David Zalik, Going Through The Story To Get The Glory

David Zalik is the man behind the plan when it comes down to how the business systems across the world borrow money and how individual people attain credit and loans as well for their specific endeavors. The company that he owns is called GreenSky Credit LLC and has raked in about three billion and five hundred million so far which an average cash flow statement of two hundred and fifty million dollars per year.

One might ask how this man came to be the tycoon and mega-investor that he is today, and it is simply because he was patient and he worked hard with a focus to get to where he is today inside of the industrial world of finance. His first business started when he was about thirteen years old with nine years to work at it before that was able to sell it with a total of twenty employees for three million dollars.

It started out when the dot-com bubble hype was booming and people were buying thousands and hundreds of shares due to the evolutionary changes that the technological landscape was going through at the time. David Zalik saw the trend and began putting broken computers back together at the age of thirteen where it initially took him ten hours to finish just one computer. Then as time went on he was able to put together a whole computer in only thirty minutes which was the beginning of his computer repair business. After selling it that was when David Zalik went into the financial industry for his GreenSky Credit business where people’s financial needs were met with excellent customer relations and services.

This was just in time because this was around the time when the dot-com bubble finally popped and investors who held their hard earned money too long in the stock ended up walking away with empty pockets instead. Yes, from an early age David Zalik cultivated and honed his entrepreneurial mindset and skills so that he would be ready for the big time when it came. How he became a student at college when David Zalik was thirteen is not a mystery. He was always a devoted hard worker and that is his bottom line for becoming the CEO at GreenSky Credit.

Why O2Pur Presents An Interesting Investment Opportunity

For people looking to invest in the eCigs industry one up and coming company offers a good opportunity. O2Pur is a newer company which differentiates itself from the big players in the industry in a few ways. One, they offer a premium experience. Two, as they are smaller they are much more nimble and able to swiftly adjust to changing consumer tastes. Three, they effectively market their products using social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

The eCigs industry has been consolidating in recent years. It is now dominated by three old-school tobacco firms. These three companies are British America Tobacco, Reynolds-American, and Philip Morris International (which is owned by the even bigger Altria). They have purchased a number of independent eCigs companies. The problem with these companies, though, is that they are huge multinational companies so they are very slow to react to markets and consumers changing what they want. Additionally, they market using old tactics which are no longer really that effective. That leads a great opening for smaller companies like O2Pur to exploit.

Through their online store O2Pur offers three premium vape pens to their customers. These their standard battery version, super battery version, and a variable voltage version which provides the best vaping experience. These cost from $29 to $76 dollars but their website offers a 50% off code which is “GRAPE”. They also, of course, add all of the peripheral items ones might need to use such as super coils, micro USB chargers, wall adapters, and carrying cases.

A new product O2Pur is now offering due to consumer demand is nicotine salts e-liquids. Many people says that salts make vaping faster, cleaner feeling, as well as better tasting. These come in three popular flavors which are caramel apple, cheesecake, and island breeze. Each bottle costs $14.95 but they have a “special offer” where consumers can get three bottles for just $29.90.

They keep their Facebook page updated with all the latest news and offers they have. They also post articles about the vaping culture. This includes their new nicotine salts and how they differ from regular vaping juices.

Market America Miami Is Making Shopping Great Again For Florida

Market America Miami is one of the greatest conferences to bless the state of Florida. The events will take place from February 1st to February 3rd in 2018. The American Airlines Arena will be proudly hosting the event in the center of Miami.

Market America Miami is inviting some of the most prominent international businessmen from around the world. Yamilet Doris from OecahS.a/ Overseas, Vincent Chan from Market America Malaysia, Mady Ojeda from Capital Logistics and much more will be attending the Market America Miami conference and to know more

Market America Miami World conference had been a huge success earlier this year. The events were both held at the Hilton Miami Downtown and the American Airlines Arena. There was a smashing optional event that was hosted by Conquer Entertainment. Over 25,000 entrepreneur and vendors had swamped the area to take place in the booming event. The SHOP.COM team were stars of the event with their cash back shopping search engine that save customers up to 50% on purchases. The upcoming event in 2018 is expected to have a similar turnout, if not even bigger.

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What To Do Upon Arrival

One of the greatest challenges that you may face upon arriving will be finding your hotel and the event center of the Market America Miami World conference. Using Uber, transfers to the event center should cost under $20 and around the same for your hotel. For the more daring, public buses are an option with the additional hassle


White Shark Media, Helping Businesses With Their Digital Identity

Today, marketing is all about optimizing your resources to be able to reach the maximum target audience. Online advertising has revolutionized the entire media and advertising industry, altering trends that were once foreign to the world of advertising. Ideas like search engine optimization have changed the marketing game, forcing people to adopt new selling methods and ways to market products.


When it comes to selling online, making content that appeals to the desired target audience is one of the major factors. But as easy as it is to say that one should make quality content, it isn’t a definitive way to reach audiences. When marketing to consumers, using search engine optimized keywords is one of the best ways to go about achieving this and reaching the desired audiences. People usually find out about a product or service through googling it, and only then do they find the website that you want them to find. However, if the right keywords aren’t used, the people searching for it simply won’t find it, putting the brand in the dark. Social media analysts stress immensely on the importance of using the appropriate keywords to reach their customers, and with good reason.


However, knowing the right keywords to use to appeal to an audience can be a hard task, especially if one doesn’t know too well the world of the internet and all the trends that come along with it. Thankfully, there are tons of media analysts and marketing agencies that come to the rescue of businesses to help them market themselves better in the online world. There are a couple of things that can go wrong when the right keywords aren’t used, which can result in getting a very low recall rate from the people looking at the pages.


White Shark Media is one company that knows all too well the world of online marketing and what one can do to ensure that all the right keywords are used when it comes to marketing online. Giving their clients a free evaluation, White Shark Media tries its best to give their customers the best solutions to implement, which can significantly boost the number of people viewing their pages and upping a number of customers that come to them.


White Shark Media is known to be one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the country and is known for giving their clients budget friendly optimization solutions which will help their businesses and their online identity as a whole.