Who is Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a well-known philanthropist and managing partner with Hager Pacific Properties. He is originally from Israel; Adam Millstein came to the U.S in 1981 after serving in the Israel Defense Forces during the Yom Kippur War. While in Israel Milstein graduated from the Technion in 1978, and after arriving in the U.S in 1981 he earned an MBA from the University of Southern California in the Marshall School of Business. He and his wife Gila Milstein are active members of the philanthropist community, they are in involved in twenty-four non-profit organizations including StandWithUs, Israel on Campus Coalition, Hasbara Fellowships etc. Adam Milstein has seats in many organizations, among them is the Israeli-American Council, of which he is a co-founder and National Chairman. The relationship between the U.S and Israel is one of the many things Milstein works to improve. Adam Milstein has been quoted to say, “My philanthropic work is one of the most important and gratifying parts of my life,” and this heartwarming feeling is evident in his actions as a humanitarian.

Adam Milstein is named to be one of the 200 Most Influential Philanthropists in the World, he stands proudly among other famous philanthropists such as Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, Bill and Melinda Gates etc. As he is the co-founder and chairman of the Israeli-American Council as well as the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This foundation primary mission is to escalate the strength of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. By doing this they work to bring out the Jewish pride of the children of today, as well as give the knowledge and capacity to pro-Israel Americans to be better advocates for the State of Israel. As if that’s not enough both Adam and his wife Gila Milstein are co-founders of SifriyatPijamaB’America, this organization gives out free monthly books in Hebrew to Israeli-Jewish-American families in the United States. They reach more than fifteen-thousand people as they teach Jewish values to the generations and to know more

Jason Hope’s Vision For 5G Is Taking Off

Breaking ground for the next generation communication standard, entrepreneur Jason Hope has confidence 5G will be the next big thing for Internet-connected devices. Jason Hope, who sees himself as a futurist, collaborates with businesses and individuals to inspire them as they set up and cultivate technical innovations.

The term futurist signifies those who make an effort to predict the future and where it is heading. Recent studies indicate the new 5G technologies are greater than 4G networks as they are about 10 times faster, according to a recent story,(

Hope pointed out with such an advanced mobile data network, smart devices will turn out to be more efficient. He stated the high downloading and uploading speeds of a 5G network can trim down latency problems to minor levels resulting in latency becoming unobtrusive.

He gave the example of communications becoming instantaneous. Instead of taking several seconds to get through to the receiver using 4G technology, with a 5G network the communication becomes immediate. According to Hope people will benefit from the low-latency telecommunications while they are on the move as well.

The technology can also shift smart home devices away from the household.

Hope emphasized how making use of 5G technology has the capability to save lives as reachable 5G networks can establish that people are able to use mobile health equipment in public spaces. Medical applications of the 5G technology are appealing to Hope and his philanthropic endeavors. He has made contributions to the SENS Foundation and its biotechnology research. He also believes human beings can eventually defeat age-related health afflictions.

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His philanthropic, educational and scientific research initiatives take in work with the Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Family Health International, the International Foundation for Education and many more organizations. An Arizona native, Hope graduated with a degree in finance from Arizona State University and received an MBA degree from Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

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Accomplishment of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a Harvard graduate who has accomplished so much in his career. He studied English and America Literature, Computer Science, Visual and Environmental Studies. He is an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, technologist, and a columnist and lives in Los Angeles, CA. Eric was raised in New Jersey and started a database computer company while still in high school where he studied programming.

As an author, he wrote and edited for the Harvard Crimson Weekly a column called PulierLeg while in college. He also published Understanding Enterprise SOA that gives business people a clear picture of issues and their inter-dependencies and has high rating due to its relevance, and it is easy to read. Another article he wrote was on Forbes Magazine titled The Enterprise Industrial Complex.

Eric is also a well-known philanthropist who has donated money to charitable activities. He is the Vice President of cloud operations with Painted Turtle, an organization camp that deals with children with chronic illnesses. This team makes sure that the medical needs of these children are met. Eric established an enterprise People Doing Things that was meant to resolve problems in education and healthcare using high-tech solutions. Moreover, he contributed in developing home computers with distinct devices that can be utilized by people with Multiple Sclerosis to learn about their disease. In Clinton’s global initiative, Eric led in executing a program that provided underprivileged communities with cheaper cloud-computing resources. Eric Pulier has also been a regular donor to the XPRIZE Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization that controls competitions to enhance development in technology that can be of benefit to man. Click here to learn more.

Having ventured and founded many companies, and also named top thirty of e-Visionaries, Eric Pulier is among the most successful entrepreneurs in government and enterprise technology. He was the co-founder, CEO, and Chairman of ServiceMesh, Inc. Other companies that he founded are Media platform, Digital Evolution, the Enterprise Leader Council and US Interactive. His companies have attracted several venture groups that have offered financial support. These investments include Enterprise Professional Services, Service Oriented Infrastructure, Rich Media Presentation and Enterprise Cloud Management. See: