How To Get Through Your Upwork To-Do List

There is nothing like crossing a task off your to-do list to increase your motivation. It gives you more time to enjoy life outside of work rather than spending every evening behind your desk. If this sounds appealing to you, use the following tips to get through your Upwork to-do list.

Create Your List In Advance: Start preparing your to-do list before you go to bed each night, and start your list with the task you want to complete the next morning. This way, you are not spending the morning creating your to-do list.

Write Down Your To-Do List: It is better to write down your to-do list rather than trying to remember it. You can even use a mobile application to record your to-do list. Trying to remember the list causes you to focus more on the incomplete tasks than the task at hand.

Keep Your Tasks In One Place: Whether you are using a memo pad or software, it is important to keep your tasks in one place. The time you spend looking for your to-do list could be used completing your tasks. Scattering your tasks also makes it difficult to create a timeline for your work.

Add Time Attributes: It is important to add time attributes to each task, such as what time you are going to start the task and how long it may take to complete it. The time attributes keep you motivated while sticking to a realistic time frame.

Define Your Priorities: You never know when something is going to change your schedule, so it is best to assign a priority to each task on your list. Start with the tasks that need to be completed right away, and then work on the tasks that can be rescheduled if something comes up.

Upwork is a platform that allows freelancers and clients to work together on a specific project. The categories include content writing, graphic design and digital marketing. It is one of the largest freelancer marketplaces online today.


You can power through your to-do list and increase your productivity by keeping the above tips in mind.