End Citizens United : Scott’s Downfall

In 2010, the Supreme Court of the United States redefined corporations as “people”. That meant the allowance of unlimited donations and the benefit of remaining anonymous. This uncheck power opened a wormhole of loopholes that made it possible for corporations to bypass many of the old establish laws and have supreme influence over candidates. The opposition warned that this may disturb our democracy, therefore the organization of End Citizens United was created to combat the serious problem at hand. Visit their page on Facebook.

Recently, Rick Scott has caught the attention of End Citizens United, and not in a good way. Scott, a candidate for the Florida Senatorial seat has been accused of numerous campaign violations including secretly colluding with the New Republican Super PAC to fund his campaign. Scott’s goal here was to bypass the cap the Federal Election Committee has on contribution limits. The evidence is insurmountable and quite frankly blatant. Rick Scott chaired in this committee and recently on April 2018 was given a huge donation by “private equity executives” who are explicitly barred from donating to public officials by the Federal Election Committee. Scott is no stranger to violating rules, back in 1997, Scott resigned as CEO of Colombia/HCA after charges of medical fraud where reported. Because of his actions, the company had to pay $1.7 Billion in fines. It is no secret then, why End Citizens United is holding a close watch on him. Visit their website on

Florida voters are smarter than that and will not fall into Scott’s tactics of shady tricks. End Citizens United is making sure that Florida Citizens have every information possible at their fingertips regarding Scott. Moments after he announced his bid to challenge Democrat Bill Nelson, the Federal Election Committee filed a complaint on Rick Scott for violating election laws. Senator Nelson commented that we should keep our guard up as Scott will do and say anything to be elected. However, Senator Nelson strongly believes that if we stick to the right course where we follow the laws and do the right thing, politics will take care of itself.

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End Citizens United Battles Dark Money through its Political Endorsements

With the 2018 midterm elections approaching, End Citizens United continues to select its preferred candidates for different positions. These candidates have exuded their staunch support in battling finance atrocities within the American political landscape. ECU was established in 2015. The foundation of its establishment was responding to the catastrophic court ruling against its intentions. End Citizens United intends to overturn the court’s decision and delve into the support campaign that champions finance reforms through specific activities including throwing its weight behind astute political leaders who have a clean track record for rejecting corrupt sources of money during campaigns.

Background Data

Following the upcoming elections, End Citizens United has endorsed some of its best candidates. These candidates include those who look forward to unseating the sitting Republicans. As a loyal advocate for the state’s consumers, Senator Elizabeth Warren has been chosen to represent her people’s interests in the government. Having worked with End Citizens United to battle the Supreme Court decision in 2015, she is better placed to contribute to the reforms of a broken finance system.

Additional Candidates

Additional candidates endorsed by End Citizens United include Josh Butner, Sylvia Garcia, Mucarsel Powell and Max Rose among others. These candidates commit to battling the rigged political system by reinstating ethical values and getting rid of mega-donors who finance campaigns at the expense of American citizens.

Team Work

Regarding the endorsements, the president of the committee, Tiffany Muller stated that the leaders are committed to working with constituents to break the chain of a rigged finance system. Painfully, it has been noted that most politicians are not concerned about middle-class families.

Support System

The said endorsements came in several announcements from the management of the team. Recently, the organization announced the fundraising of $13.6 million last year (2017). This donation came from grassroots donors who issued a maximum of $14 each. The latest segment of endorsement included Doug Jones of Alabama who received more than $60,000 from the management with the equivalent of $12 channeled to Jones. Over and above these endorsements, End Citizens United will assist its candidates to focus on low-spending interests by connecting them with grassroots donors within their districts.

The Overview

From its inception in 2015, End Citizens United has battled finance atrocities with the intention of protecting citizens against politicians’ ulterior motives. As such, the group is committed to foster pro-reform candidate election. Moreover, End Citizens United has supported pro-reform Democrats, and without a doubt, critics can point the finger at this.

