Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Introduction of a New Operating System

For years, oncologists have been struggling to figure out how they can battle cancer. Cancer has claimed millions of lives, and up until today, the cure for the disease is still unknown. Treatments like chemotherapy are available, but it does not ensure that the cancer cells are completely gone. Sometimes, even if they are eliminated from the patient’s body, there is a huge chance that they will mutate again and return years later, being more fatal and more aggressive.


By using the knowledge of all the oncologists worldwide, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, with the help of Nanthealth and Allscripts, have developed an open sourced operating system called the NantOS. This operating system, according to its creators, will help open the communication lines among oncologists, in order for them to share information with one another in the quickest way possible. NantOS also has a database of all cancer related information that can be useful among oncologists. They can put in some details about the status and condition of their patients, and what methods of treatment they have used. Through this sharing of information, the creators behind NantOS believe that newer techniques and treatments can be discovered, and by working together, the feared disease can be eradicated in the future.

For now, the features of the operating system are limited, but future updates can make NantOS more powerful. Presently, NantOS is capable of creating a customized treatment that suits the patient’s lifestyle; comparing and contrasting all available treatment based on their effectivity and price; order entry that uses the touch screen technology; mapping of the treatment procedures used by the oncologists so they can be followed by their colleagues; accessibility to resources and guidelines; clinical data support; and real time processes. Oncologists are looking forward to the future potential of NantOS, and they believe that this operating system is just a stepping stone in eradicating cancer.

Diversify Your Investment Portfolio with Highland Capital

Highland Capital Management is a unique asset management firm founded in 1993 by Mark Okada and Jim Dondero. Under their phenomenal leadership, it’s one of the largest, most experienced global alternative credit managers and is also publicly listed.

It is an SEC-registered financial service and investment advisory firm. Together with its affiliate partners, it has approximately over $15 billion of assets under management. Highland’s strategies include high yield bonds, distressed credit, leveraged loans, structured products and natural resources, public and private equities. Highland has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It also maintains various offices in New York, Sao Paolo, Singapore, and Seoul.

With its diverse investment portfolios, Highland capital has a terrific history of generating above –average returns for its investors who benefit handsomely. In addition, it also provides its employees with professional development in a motivating office environment.

Highland especially focuses and has been able to create its niche in credit strategies, such as credit hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations (CLOs) and separate accounts, distressed and special situation private equity, and long only funds.

Highland also offers alternative investments, including emerging markets, long/short equities, and natural resources. Highland’s has a client base which includes foundations, public pension plans, endowments, financial institutions, corporations, governments, fund of funds, and high net-worth individuals.

Recently Highland Capital Management delved into real estate development and begun luxury apartment projects in Phoenix Town, in Arizona state, thus filling the untapped markets with existing properties.

Since 2005, HC and its partners have committed to proudly investing in the local communities. This has been achieved through regular volunteer work, free advisory services, and also through the financial support of more than $10 million to the national non-profit organizations.

It’s always a prudent move to first check out the comprehensive reviews and ratings for Highland Capital by Glassdoor. Learn about Highland’s salaries, bonuses and tips provided to the staff by visiting the website. The comprehensive reviews provided there ought to enlighten you on what to expect working at Highland. After 41 reviews featured over 10 different jobs, the company received a 4-star-plus rating. That is clear testament of the amazing office culture presented to employees at Highland.

James Dondero Worked Hard and It Paid Off

Long before James Dondero became known as a highly successful financial management executive throughout the United States of America, Jim was enrolled at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, studying business. The college-aged Dondero was studious enough to earn two undergraduate degrees – accounting and finance. James Dondero majored in this two disciplines because he felt it appropriately prepared him for a position as an accountant. Mr. Dondero soon after obtained the Certified Management Accountant certification, not long after bringing home the credential of CFA, Chartered Financial Analyst.

