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The Exceptional Staff of TigerSwan Drives the Company to Unparalleled Success

James Reese TigerswanDespite starting and running a company being an intimidating prospect for the majority of people, there are millions of entrepreneurs in the world who have managed to set their own. Several of them tend to become very successful, but others not that much. The venture is a threatening prospect due to its substantial financial demand and legal procedures, especially in this modern world. For you to succeed, you need commitment and resilience regardless of the challenges that come along your way. Therefore, the existence of TigerSwan, global security, and stability firm that was set up in 2008, is a result of the commitment and dedication of James Reese both financially and physically. TigerSwan refers to a service-disabled veteran-possessed minute business that is positioned in Apex, North Carolina, and it operates internationally.

It was one morning when James Reese took the concept to a colleague, and they planned the idea of beginning TigerSwan in his colleague’s kitchen over coffee without any outside capital. Their disabled status saw them appointed to be the SDVOSB, put aside company for the leading defense contractor. James Reese’s 80% disability was not the motivation to found TigerSwan. However, the company’s primary goal was to bring together other disabled veterans and perform something worthy in their life and also world-changing. In its operation, it has seen success due to the excellent workforce that is committed to achieving its goals. TigerSwan has the capacity of more than 300 employees and performs operations within over 50 countries.

Finally, James Reese is a reputable, problem-solving expert and respected leader who conceived the idea of erecting a company that could aid disabled veterans like him to live a reasonable life like other people. Before his retirement, he had been in service for 25 years as both Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officer. Currently, James Reese is the Chief Executive Officer of TigerSwan, and in his leadership, he has always demonstrated maturity and proactive mindset characteristic. Also, his knack for headship plus go-getter mentality has admittedly taken a new form, and James Reese is considered as an experienced cross-functional manager with more than three decades of successes.

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Niranjan Shah: The Influential Leader of the Globetrotters Engineering Corp

Niranjan Shah is a successful businessman based in Chicago. He is known as the founder of Globetrotters Engineering Corp., a private construction and engineering company that he established in 1974. His company offers a variety of services, including architecture, construction, and engineering services, as well as consulting services.

When he was still in college, Niranjan Shah was able to receive a full scholarship. He chose to study at the University of Mississippi, taking up a degree in engineering. After he graduated from university, he decided to open his engineering firm because he wanted to become successful in his chosen field.

Through the years, Niranjan Shah worked hard to put his company on top. He started working with many people from the government to secure projects and other contracts. Since the company’s establishment in 1974, it grew exponentially, and Globetrotters Engineering Corp. now works with millions of contracts. The firm also has a reputation for doing quality work, and this is one of the reasons why the government wanted to keep working with him – his company delivers their promises and will construct a durable and sturdy project based on the contract. He is one of the few contractors in the United States that manages to get the trust of his clients because of the transparency in every project.

Aside from his stint in the engineering industry, Niranjan Shah is also known for his involvement in politics. He has been supporting the Democratic Party for a long time, giving financial assistance to their campaigns. At the turn of the millennium, he was invited to participate at a New Year’s Eve party being held inside the White House. His contribution to the success of the party is recognized, and it was one of the proudest moments of his life.

Today, Niranjan Shah continues his service to the Democratic Party, provided them assistance every time they need it. He is also focusing on his business as he plans to expand its operations to reach more clients. Globetrotters Engineering Corp. continues to secure contracts and projects from different sources, and referrals helped the company to reach its goals.

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Understanding the Success and Impact of Fortress Investment Group across the Globe

Fortress Investment Group was first founded by three principals who are Randal Nardone, Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman in the year 1998 as a private equity firm. Over the years the group has been on the forefront, and the most notable highlight was in the year 2007 when it made headlines with its IPO as the largest private equity firm turning public in the NYSE. The Group currently serves as an investment management firm all around the world with over 40 billion dollar assets belonging to thousands of investors in permanent capital vehicles, hedge funds, and private equity fund. The main offices of the firm are located in New York and boast of employing hundreds of staff. Currently, the principals of the company include Randal Nardone and Wes Edens from New York and Peter Briger who is based in San Francisco.

Fortress Investment Group has been specializing in various areas that have led to its growth. Some of these core areas include but not limited to asset-based investments, the capital markets corporate acquisitions and many more areas. Their assets investment covers a big range of assets like the financial vehicles bring a constant cash flow, capital and also the real estates. The firm has over the years been assisting investors in managing, owning, financing and also the pricing of assets. The Group is in a better position when it comes to management operations. It has been responsible for coming up with crucial tools that assist in bringing values to the investments that they touch. The company has a lot of expertise in the management of mergers and firms’ acquisitions.

