James River Capital’s Top Five Tips for Staying Sharp at Work

JAMES RIVER CAPITALIt’s 2 PM and after a long day at the office already and a heavy lunch, your brain feels like mush. Yet you still have several hours left in the day where you need to be on your A-game. How can you continue to remain sharp when you feel this way? With 70-percent of employees feeling disengaged at work, it is time to get out of this rut. Paul Saunders, the founder of James River Capital, has several tips on exactly how to do that.

Generate Relationships

Humans are naturally social being so connecting with others gives your brain downtime and interaction. If you have been seated at a desk for two hours without speaking to anyone, it is time to go have a conversation.

Learn a New Skill

Learning is the true key to lifelong happiness as it allows you to feel motivated at home and engaged at work which can improve your mental status and boost your career. Learning will allow you to increase your skills thus providing additional value to the organization.

Schedule your Day

By scheduling your day including a to-do list, you greatly reduce stress and can plan your activities based on energy levels. For the to-do list, assign a variety of tasks including the less critical activities like checking emails. If you have a huge to-do list, then break each item into smaller tasks.


Take Regular Breaks

When working eight or more hours per day, it is impossible to be “on” the entire time. The most experienced employees know that workers require breaks to remain mentally sharp. Set an alarm on your phone to take a 5-to-10-minute break each hour.

Work Light Exercise into your Schedule

The mind and body intertwined so light exercise will greatly improve your mental sharpness at work. While a full CrossFit workout is not necessary to achieve this goal, getting the blood flowing can help boost your mental sharpness. James River Capital recommends using a standing desk or exercise ball as a chair. Even a brief walk around the office or outside can refocus your mind.

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