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The Exceptional Staff of TigerSwan Drives the Company to Unparalleled Success

James Reese TigerswanDespite starting and running a company being an intimidating prospect for the majority of people, there are millions of entrepreneurs in the world who have managed to set their own. Several of them tend to become very successful, but others not that much. The venture is a threatening prospect due to its substantial financial demand and legal procedures, especially in this modern world. For you to succeed, you need commitment and resilience regardless of the challenges that come along your way. Therefore, the existence of TigerSwan, global security, and stability firm that was set up in 2008, is a result of the commitment and dedication of James Reese both financially and physically. TigerSwan refers to a service-disabled veteran-possessed minute business that is positioned in Apex, North Carolina, and it operates internationally.

It was one morning when James Reese took the concept to a colleague, and they planned the idea of beginning TigerSwan in his colleague’s kitchen over coffee without any outside capital. Their disabled status saw them appointed to be the SDVOSB, put aside company for the leading defense contractor. James Reese’s 80% disability was not the motivation to found TigerSwan. However, the company’s primary goal was to bring together other disabled veterans and perform something worthy in their life and also world-changing. In its operation, it has seen success due to the excellent workforce that is committed to achieving its goals. TigerSwan has the capacity of more than 300 employees and performs operations within over 50 countries.

Finally, James Reese is a reputable, problem-solving expert and respected leader who conceived the idea of erecting a company that could aid disabled veterans like him to live a reasonable life like other people. Before his retirement, he had been in service for 25 years as both Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officer. Currently, James Reese is the Chief Executive Officer of TigerSwan, and in his leadership, he has always demonstrated maturity and proactive mindset characteristic. Also, his knack for headship plus go-getter mentality has admittedly taken a new form, and James Reese is considered as an experienced cross-functional manager with more than three decades of successes.

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Niranjan Shah: The Influential Leader of the Globetrotters Engineering Corp

Niranjan Shah is a successful businessman based in Chicago. He is known as the founder of Globetrotters Engineering Corp., a private construction and engineering company that he established in 1974. His company offers a variety of services, including architecture, construction, and engineering services, as well as consulting services.

When he was still in college, Niranjan Shah was able to receive a full scholarship. He chose to study at the University of Mississippi, taking up a degree in engineering. After he graduated from university, he decided to open his engineering firm because he wanted to become successful in his chosen field.

Through the years, Niranjan Shah worked hard to put his company on top. He started working with many people from the government to secure projects and other contracts. Since the company’s establishment in 1974, it grew exponentially, and Globetrotters Engineering Corp. now works with millions of contracts. The firm also has a reputation for doing quality work, and this is one of the reasons why the government wanted to keep working with him – his company delivers their promises and will construct a durable and sturdy project based on the contract. He is one of the few contractors in the United States that manages to get the trust of his clients because of the transparency in every project.

Aside from his stint in the engineering industry, Niranjan Shah is also known for his involvement in politics. He has been supporting the Democratic Party for a long time, giving financial assistance to their campaigns. At the turn of the millennium, he was invited to participate at a New Year’s Eve party being held inside the White House. His contribution to the success of the party is recognized, and it was one of the proudest moments of his life.

Today, Niranjan Shah continues his service to the Democratic Party, provided them assistance every time they need it. He is also focusing on his business as he plans to expand its operations to reach more clients. Globetrotters Engineering Corp. continues to secure contracts and projects from different sources, and referrals helped the company to reach its goals.

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Todd Levine’s Double Life

Todd A. Levine is one of the top commercial litigators in the Miami Florida area, and he has been rewarded for excellence in the legal field. His most recent award is Best Lawyer in America by U.S. News and World Report in 2018. Todd has been practising law for 20 plus years, and he is one of the founding members of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine P.L. Commercial real estate dispute is Todd’s primary focus, but he also provides services for property managers, investors, and contractors. He also handles disputes in other areas, such as sports, entertainment and homeowner transactions.

