Gino Pozzo Took Watford FC to Premier League Heights in Only Three Seasons

Gino Pozzo has been called the best football club owner in the world. He ranked #4 on Talk sport’s 2019 rankings of football club owners. Gino Pozzo took a 4th division team to Premier League heights in only three seasons. This is a feat that only a few football club owners have been able to achieve. The English Premier League is the most prestigious football league in the world.

Watford’s current squad under Gino Pozzo is the best squad that the team has ever had since the club’s glory days in the 1980s when the club was owned by Sir Elton John. Gino Pozzo has a unique scouting model that has enabled the team to get the best talent at the most affordable prices.

Gino Pozzo comes from one of the most interesting families in the sports industry. His father, Giampaolo Pozzo, is a successful Italian businessman and former owner of Udinese FC in Italy.

Giampaolo witnessed the decline of his local football club, Udinese FC, and decided to purchase it to save it from financial difficulties. In no time, the club rose to top-flight Italian football from the lowest Italian league. This success motivated him to purchase Grenada FC in Spain where he applied the same tactics and rescued Grenada FC from the 4th division to the La Liga.

The acquisition and transformation of Watford FC is what propelled the Pozzo family to fame. Gino Pozzo is the minds behind the Pozzo business model. He broadened the scope and scale of the Pozzo scouting network by acquiring various clubs in disparate countries. That made it possible for him to move players between the different teams.

Gino Pozzo also hired Javi Garcia, the coach who is ultimately responsible for creating a unified squad that made Watford FC to win 10 out of their first 12 matches in the 2019 season.

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