OSI Group Merges With Rose Packing

OSI Industries recently said that it has acquired another food service company known as Rose Packing. The company Rose Packing specializes in providing pork products to food service and retail companies. With this recent acquisition, the two companies will merge in order to better meet the needs of their customers. The terms of the recent acquisition were not disclosed in detail.

Rose Packing was established in 1924 and currently operates as a major production facility in Chicago. It has 700 employees and is therefore one of the largest food distribution companies in the United States. The company provides a number of different products such as burgers, loins, ribs, boneless turkey, breakfast sausages and salad toppings. With the wide selection of food products, Rose Packing has been able to establish itself as one of the most trusted food distribution companies in the world. Together with OSI Industries, Rose Packing will look to continue serving their customers.

Kevin Scott of OSI Industries made a statement about the recent acquisition of Rose Packing. He said that the merger will bring together two of the top leading companies in the food industry. Scott is also very excited to be working with Rose Packing in the near future. When he made his statement, Scott also said that the acquisition of Rose Packing compliments the business model of OSI Group by supporting its strategy for growth. The acquisition of Rose Packing will help OSI Group have new processing facilities, strong sales and an additional capacity to serve customers. Both companies share a commitment to their customers and look to provide unique and innovative solutions.

The chief executive officer of Rose Packing Dwight Stiehl also made a statement about the recent acquisition. He said that the management team of Rose Packing will remain intact and work with OSI Industries on a regular basis. He said that he looks forward to working closely with OSI Group and that the two companies will be a great fit together. Stiehl said that the two companies will form a strong business relationship because of their track record as two of the most successful food distribution companies in the world.

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