Jose Borghi Becomes A Success After Starting At The Very Bottom Of The Advertising Industry

The Brazilian advertising industry has always been a success with the early 21st century seeing many different advertisers reaching the pinnacle of receiving a Golden Lion at Cannes. One of those marketing experts who has made their way to the French Riviera from Brazil is Jose Borghi, a Brazilian advertising specialist who began his now internationally recognized Mullen Lowe advertising agency; the growth of this agency to become a global success can largely be placed at the door of Jose Borghi who established the agency with no financial assistance in the 1990s.

Jose Borghi began his career as an advertiser after his sister became concerned he was not focused on a career as he came to the end of his education; Borghi attended a marketing exhibition with his sister as she thought seeing the different careers included in the video work would aid the young Borghi in finding a career path. Instead, Jose Borghi decided the advertising industry was his natural home and resulted in his first job with Standard Ogilvy that was followed by the brave decision to establish his own agency alongside business partner Erh Ray.

By December 2006, the agency established by Jose Borghi was invested in by the Lowe agency to become Borghi Lowe that would later lead to the agency being purchased by Mullen and Partners to become Mullen Lowe Brasil. There are many top advertising campaigns that have been developed and produced under the leadership of Jose Borghi that have gone down in marketing history in Brazil and across the world. Borghi himself has led his own adv agency to market campaigns by some of the world’s best known brands, including Fiat, Unilever, Electrolux and American Express.

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