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We all receive unwanted or non-essential emails. Often these come in the form of emails from subscription services. These tend to crowd our inboxes and draw our attention away from more pressing emails. Fortunately, there is a solution to this dilemma. As discussed in a recent article from PC World, Unroll Me is a useful means for taking control of unnecessary subscription emails. 

How does it work? is a free app that helps consolidate emails from subscription services. Rather than receiving a barrage of numerous emails from various subscriptions, delivers one aggregated email to your inbox. You may sign up for the service by visiting their website and registering. 

The platform will work for numerous email servers including but not limited to Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and iCloud email. will scan the email account which you register. It will detect subscription emails and provide three options of how you want to organize emails from these senders. You can either add subscriptions to your Rollup, keep them within your regular inbox, or unsubscribe from them altogether. 

The Rollup itself is the aggregated messaged you receive regarding the subscriptions you choose to continue receiving but which you don’t want to continue seeing interspersed throughout your inbox. You can decide how often you want to receive your Rollup, whether it by every day, week or month, as well as the time of day you want it sent. 

Comparable products such as SaneBox use more complex algorithms to ascertain which messages are essential and which are not, though unlike it is a fee-based service. also offers the added benefit of the unsubscribe option. 

Subscription messages represent a handy but sometimes irritating facet of emailing. Flight alerts, discounts, coupons, updates, and notifications are all helpful. Unfortunately, they often detract from efficient navigation and streamlined use of our email accounts. There are several services available to help mitigate this problem, each with its own pros and cons. While does not currently offer a solution for coordinating subscriptions across multiple email accounts, it does provide one free and easy solution for consolidating subscriptions.

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