OSI Food Solution Leading in Meat Production

OSI food solutions is a private American company that processes meat. Their services are enjoyed by retail as well as mega food service industries. The headquarters of OSI food solution is in Aurora, Illinois. Its continuous service delivery has seen the company stretch out to other nations with over 65 facilities in 17 nations. What started as a meat market in 1909 in Oak Park, Illinois has seen it through to the success of OSI food solution. In 1917 Osi food solution expanded to wholesale meat trade and had to relocate the business to Maywood, a suburb in Chicago.

OSI food solution has a good reputation for offering quality meat to locals for a number of decades. The unmatched regions the company has managed to serve means that OSI food solutions offer a world full of food solutions. Over the years, OSI food solution has partnered with various corporation and has established a processing firm in Phillippines, China, and Beijing that deal with Processed Foods. In the year 1996 Osi food solution acquired a poultry farm, the agility in the business led to OSI food solutions acquiring more farms that deal with Meat production. Lately, the company opened a centre for culinary innovations.

Over the years the company have been awarded for good management in areas such as environmental safety risks and health management. Since the method of preserving food emerged ,OSIfood solution has become a big supplier of meat to many fast-food companies. Forbes listed the OSI food solution as 136th biggest private owned company in America due to its annual revenues that summed up to $3 billion in the year 2011. Later in the year 2016, Osi food solutions had a big margin in the Forbes report and were No 58 with an annual of $ 6.1 billion.

OSI food solutions have been listed sixth biggest seller of seafood, meat, poultry by the Refrigerated and Frozen Foods magazine. The company produces several foodstuff and has a private label for the many foods products they sell to various foodservice and Retail customers. These products include fish, pork, dough products and vegetables.

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