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NGP VAN: Their Insight and Idiosyncratic Approach to Campaigns

NGP VAN is a privately-operated tech company. They assist Democratic campaigns. They specialize in fundraising and social media networking. NGP was founded by Nathaniel Pearlman in 2010.

As of 2009, NGP was listed as the top provider for campaign software. Their software is used by a large percentage of Democratic Congress members. Their clients include officials such as Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama. They assisted Bernie Sanders during his recent 2016 campaign. They also assisted Barack Obama during his 2008 and 2012 campaign

The Wall Street Journal accredits NGP as a “secret weapon.” Many publications have stressed that NGP is the main ingredient in any successful modern campaign.

“VoteBuilder” is a feature of NGP’s service. VoteBuilder offers statistics and feedback on engagement with voters. This type of system has been praised for its effectiveness.

NGP’s Four Tips For Success:

NGP knows that “end-of-quarter” can manifest as a stressful experience for campaigns. During “end-of-quater,” the goals the team set for fundraising are expected to be met.

NGP’s first tip is for campaigns to brainstorm ideas for email networking in advance. Collectively saving ideas for a long period of time will create a platter of perspectives to draw ideas from. Some suggestions NGP list include statistics, testimonials and proof of action.

NGP’s second tip is for all members of the campaign committee to prepare dialogue and script in advance. This work is done behind the scenes of campaigns, but it is a very critical part.

NGP’s third tip is to stay extremely organized. They advise clients create a detailed calendar of upcoming events and important dates. This technique is especially beneficial for consultants.

NGP’s fourth and final tip is to celebrate. They suggest the campaign team celebrates their hard work and efforts. They note that this time is key in discussing which strategies were successful and unsuccessful in hindsight.

NGP VAN has majorly contributed to some of the most powerful campaigns. With their idiosyncratic features, they strive to continually improve and advance.

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George Soro’s People’s Favourite Boogeyman

Born on 12TH August in 1930 in Hungary, George Soros is one of the most philanthropic successful men in the world. George Soros grew up during the Nazi times that saw many Hungarian Jews lose their lives. His survival and that of his family during such a time of cruelty was because their family forged false identities and hid the truth about their background. His father Tivadar Soros was at the forefront of helping other Jews conceal their identities. After George Soro’s and his family survival, he became an active communist securing power in Hungary. He later moved from Budapest to London in 1947 where he as a railway porter during the day and as a club waiter at night. Nine years later he shifted to the United States where he entered into finance and investments creating his now multibillion-dollar legacy and learn more about George Soros.

George Soros is a firm believer in freedom of expression and free thinking. He has used millions of dollars building a network foundation that supports free thinking and societies that face discrimination because of their beliefs and orientations and read full article. The organization goes by the name Open Society Foundation. The communities that have benefited from this foundation are the LGBT’s, sex workers and the drug users. George Soros Philanthropic work began in 1979 when he started giving black South Africans under apartheid, scholarships. His philanthropic deeds expanded vastly to Asia, Europe and later in the United States. In Europe, he promoted communism by providing photocopiers that reprinted banned messages and what George Soros knows.

He also built Central European University that encouraged critical thinking. Soro’s helped the Soviet society by funding cultural exchange between the West and the Eastern Europe. He later expanded his benevolence during the cold war into Africa, Asia, and the United States Supporting more transparent, accountable and democratic ideologies and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros has continually funded lawyers who take up cases of unlawfully held individuals. He has also continued to provide thousands of marginalized students with scholarships. Throughout his philanthropic work, his commitment to promoting a free world that does not discriminate free thinkers has remained steady. George Soros has also involved his fortune in funding various political movements and has also had strong opinions on various major issues that affect the United States like the war against the Iraq War and Follow his There are some theories behind how George Soros operates and the reasons why Soros funds these progressive groups, George has kept his opinion in support of the refugees and immigrants open. He earned the boogeyman title because of his liberal ideologies and the unrelenting support of radical groups and movements. While he faces accusations of secrecy and dangerous schemes, George Soros has remained undeterred in his mission with the Open Society Foundation and more information click here.