About Fortress company, their employees have a lot of skills and expertise in creating relationships with different stakeholders of different corporate, board member and also with professionals in the management areas. Fortress Investment Group has specialty also in the capital markets. With the proficiency of the firm, it is possible for investors to secure a debt or an equity market financing. The Fortress Investment Group has divided its operations into three primary segments. The first one is the credit division which began in 2002 and is currently led by Briger. The other one is private equity segment which is headed by Edens and Nardone. The third division is called permanent Capital vehicles which deal with the most traded stable capital vehicles. The company has a good track record of assisting in the management of portfolio organizations due to the knowledge it possess.

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Todd Levine’s Double Life

Todd A. Levine is one of the top commercial litigators in the Miami Florida area, and he has been rewarded for excellence in the legal field. His most recent award is Best Lawyer in America by U.S. News and World Report in 2018. Todd has been practising law for 20 plus years, and he is one of the founding members of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine P.L. Commercial real estate dispute is Todd’s primary focus, but he also provides services for property managers, investors, and contractors. He also handles disputes in other areas, such as sports, entertainment and homeowner transactions.

Todd knew early in his career that he had a unique ability for litigating and a knack for reframing issues and arguments to make them easier to understand. He utilizes his musical skills, his exceptional creative skills and his analytical skills to provide a winning strategy in the courtroom and to his clients. He believes his speciality grew out of his ability to simplify things. Todd believes preparation is the key to success in most endeavors. Advanced preparation allows litigators to rebut and address issues, and it will enable attorneys to manage priorities and meet expectations. Utilizing resources is also essential in the daily lives of attorneys. Todd believes software is an integral part of attorney resources. With the Westlaw and Eclipse software, lawyers can find relevant case law in all courts state and federal, enabling lawyers to analyze issues adequately. Eclipse allows attorneys to manage a large amount of evidence, by creating a searchable database.

Todd received a bachelor degree in Finance from the University of Florida in 1988 and in1991 he earned a law degree at Florida Levin College. Some unknowns about Todd is that he is an avid musician and artist. He started playing the guitar at the age of ten. He is a devout family man and he says he is fortunate that both his sons, who are talented musician, share his passion for music.

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How Isabel Dos Santos Has Boosted Angola’s Economy

Isabel dos Santos has been an entrepreneur and successful business leader in Angola for the past two decades. During that time she has developed companies that have hired 50,000 employees in a country that really needs job opportunities. Her largest company is the telecommunications firm Unitel which provides cellular service across the country through an infrastructure it built. She is Africa’s first female billionaire with a net worth of approximately $3.2 billion. Born in 1973, her parents are the Tatiana Kukanova and José Eduardo dos Santos. Her dad had been the president of Angola. Isabel dos Santos mostly grew up in the United Kingdom. She attended a private boarding school, Cobham Hall, and was educated at London’s King’s College.

While earning her college education, she met Sindika Dokolo. Years later they got married. They now have four children. They both share a passion for art and opened an art gallery to show art. The also established the Sindika Dokolo Foundation which supports artists across Africa. One of her earliest jobs was for Urbana 2000 where she was a project management engineer. The goal of this initiative was to disinfect the capital of Angola, Luanda. Her impressive role was to oversee this initiative and make sure everything was performed on time and on budget. She has helped Angola develop in other ways as well. Isabel dos Santos held a controlling interest in Condis, a Portugal grocery chain.

She used her control in this company to build retail outlets in Angola. The first Condis grocery store was opened in Angola in 2013 and they have added many more since. In the banking sector, Isabel dos Santos took a majority position in Banco Fomento de Angola. This bank has helped people throughout Angola get access to banking and start new businesses. She eventually sold her interest in this bank for $90 million. Other companies she has founded include Trans Africa Investment Services. This company, based in Gibraltar, manages her financial investments in the diamond industry. She also owns Esperanza Holdings B.V. which is a Netherland’s firm that is in the oil, natural gas, and energy industries. Click here.

Peter Briger And New Opportunities

Peter Briger is an investment professional who would see that there are variety of different scenarios to look for in this world today. He has been involved in cryptocurrencies in one form or fashion and then he’s also been involved in the credit markets as well as the equity markets. Most people know Peter Briger as a credit markets professional.