Earning highest honors while studying as a Commodore – the University of Virginia’s moniker – James Dondero was able to securely land a position as an analyst in 1984, signing a contract months before he graduated. After one year at Morgan Guaranty, Dondero’s first job came at American Express, the North American credit card and loan servicer, analyzing corporate bonds. Four years afterwards, in which time he earned the title of portfolio manager, Mr. Dondero was selected as CIO of Protective Life Insurance Corporation’s subsidiary, named GIC.

Despite having no experience at Protective Life, or in the insurance industry, James Dondero was able to grow the newfound subsidiary to a respectable $2 billion capacity, all thanks to Mr. Dondero’s staunch leadership abilities. In 1993, this subsidiary became known as the Protective Asset Management Company, majority owned by Protective Life Insurance Corporation, the remaining 40% split between executives Dondero and Mark Okada.

In 1997, Dondero and Okada were able to purchase the 60% ownership stake, whose two-man partnership now owned the entirety of the organization. Just one year later, in 1998, the two soon-to-be lifetime partners renamed the financial services entity as Highland Capital Management, a name that quickly stuck, and still in operation to this day. Highland Capital Management has several offices outside of its headquarters in Dallas, including Seoul, Singapore, London, Sâo Paolo, and the Big Apple, better known as New York City.

Mr. Dondero is currently the chairman of NexBank Capital’s board, NexPoint’s board, Cornerstone Healthcare’s board, and CCS Medical’s board. While not serving in executory roles, James is also integral parts of the boards of directors of MGM Studios and American Banknote.

For more information follow James Dondero on Twitter.

James Dondero Leading Financial Analyst in the United States

One of the most successful business executives in the financial world of United States is James Dondero. He is the man behind the massive success Highland Capital Management enjoys today. The company has achieved huge success in the last few years, and it is all due to the strategic guidance provided by James Dondero. He has ensured that the company continues to move forward despite the turbulent financial markets. Over the years, James Dondero has managed to be known as a business executive who has consistently delivered excellent returns to his clientele even during sluggish financial market, which is a great feat.

James Dondero has devised highly strategic business planning for Highland Capital Management, which has helped the company to reach great heights of success in a relatively short period. James Dondero has worked for many other businesses in the past during the initial period of his career. Some of the companies he worked for include huge corporations like JP Morgan and American Express. Having worked with some of the top financial firms have helped him understand how the financial industry works and what he needs to do to achieve success out of it. It is also what helped him speculate and understand the financial market. James Dondero has a keen eye for details, which ensures that he can predict the market movements accurately, thereby providing strategic investment and business guidance to his clients.

James Dondero has done his graduation from the University of Virginia in Finance and Accounting. James Dondero is also a certified management accountant and chartered financial analyst. Sound academic background and in-depth experience in the financial market has collectively helped him to lead Highland Capital Management to become one of the most preferred financial companies in the United States. The company also has an international office in Seoul and Singapore to remain accessible to the offshore clients. James Dondero as the President of the company has played a huge role in the company’s success and has ensured that it continues to grow at a staggering pace year after year. He is also on the board of other notable companies like MGM Studios and American Banknote Corporation.

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The impact of Omar Yunes in the global prominence and success of Sushi Itto

Omar Yunes realized a significant international approval after joining Sushi Itto as a franchisee. Sushi Itto is a fruitful and large chain of Japanese restaurants with a strong presence in Mexico and across Latin America. At a young age of 21 years, Omar Yunes began his career in business. Presently, he is a proud owner of 13 Sushi Itto franchise units in Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla. The units comprise of up to 10 percent of the brand’s franchises and retain a workforce of over 400 employees.

According to Mr. Yunes, to become a successful franchisee, it is mandatory for one to posses outstanding managerial skills, choose a solid brand, select a supportive franchisor that thoroughly understands the relevant market and believes that there will always be tests along the way.