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Koch Network Faces a Challenging Task to Oppose Donald Trump Nomination

Koch Network leaves everything on the table on the decision whether to challenge Trumps Nomination. According to Charles Koch, who was giving a rare interview during a function intended to support his new book, the state of the Republican Party at the moment was not what they would have hoped. Charles and David Koch have made big contributions in politics. In 2012, the contributions both directly and indirectly amounted to $400 million with the goal of electing Mitt Romney only to be defeated by Barack Obama’s campaign.

After 2012, Koch Network has strengthened their efforts to seal the fate of a Republican Candidate in 2016. The start of 2016 election cycle was when the two brothers made real their intention to support the Republican Nominee. Koch brothers and their allies pledged nearly $900 million to support the nominated Republican Candidate to face either Bernie Sanders or Hilary Clinton in the general election.

However, things turned out sour as Trump continued to win more delegates than other candidates yet his ideologies are not anywhere near to what Koch Network want to support. The fact of the matter is that they never considered Trump, a serious contender. Even though Trump nominated Corey Lewandoski, a veteran of the Koch brother’s advocacy group, Americans for Prosperity, as Trump’s campaign manager, Koch brothers have still opposed Trump. The only candidate whose ideas were close to Koch brothers was Rand Paul, but he dropped out earlier in the race.

Now more than ever, Koch Network is considering a war on Trump’s campaign even through alienating some of their members supporting the candidate. Koch hinted to the media that people think they have more influence although that is not straight forward. One issue that they have to deal with is the fact that it could be advantageous for Trump. Trump can take the opportunity to increase his votes and delegate count by highlighting that billionaires are attacking him to control the outcome of the election. Trump may capitalize on the fact that he is an outsider opposed by a corrupt political system that is rigged by elites.

In the past, Koch brothers and their allies did set out to break the American two-party nation through backing the Libertarian Party. However, what they are worried about 2016 elections is a scenario where Trump faces Hilary Clinton because they don’t want a repeat of what happened during Bill Clinton’s presidency.

Charles Koch Agrees With Bernie Sanders Over Inequality

On paper the successful Republican leaning industrialist Charles Koch and Presidential candidate for the Democrat’s Bernie Sanders would seem to have little in common. However,  an article by Charles Koch sees him agreeing with some of the main policy points raised by the Virginia Senator; despite agreeing with Sanders on many points Koch was determined to point out he does not endorse the candidate or back the policies he is pushing forward in his election campaign.

Charles Koch has recently become more active than ever before in his philanthropic activities, which include the creation of a number of educational programs at institutions across the U.S. Koch is a majority owner of Koch Industries alongside his brother David. The brothers have become two of the top executives in the world,bu t have always looked to give back to society through a variety of philanthropic programs.

Writing in The Washington Post Charles Koch revealed he agrees with Sanders about the inequality seen in American society in terms of the economy and criminal justice. Koch revealed he has seen many similarities between his own views and those of Senator Sanders regarding an economic system designed to benefit those who have the largest amount of money; Koch explained in his article he has often fought against government economic reform that provides those at the top of the economic system with the best chance to benefit. The well known Republican donor and Libertarian went as far as to give his approval of how the Sanders campaign is providing a voice for those in U.S. society who rarely feel their elected officials represent them.

Bernie Sanders has also made a policy point of the issues being faced in the U.S. criminal justice system, which has one of the highest rates of incarceration in the world. Charles Koch and Bernie Sanders are in agreement that urgent reform of the criminal justice system is needed, an issue that has prompted Koch to give financial backing to a number of groups seeking to reform the criminal justice system who are not usually aligned to a Republican donor.

Despite his obvious respect for the position taken up by the left leaning Sanders, Charles Koch was in no way providing his endorsement for the Senator. M.I.T. educated Koch explains his view that the expansion of federal government programs to aid economic equality would not assist in the ways Sanders hopes; instead, Koch remains his belief that a smaller federal government would offer the best chance of susta8ined U.S. success in the future.

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