Peter Briger is known as one because he has done a great job in these markets.


Zero Down and What it Means from A Credit Standpoint

Peter Briger would also know that If everything spells out a successful candidacy for borrowing on paper, ZeroDown goes ahead in processing the application for the borrower’s selected home. It buys the home and leases it to the borrowers with the first five years dedicated to the repayment of the down payment itself – in addition to the rent that the borrower will be paying to ZeroDown.

In case a borrower would like to opt-out from the arrangement in the midst of the five year period, they could do so. And ZeroDown provides an option for them to calculate the investment they have made in terms of the down payment itself.

The startup terms the calculation as “Purchase-credits”, which are akin to stock options. For instance, after the first 2 years of the arrangement have been completed, the borrower is entitled to 3.60 percent of purchase-credits of the house in question. If they wanted to opt out of the arrangement, they could cash out that value and make their way to wherever they wanted to go next.

At the end of the five-year period, the borrower has a 9 percent share in the property’s total value in the form of these purchase-credits. They could then muster up the total amount to buy the home from ZeroDown, with these purchase-credits contributing towards the total amount, or cash out their investment in the house and find a new home to rent or buy.

See, Peter Briger is a financial professional at Fortress Investment Group as one of it’s principal that is always looking into the market to make sure that he does not miss out on anything.

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Stream Energy Philanthropic Arm

Stream Energy currently started a Charity Foundation. The company has been having philanthropic activities over a period of time. The birth of Stream Cares was meant to officiate the activities being carried out in the country. Stream Energy has used its hard-earned resources in its philanthropic activities. During Hurricane Harvey, it was a point of reference using more than money to assist the community. Stream Care Foundation and Stream Care seek to help communities as well as aid local charities.

The start of a separate sector of philanthropy has more than one advantage. The company serves the community and earns respect and loyalty from them. Stream Energy works together with Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. The company’s employees and the top management also steer towards grass root aid.

The company offers energy services as well as cell phone services (stream wireless). Stream Energy provides cooperate and home services to its loyal customers. Stream associates earn depending on their sales yet they opt to aid as passionate individuals bearing in mind that they are sole entrepreneurs. They keep the record of the number of people without homes in Dallas, Texas and a shattering 24% increase in people with no homes is a strong drive towards giving.

Hope Supply Co. is an enthusiastic project for Stream. Their partnership of more than four years gathers homeless children whereby the Stream employees share money as well as supplies with the children creating an unforgettable experience for them. Hope Supply Co. not only provides school supplies but also clothing and diapers to needy children who have no homes.

In 2016, Texas Tornado victims were assisted by Stream. The tornados struck a day after Christmas and Stream and its employees acted swiftly. They worked with the Salvation Army and raised lots of money in thousands of dollars for those who lost their source of livelihoods and their homes. Moreover, Dallas-area Veterans and their close relations were also provided with both financial and moral aid. Stream gave more to the veterans to cover not only for transport but a decent meal for them and their loved ones too. Stream prides itself in coming to aid to the neediest in the community and plays a significant role in creating life-changing moments for those who are less fortunate with passion.

The Glittering Career of Isabel Dos Santos

Isabel Dos Santos is among the successful women in business. Her interests span in a wide range of sectors that include telecommunications, energy, entertainment, media, and many others. She has established herself as one of the respected business icons in Africa.

Isabel Dos Santos is a trained Engineer and has worked hard to make a breakthrough in business. She had worked in various management positions in London before she returned to Angola. Her first venture was in the hospitality industry where she established Miami Beach Club. She honed her skills in business and diversified her interests

She had a great passion for telecommunications and other vital sectors such as media which enabled her to establish holding companies in Angola and abroad. Isabel believes in the transformation of Africa through digitization and education. She is an advocate of the girl child and encourages women to take bold steps in research, Science, and Technology. Check out Isabel Dos Santos on Youtube.

Isabel Appoints Antonia Correia Teles

Antonia Correia Teles has been appointed to work in the position of the executive committee list of the board of directors likely to lead the company in the future after the voting on 8TH May.

Lorena Fernandes will pave the way for Antonia Correia. Paula Neves is another new member who has featured in the original list and will take an independent position. Antonia worked with Isabel Dos Santos at Sonangol in Angola. Isabel Dos Santos is among the largest shareholders of Nos.

