips on Beneful Wet Food

There are a few different controversies on both wet and dry dog food, but some might say that the more meat protein and fewer carbohydrates make wet food the better choice. Another great thing about Beneful Wet Food is that it is safe for puppies, when given the specified amount.

Wet food is made for all dog breeds, sizes, and ages as well. 10 oz. containers of Beneful Wet Food usually cost around $1.77, but you can also buy them in bulk. There are many different, delicious flavors of Beneful Wet Food, but the most popular flavor would the Beef and Chicken Medley. If you are looking to snag a coupon for Beneful Wet Food, you can find coupons in a few different places. would be the first great place to look for Beneful coupons. A few others ways would be signing up for an email subscription at your local pet store, or finding their catalog section inside the store, which will have coupons and deals for specific dog food brands. Beneful Wet Food has eight different flavors, ranging from chicken to peanut butter.

You can also purchase different flavors in variety packs. These variety packs contain a number of different flavors for you to take home at a cheaper price, instead of getting an array of individuals. Wet Food is healthy for your dog because it contains fewer preservatives, keeps your pet more hydrated, and contains fewer carbohydrates. Dogs like Beneful Wet Food because it has a stronger and more delicious smell. It easy for them to eat, and keeps your pet hydrated.