Gino Pozzo Continues on the Family European Footbaall Tradition

The Pozzo family has a long history taking football clubs and transforming them into champions. The family owned their own football team in 1986, when they decided to use profits from the family woodworking and tool-making business to invest in the Udinese club from their Italian hometown. Today the family is involved in many business including property ad finance mergers…and of course the Udinese team that continues to gain victory after victory.

Gino Pozzo bought the Watford Football Club after seeing the passion his parents nd the rest of the family had for the Udinese Club they owned.

Before purchasing Watford, Gino became a leading force in leading the family owned the Granada Football Club, which he was able to turn around to finally make a profit for the first time in over 30 year.

When Gino first purchased the Watford Football Club in 2012, they were in debt and in the bottom of the fourth division… and not looking very good since their heyday in the 80’s. Things have made a turn around with Gino at the help. After moving his family to London to be involved with all aspects of the club’s operations…with the goal of creating a winning football club and seeing it go from a Fourth Division team to a Premier League team. This feat was accomplished in just four years.

The Pozzo family is the only family in the world that owned three football clubs at the same time in Italy, Spain and England.

Today Gino Pozzo has recommitted himself to the Udinese and Watford club, where he frequently trades players between clubs where they can best excel. The family and Gino are in it for the long run and there’s no telling how much further they will make their mark.

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