Isabel Participates in Motivational Speaking

Isabel is also a motivational speaker. She empowers the youth and encourages them to start a business. Isabel has a blog and a website where she shares business tips to young and aspiring entrepreneurs. She has been invited to talk in various international conferences to speak about entrepreneurship, African development, and technology.

Isabel is a shareholder of various companies in Angola and Portugal. Her companies in multiple sectors such as telecommunications, energy, and media have created employment opportunities for many people in both Angola and Portugal.

Isabel’s Philanthropic Activities

Isabel believes in giving back to the community. She encourages her employees to volunteer in community projects and providing support to the vulnerable members of the community. Her companies continue to support education and health initiatives. She is committed to helping children from poor backgrounds have access to quality education and healthcare.

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Article Title: Louis Chenevert Discusses How to Improve the Performance of a Business

How do you improve the performance of an enterprise, company, or business? Most business executives find themselves asking this question throughout their career. Companies need to grow. Louis Chenevert states that if a business is performing better during a particular year than the previous year, the executives are sure that the firm or company is experiencing growth hence the better performance.

But business executives are never content with high performance during a particular year since a firm’s growth shouldn’t stagnate but continually improve. With this in mind, it is easy to understand why business owners and executives often look for ways to improve their enterprise’s performance.

Louis Chenevert is aware that most business executives tend to lean towards the adoption of new technology when they want to improve a company’s overall performance. Other than the use of cutting-edge technology to solve a performance slump, there a lot of instances where business owners and senior executives outsource the services of highly experienced outsiders to address or provide solutions to a company’s problems.

While the adoption of new technology at any workplace is welcome, Louis Chenevert believes that investing in a firm’s employees is a long lasting solution that executives can use to improve an enterprise’s overall performance.

Similarly, Chenevert, the CEO of United Technologies Corporation, is skeptical of executives who continually hire outside professionals to fix a company’s internal issues relating to performance. Chenevert believes that the hiring in outside professionals or reliance on technology to solve a company’s performance issues is a short-term solution since the technology eventually becomes outdated, and the outside professional will subsequently leave the firm with other unresolved issues.

Chenevert also explains that the reliance on outside professional to assist in solving a company’s performance issues may not be logical and can be expensive when compared to investing in the company’s current employees. Besides, it doesn’t make business sense to hire outside professionals every year there is a dip in a firm’s performance.

Louis Chenevert elaborates that the current dynamics of the business world make investing in a firm’s employees necessary. Chenevert is an advocate for employee empowerment while a firm is in the quest to boost its performance since it is cost effective and efficient.

Adam Milstein Provides Vital Assistance to Jewish Communities

Adam Milstein is the first-born son of a home maker mother and a real estate developer father. Mr. Milstein spent his early years in Israel and joined the Israel Defense Forces in 1971. His mandatory service included assignment to Ariel Sharon’s army division during the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

After he finished his military service, Mr. Milstein enrolled in the Israeli Institute of Technology, from which he graduated with honors with a Bachelor’s in business and economics. During his college years, Mr. Milstein obtained indispensable real estate investment experience by helping to expand his father’s real estate development business.

Mr. Milstein continued his education at the University of Southern California, where he received his Master’s in Business Administration in 1983. He entered the real estate profession as a sales agent and eventually gained enough experience to become a successful real estate investor.

Adam Milstein and his wife Gila were married in Haifa in 1974. The couple moved to the United States seven years later and became actively involved in philanthropic endeavors that strengthen Jewish communities worldwide. Adam Milstein’s community development efforts are based on the principles of active philanthropy, life-time impact, and synergy.

Mr. Milstein and his wife co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (AGMFF), which contributes to causes that strengthen the Jewish people and that promote a positive U.S.-Israeli relationship. Mr. Milstein is also the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council and currently serves as its Chairman of the Board.

In addition to financial resources, the Milsteins commit significant time and expertise to every project they sponsor. They create partnerships with agencies that support individuals throughout the entire life cycle, from childhood through later adulthood, and actively promote organizations that maintain life-long connections with service recipients.

Through consulting and fundraising, Adam and Gila Milstein help non-profit agencies to enhance their overall impact by partnering with other community-based organizations that have shared goals and a similar mission. Adam Milstein is a Board member of several organizations that promote Jewish solidarity and that support Jewish communities. He and Gila continue their active philanthropy through the work of the AGMFF.