Back in 2015, Mr. Yunes became the winner of the Best Franchisee of the World; an award meant to recognize entrepreneurs and affiliates that showcase attention to mission and professionalism not forgetting their brand’s value. The 2015 Best Franchise of the World edition counted up to 34 representatives from different countries and evaluated them based on their influence and impact on their particular chains in various fields such as employee motivation, enhancements to the franchise model, and the implementation of saving strategies.

After obtaining this high-status award, Omar Yunes was recognized both locally and internationally as an important game changer in matters franchisor-franchisee relationships for realizing improvements in control implementation and communication that allowed for better units evaluation under his management. The CEO of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo stated that the franchisor deems these awards as a demonstration of collective effort to provide clients with exceptional taste, unparalleled hospitality, and excellent service.

In Mexico alone, Mr. Yunes’ brand functions in more than ninety restaurants. Moreover, Sushi Itto’s presence in South America is very big with most of its restaurants located in Mexico, Panama, El Salvador, and Honduras. The award is meant to identify innovative accomplishments in the growth of franchise that immensely contribute to the growth of the entire franchising brand. The brand has been able to achieve considerable growth by encouraging franchises to improve leadership, operational processes, and teamwork.

NuoDB SQL Database Defined

NuoDB, a technology company based in Massachusetts, specializes in the technology utilized through its personal database. Founded in 2008, the NuoDB gained its official name in 2011 and has since been publicized and utilized by major brands and companies. The NuoDB works hand in hand with SQL, and is called NewSQL. The SQL database is able to run faster due to the elasticity and architecture that allows the database to scale-out.

NuoDB is an evolution of the SQL Database in which it retains foundational blueprints of the SQL Database but is now able to support processes in cloud. Application programs still communicate with NuoDB and SQL Queries as traditional databases do. NuoDB’s particular structure has three components that differentiates itself from the original SQL Database architecture: administrative, transactional, and storage. This new structure allows the NuoDB Database to work without an application and data disk being coupled, which is an advantage for its use in cloud where the coupling is typically found to be hindrance in a cloud environment.

Talos Energy’s New Oil Drilling Impetus in Mexico

For over 8 decades, Mexico’s rich oil rigs were a reserve for the government-owned Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) after country’s leadership nationalized the oil sector in 1938. The move locked out all privately owned oil rigging and exploration companies from directly carrying out such operations directly within the Mexican territory. However, the recent reversal of this policy by the government has opened up the Mexican oil industry to foreign based and privately owned companies with huge potential of revolutionizing the industry. One such company is Talos Energy, which is in line to benefit from the cessation of Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) monopoly in the industry. After successfully submitting a bid jointly with Premier Oil Plc and Sierra Oil & Gas in 2015, Talos Energy was given the go ahead to prospect and drill oil rigs in Sureste Basin, Tabasco.

The historic drilling operation took around ninety days. The winning of the bid and the subsequent drilling operation elicited positive reactions from the industry players including analysts and investors. Majority of these players believe it would be a successful investment for the three companies involved, shareholders and the Mexicans. According to the deal, Sierra Oil & Gas based in Mexico will own 40 percent of the rigs while the United Kingdom-based Premier Oil will own 25 percent. Talos Energy with own the remaining 35 percent.

Talos Energy: Exploiting the Highly Profitable Oil Niche Market

In 2012, Apollo Global Management LLC and Riverstone Holdings LLC pumped in a staggering $600 million as investment fund to help Tim Duncan found an investment company specializing in high-end niche markets in oil and gas industry. The product of their investment is Talos Energy. Since then, Tim Duncan has overseen the growth of Talos Energy into one of the leading companies in the industry.

Specializing in highly profitable ventures, the Houston, Texas-based company has expanded its operations by flexing its huge financial muscles through strategic acquisitions and operational capacity building. This has enabled the company establish a significant presence in the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast. The portfolio company highlighted its financial strength in the industry with 2013 acquisition of Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc.

Honey Birdette: Looking to Expand Across the Globe

Honey Birdette, a lingerie company founded by Eloise Monaghan and headquartered in. Brisbane Australia, has plans on expanding. The company just recently launched an ecommerce website for their US based customers and have big plans to add more retail stores for their UK consumers.

