Graham Edwards Continues the Enhancement of Telereal

The Center for Policy Studies is a think tank for British policy with the objective to uphold practical and comprehensible civic programs for major policy changes to buffer intimidations to British independence, back-up communities and modify public services.

As of November the Center opened its New Generation program that comprises new intellectual policies including fresh faces in order to be ready for the upcoming Brexit, where it will be able to create a new line of fundamental ideas for the policies intended for Britain’s post-Brexit (Gazetteday).

In line with the foregoing, the Center for Policy Studies will be introducing four main policy platforms that concern the constituents’ future and life as follows: welfare, housing and planning, business and enterprise, and tax and cost of living. The objectives of all the said programs are to be able to create policies that would permit people to have a better management of their lives and a true sense of proprietorship.

Graham Edwards was selected to be the Chairman of the Housing Policy Group and has been afforded the honor to be a Research Fellow of the Center for Policy Studies. Graham Edwards is Telereal Trillium’s Chief Executive Officer, and along with his responsibilities at the CPS he will be collaborating with the Center’s in-house professional to create needed policies that would hasten home ownership and house construction.

Telereal Trillium is a renowned company that had a major influence in the formation of the United Kingdom’s property industry within the 21st century. As of the moment, Telereal Trillium oversees a wide range of collected assets which is valued at £6 billion. The present portfolio of assets is composed of real property assets that cover an overall floor space of 86 million square feet. Telereal Trillium is likewise acknowledged for having built 1% of the housing for the labor force of the United Kingdom.

Graham Edwards molded Telereal’s success since its establishment in 2001. It was able to secure assets that have a total area of approximately 59.2 million square feet by acquiring British Telecom. He also initiated the purchase of Trillium that resulted to the possession of excess property that are considered liquid assets making Telereal Trillium a leading figure in the outsourcing of properties.