Todd knew early in his career that he had a unique ability for litigating and a knack for reframing issues and arguments to make them easier to understand. He utilizes his musical skills, his exceptional creative skills and his analytical skills to provide a winning strategy in the courtroom and to his clients. He believes his speciality grew out of his ability to simplify things. Todd believes preparation is the key to success in most endeavors. Advanced preparation allows litigators to rebut and address issues, and it will enable attorneys to manage priorities and meet expectations. Utilizing resources is also essential in the daily lives of attorneys. Todd believes software is an integral part of attorney resources. With the Westlaw and Eclipse software, lawyers can find relevant case law in all courts state and federal, enabling lawyers to analyze issues adequately. Eclipse allows attorneys to manage a large amount of evidence, by creating a searchable database.

Todd received a bachelor degree in Finance from the University of Florida in 1988 and in1991 he earned a law degree at Florida Levin College. Some unknowns about Todd is that he is an avid musician and artist. He started playing the guitar at the age of ten. He is a devout family man and he says he is fortunate that both his sons, who are talented musician, share his passion for music.

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Todd Levine Stands Out As A Reputable Lawyer At Kluger Kaplan

Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine has been around for a little more than a decade now since it was founded in 2009 by the five founding members, including Todd Levine. The firm has built a rather large reputation from its headquarters in Florida, with many nominations as a leading law firm in the United States. Various legal organizations have also recognized the talents at Kluger Kaplan, especially since each attorney has been presented with individual awards in the legal industry.

As an attorney, Todd Levine has made a commitment to his firm and his clients to overcome and legal situations and continue expanding on his expertise. Today, Todd is an exceptional litigator, though he has experience in many fields of law. As a sought after attorney in Florida, Todd makes regular moves around the state to talk with clients and handle different trials that take place in different cities. This means he pretty much never has a typical day or schedule, and he has a lot of in-between time.

The Best Lawyers in America organization has recognized Todd Levine several times over the years, along with Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine as a firm. Millions of votes come in each year to select eligible members to see which attorney has stood out the most in a particular category. Along with The Best Lawyers in America, Florida Trend’s Legal, South Florida Legal, Super Lawyers, and Chambers USA Guide have all backed Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine and the expertise shown by every dedicated attorney that has signed onto the team.

As mentioned, Todd Levine has a lot of downtime in-between his work simply because of travel and being on the phone. These simple but cumbersome tasks are an obstacle for any attorney, but Todd manages to keep organized from day to day to stay efficient and get as much work and research done as possible. According to Todd, even simple to do lists are handy, even if you have to use post-it notes.

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Paul Mampilly Explains Why He Left Wall Street In Order To Help Average Investors

Paul Mampilly was a financial guru on Wall Street before deciding he had enough of the fast pace and other nonsense. He had been a researcher, investment analyst, and portfolio manager managing billion-dollar transactions before deciding that he’d rather help regular people make money on their investments. Before he left he helped Kinetics Asset Management, Inc. where he got one of their hedge funds named “World’s Best”.

He started his career on Wall Street in 1991, shortly after graduating from New York’s Fordham University. Like nearly everyone else, Paul Mampilly started out in a low-level position. His career began at Deutsche Bank where he was a research assistant. He started learning investment strategies and was able to earn higher level positions at other financial firms such as Bankers Trust and ING. He eventually managed funds with millions of dollars. Get the latest update on his twitter to find out more.

In 2006, he was recruited by a company with $6 billion in assets under management. Accepting the position, Paul Mampilly became their star hedge fund manager. Instead of $6 billion, already a princely sum, this company managed $25 billion due to his knowledge and skills. Multiple publications awarded his fund as one of the best in the world.

Paul Mampilly says that being on Wall Street was pretty exciting but ultimately just wasn’t for him. He felt all along that it didn’t help everyone and was really geared toward making wealthy people even more obscene amounts of wealth. He decided to make his exit and, after settling in North Carolina with his family, he founded Profits Unlimited.

Profits Unlimted is an email subscription service that regular investors can use to tap into Paul Mampilly’s experience, strategies, and knowledge. He gives people useful tips on what companies they should be investing in. His main focus is on small-cap tech companies but he researches other companies and industries as well on occasion.

