OSI Industries Brings Together Two Unlikely Forces

As society has advanced along, there has been a natural evolution to consumer trends. The desire and wants of consumers have changed into more silkier and fashionable designs over the years. This has extended into the food industry as consumers have become a lot more conscious about what they eat. Meat products are still the core of the market, but there is an ever growing demand for an alternative product. This is the basis by which Impossible Foods began making its mark on the world. At the same time, OSI Industries has entrenched itself as the number one player in this market. The website Gazette Day recently published a piece about how a partnership between these to companies would go down. Learn about OSI at zoominfo.com

Starting with the younger company in this partnership, Impossible Foods. The concept was born in the mind of Patrick Brown in 2009 while he was a college professor. He believed that science had advanced far enough for plant based methods to be a viable food creation option. The goal was to reduce agricultural needs and in turn reduce the carbon footprint of the industry. Patrick Brown faced intense backlash from peers and friends alike, but in 2016 his vision became a reality. The impossible burger hit store-selves around the country. He promoted the product as an equal to the traditional burger in every sense. In the months and years following the product launch, he found it harder to keep up with the ever growing demand. Luckily OSI Industries was waiting to lend a hand.

In order to meet the demand for the Impossible Burger, they had to form a partnership with OSI Industries. The industry leading corporation with state of the art resources and manufacturing process. Under this deal, OSI Industries got maintain its top position in the market, while giving Impossible Burger the space to meet its own subset of consumer. It might seem unusual on the surface, but the two companies compliment each other well. OSI Industries used to be a small company as well, thus they understand the growing pains a new company might be facing.

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