There are currently three Honey Birdette retail stores in the UK and they have plans to increase that to 40 stores by the end of 2018. They launched their first store in the UK in 2016. The first store was launched in London.

Honey Birdette also decided to launch a US ecommerce website because they had seen significant growth from their US consumers online within a 12 month period. This will benefit their US consumers by providing them with faster shipping, free shipping for orders over $50, a quicker return process, and items offered specifically for their US customers. The Honey Birdette brand is also hoping to open retail stores in the US in the near future.

In Australia, where the brand was founded, Honey Birdette has 55 retail locations. Prices for their products start at £35 for briefs to about £60 for bras.

Honey Birdette was founded in 2006 and came from an idea between two friends who wanted lingerie that could not be found anywhere else. They offer high-end lingerie and toys. Every design is created in-house at the Honey Birdette headquarters and the design department is directed by founder Eloise Monaghan. The company is about empowering women to be confident and feel good about themselves.

Talos Energy Consortium Makes History With Endeavor off Mexico’s Coast

A historic venture between Talos Energy, Premier Oil, and Sierra Oil and Gas has sunk a successful offshore exploration oil well in Mexican waters, the first by foreign companies in almost 80 years.

Houston-based well operator, Talos Energy LLC holds a 35% stake in the project while London-based Premier Oil’s and Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Gas’s interest is 25% and 40%, respectively.

The Zama-1 well, located 37 miles from the port of Dos Bocas in the Gulf of Mexico, completed drilling operations ahead of schedule and under budget in July. Current yield estimates are at 1.4 to 2.0 billion barrels, well above pre-drill expectations.

This being the first time since 1938 that an offshore exploration well has been launched by anyone other than state-run Pemex, the results of the Zama-1 drilling were highly anticipated by the industry. The project is a culmination of a process that began in 2015 when the joint venture won rights to the prospect in the first round of bidding, following the Mexican Congress’s vote to open up its oil industry to private investment.

According to Talos President and Chief Executive Officer, Tim Duncan, “We believe this discovery represents exactly what the energy reforms intended to deliver: new capital, new participants and a spirit of ingenuity that leads to local jobs and government revenues for Mexico.”

He also states the project’s success shows that smaller operators can “match the operational sophistication of our larger peers, but with a heightened sense of urgency.”

Talos Energy is an independent oil and gas company founded in 2012 by a management team with expertise in deep-water asset acquisition, offshore exploration, and production in and around the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.

Talos’s use of state-of-the-art seismic technology is evidence of its commitment to innovation and helps reduce the risk and costs of exploration and operation. Talos also emphasizes safety, focusing on the protection of the public and environment. Noted for its collaborative, entrepreneurial culture and community involvement, Talos is consistently recognized as one of the top workplaces in Houston by the Houston Chronicle.

New Developments For Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is not working in conjunction with Eviti a branch of NantHealth decision support solution, to enable access to the workflows of the Allscripts Sunrise electron health record or EHR. This development allows for the integration of Clinical Pathways programs which assists Cancer Treatment Centers of America in their effort to provide effective treatments. The data base collects and provides the latest information regarding cancer care.

This is just one of the many ways in which Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides the very best treatment and resources to help their patients with their journey to defeat cancer and provide the support they need to be informed. The center was founded in 1988 and its mission is to provide personalized cancer treatment tailored to fit each patient. They use all of the latest resources to ensure patients have the best tools and most knowledgeable staff to help provide excellent and effective treatment.

Individuals who have not had success with other cancer treatments, or who have special conditions which require special attention are excellent candidates for treatment with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They have an incredible track record and take pride in making a difference in the quality of life of their patients. Anyone who is searching for a world renowned and respected treatment center should get more information about their services and locations. With a specialized treatment plan from one of their clinic, patients have a way to treat their cancer and make progress on their road to remission.