Paul Mampilly says that too many people in his line of work offer get-rich-quick schemes which he doesn’t approve of. He instead offers sound advice about how to invest wisely and well in companies that are poised for growth. Learn More:

Article Title: How Bhanu Choudhrie Became A Leader In The Investment World

Article Text:

Bhanu Choudhrie has spent a considerable amount of time in the investment world. During that time, he’s gained a strong reputation as a creative and innovative thinker that makes smart, long-term decisions. Throughout this, Mr. Choudhrie has also received a variety of accolades for his work in the industry. Probably one of the most significant, as well as one of the more personal, came in the form of Entrepreneur of the Year at the Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards, which he received in 2008. This was something that he was quite proud of, especially as someone who was born in India but made his name in England. Visit

Furthermore, when Bhanu Choudhrie received the award, he noted that if he could do it, then anybody could. Throughout the majority of this experience, Mr. Choudhrie had an international eye, which may have had a significant role in his success. This started when he moved to the United States to go to university instead of his native Delhi. While there, he studied International Business and Marketing at the University of Boston. After this, he still kept his eyes focused internationally, which ended up helping him to spot a few opportunities to work on. The most notable of these came when he was working as an intern with JP Morgan.

While there, Bhanu Choudhrie noticed that there was a wealth of opportunities in London. Furthermore, he realized that very few people had noticed these opportunities enough to act on them. With that in mind, Mr. Choudhrie set off for London, where he eventually found a position with C&C Alpha Group, a family-run investment firm. Bhanu Choudhrie has been with the company since 2001, and over that time has developed a variety of strategies that have helped the company improve and expand over the past near two decades. Having said that, Mr. Choudhrie has still kept his sights on the international scene, and many of his investments with C&C Alpha Group have reflected that. Many of the partnerships that Bhanu Choudhrie has been involved in include the likes of luxury award-winning spa hotels in India and Mauritius and care homes in the UK.


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Jeunesse Global on Product Perfection

It is truly unfortunate to say, but many people are not giving Jeunesse Global, a health and wellness company that has been making waves recently, the proper time of day. When a good supplement provider comes along with proper intentions, it is important that we, as consumers, pay them the respect they deserve. That is, it is important for anyone who cares about maintaining the best bodily health they can.

When you consider all the companies out there trying to make a buck off of supplement production, it really is no wonder why Jeunesse Global does not get all the chances it deserves from the public. This is not to say that their sales are doing poorly; on the contrary, they are among the most successful health companies currently in business. However, there is something to be said about consumer expectation of the entire field in general.

People are unlikely to trust a field that has wronged them in the past, and they have the full freedom to do so. However, you should consider that Jeunesse Global has received feedback from thousands, if not millions, around the world stating that their products helped them take the right first steps to becoming a perfectly healthy and well-adjusted human being.

This is an example of what the human mind is capable of doing if they just put their mind to it; despite all the odds stacked against them, despite an entire industry that opposes productivity, Jeunesse Global was able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and stand as an example for all the world to follow. Because they have been so successful with previous product lines, they have received enough funding to ensure the creation of countless more crucial products in maintaining health.

Creation is the most satisfying aspect of business for the employees at Jeunesse. Many people do not understand just how much testing must be done for a product to actually be released unto the market. Especially with shady businesses making their useless products so well-known, the government has cracked down on health companies, forcing them to provide healthy options for supplements. Jeunesse Global, however, had already been doing this well before they were legally obligated to.

Adam Milstein Provides Vital Assistance to Jewish Communities

Adam Milstein is the first-born son of a home maker mother and a real estate developer father. Mr. Milstein spent his early years in Israel and joined the Israel Defense Forces in 1971. His mandatory service included assignment to Ariel Sharon’s army division during the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

After he finished his military service, Mr. Milstein enrolled in the Israeli Institute of Technology, from which he graduated with honors with a Bachelor’s in business and economics. During his college years, Mr. Milstein obtained indispensable real estate investment experience by helping to expand his father’s real estate development business.

Mr. Milstein continued his education at the University of Southern California, where he received his Master’s in Business Administration in 1983. He entered the real estate profession as a sales agent and eventually gained enough experience to become a successful real estate investor.

Adam Milstein and his wife Gila were married in Haifa in 1974. The couple moved to the United States seven years later and became actively involved in philanthropic endeavors that strengthen Jewish communities worldwide. Adam Milstein’s community development efforts are based on the principles of active philanthropy, life-time impact, and synergy.

Mr. Milstein and his wife co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (AGMFF), which contributes to causes that strengthen the Jewish people and that promote a positive U.S.-Israeli relationship. Mr. Milstein is also the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council and currently serves as its Chairman of the Board.

In addition to financial resources, the Milsteins commit significant time and expertise to every project they sponsor. They create partnerships with agencies that support individuals throughout the entire life cycle, from childhood through later adulthood, and actively promote organizations that maintain life-long connections with service recipients.

Through consulting and fundraising, Adam and Gila Milstein help non-profit agencies to enhance their overall impact by partnering with other community-based organizations that have shared goals and a similar mission. Adam Milstein is a Board member of several organizations that promote Jewish solidarity and that support Jewish communities. He and Gila continue their active philanthropy through the work of the AGMFF.

Oren Frank: Creating a Platform for Counseling

Oren Frank is an American entrepreneur who co-founded Talkspace in 2012. He serves as the company’s current chief executive officer, and he helped the company become known around the world through his efforts of promoting it on different platforms. The company was established in 2012 after Oren Frank was convinced that there should be a better way for people to deal with therapists and counselors. He has seen the potential of using the internet as a way of speaking with a specialist, without the need to physically be inside their office for the consultation. Another reason was that he wanted to change the world, an offer an accessible psychotherapy service to anyone on the planet.

Oren Frank developed Talkspace so that people can use it infinitely. The company offers unlimited messaging therapy, which is a new platform in the field of counseling which would remove all of the barriers between the patients and the specialists, allowing them to share more information and be provided with correct treatment. In the present, there are more than 350,000 individuals who are using Talkspace and benefiting from their services. Oren Frank stated that they are still working on some innovations that will be applied to the program, and they are hoping that it would reach more people who are in need of medical attention.

Talkspace traces its origin as a prototype application that was developed by Oren Frank, and after testing it for himself, he was relieved that the app works well, and it even managed to saved his marriage. He wanted to share the application with the rest of the world, so he tried to promote it and persuaded others to use it. In the beginning, Talkspace operates as a platform for group therapy services. However, as time goes by, it changed to include licensed therapists in the equation. People who are using Talkspace can now speak with their assigned therapists anytime and anywhere they wanted after the addition of a new feature in 2014.

Patients who are using Talkspace can also send photos and videos to their therapists to demonstrate their real feeling. Oren Frank stated that he is hoping for more people to use the program to help them with their mental issues.

Jeunesse Global’s High Quality Products

Jeunesse Global consists of a group of visionaries that strive to improve the lives of many by sharing their innovative well-being products. The company specializes in youth rejuvenation products made to prolong life and ultimately, keep people feeling young and happy. Jeunesse Global is run by knowledgeable and caring individuals, like business leaders, financial directors, and medical doctors, who are experts in their respective fields.

A popular product that Jeunesse Group offers is Instantly Ageless. Instantly Ageless is a skin care product that works to effectively reduce fine lines and blemishes on the face and eyes. Instantly Ageless is formulated to remove forehead wrinkles, undereye bags, crow’s feet, facial pores, and forehead wrinkles. Instantly Ageless comes in resealable vials for easy access and on the go convenience. It is a micro cream that works for as long as 6-9 hours after application. It is a product that works great for all skin types and is dermatologist tested and recommended. Instantly Ageless is a best-seller, with over 50 million applications sold globally.

Jeunesse Global also have nutritional supplements available. Their product, RESERVE is a delicious and healthy liquid supplement packed with antioxidants. RESERVE is made with a blend of superfruits that keeps the body feeling strong and healthy. Some of the fruits used in RESERVE are acai, blueberries, concord grapes, and dark cherries. Grape seed extracts, aloe vera, and green tea extracts are also included in the supplement to give an extra dose of antioxidants. Antioxidants are important to have because they help fight off free radicals damage in the body. There are no other added artificial additives, sweeteners, or colors included in RESERVE.

Beverages are another product that Jeunesse Global group offers to consumers. They sell Nevo, which is a high-quality, vitamin-infused caffeinated energy drink. Nevo contains no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. Each drink has just 50 calories and comes in four refreshing flavors. Nevo is made with superior grade ingredients such as yerba mate and fruits. Nevo is great for all occasions, from a simple pick me up beverage to a party favorite shared among many people.