A View From NexBank

NexBank’s Ambition To Grow, Protect, And Manage Your Funds

The first thing you should know about NexBank is our passion for three important facets to your money. To put it simply, we work to grow, protect and then manage your cash.

We all should be pursuing the practice of acquiring and then managing the wealth we receive. This is simply the work of an adult in modern society. The majority of us reach for dreams of wealth and riches, but the fundamental work which can bring these are only the three principals that NexBank lives by.

We couldn’t offer you great service without these three steps.

So the next time you consider how you’re going to reach your financial goals, you must ask yourself if your foundation for financial success is in place. One place to start is with us. We will guide you into each step and to make sure that you grow your cash, protect your money and then manage a great future.

Growing Your Money

Growing your money is not as complicated as it sounds. If you have a job, then you have everything in place and to reach all of your financial dreams through. But it will take time. The best place for you to start is with a savings options. You need a process that enables you to place money into a “safe place.”

But that option must also be designed to use the potentials of investing and in the future. We do that at NexBank and by first creating a basic account which has growth aspects built in it. One of the aspects is the presence of great customer service providers who will lead you into your best growth strategy.

There’s a science behind ever financial venture.

We’ll figure out the scope of yours and improve it also.

Why Every Small Business Needs a White Shark Media Partnership

Digital marketing, while greatly rewarding is not always an easy undertaking. Most business owners who handle their marketing in-house soon reach a dead end or simply give up after getting dismal results. For a successful digital marketing campaign, you need an agency that has the skills, talents, and experience as well as the resources needed to generate leads and increase your sales, boosting the growth of your business. In short, you need White Shark Media.

The Right Partnerships

One way of determining the credibility of a digital marketing agency is whether or not it has a partnership with the main search engines. As soon as it entered the digital marketing industry, White Shark Media went on such fast growth that it could not escape the eye of Google. The agency’s representatives were invited to Mountain View, California Google’s headquarters. The result was a partnership that in turn led to the awarding of the coveted Google Adwords Premier SMB Partnership two years later in recognition of White Shark Media’s fulfillment of Google’s strictest training and eligibility requirements.

In tow came Microsoft which also fell for the agency’s success in their market campaigns for its clients, who are mostly small and mid-sized businesses. It invited White Shark Media into a partnership that saw the agency join the Bing Ads Authorized Reseller Program, a chance reserved for a selected few. In short, the alliance with two of the largest search engines is an assurance that the online presence of your company will greatly increase once you sign a partnership with White Shark Media.

Testimonials and Case-studies

In order to find out about what a digital marketing agency is capable of doing, read their customer testimonials and case studies. To say the least, White Shark Media’s testimonials and case studies are impressive. Many of them are expressions of gratitude to the agency for helping formerly struggling businesses raise search rankings and boost traffic resulting in more sales and faster growth. Additionally, the agency has played a big role in educating its clients and helping them understand the importance of increased online presence and advertising as well advising them on SEO, PPC and SMB management.


Digital marketing is a highly competitive industry. To stay at the top, the agency must give its clients the best in terms of skills, creativity, and use of the latest technology. White Shark Media has these qualities and more. It has the passion for the industry and determination to see the success of all their customers by any necessary means. Key among them is assigning every customer an expert certified by AdWords and Bing and backed by a highly experienced digital media engineer.

Motivation and Inspiration of Eric Lefkofsky

Cancer is one of the hardest things for people to deal with. But Eric Lefkofsky did not have a face to face experience until later in life. It changed his understanding about the medical services and the amount of time it takes them to attend to patients. He was upset because the way data was distributed and shared among doctors. This new understanding and perspective inspired Eric Lefkofsky to try and find a better solution. He was sure that modern technology and Tempus could help physicians and other medical professionals with data gathering. Tempus researchers cracked on and came up with new software that utilizes the experience and knowledge on both sides.

The solution allows data to be gathered without leaving an impact on the workflow. There was a lot of data available, but most of it was written on notecards and doctors didn’t have a fast way of communicating with each other. The new software allows this data to be in one single database which can be shared among the professional staff. It also gains the information about the best treatment options.

Cancer research is still one of the most important areas for people. Creating a better and less invasive treatment options is something researchers aspire to do. At the moment people receiving cancer treatment receive different kinds of treatment, but they have encounters with severe side-effects depending on what kind of treatment suits the case for the type of cancer.

Sometimes it is not the kind of therapy but the amount of time it takes for the doctor to find the right treatment for each patient. Using modern technology allows professionals to look at different cases on the database as well as the best treatment and as much information as possible about the different types of the disease.

For Eric Lefkofsky it became a matter of personal pride to help people and increase their quality of life through the world of technology. It made him even more passionate about his job. He learned from success and failure, making, even more, effort and not backing down from such a big challenge and Tempus did the same.


Greg Secker Answers Questions About His Career

Greg Secker is not scared of challenges. In a recent interview with the CEOCFO Magazine, the financial expert admitted that he has always believed in accepting challenges. This philosophy is one of the factors that saw the entrepreneur create the Flying Trader initiative. When people asked him why he needed to trade while flying, he answered with a question ‘Why Not?’ Greg is now focusing on training and mentoring traders from around the world to ensure that they can make money anytime and anywhere.

What amazes many people about Greg Secker is his sound educational background and successful career path. Despite studying agriculture and food sciences, he went ahead to become a good programmer and trader. Secker notes that his love for computers started while he was at the university. During his free time, he used to build and sell computers to fellow students and companies. Before long, he ventured into coding, which he quickly mastered. According to him, he was already an outstanding coder by the time he was graduating.

Determined to build a career in IT, Greg attended a job fair. He specifically targeted companies that had opportunities in the in IT and trading. He ended up securing a job with the Thomas Cook Financial Services. At the company, Secker was part of the team that built the Virtual Trading Desk, the world’s first online currency trading platform. This opportunity helped the young programmer to deepen his knowledge on trading.

Secker’s first investment in currency trading was a £5,000 loan that he had borrowed. He was able to grow this amount to £60,000 in less than a year. This situation motivated him to continue trading. His first year as a trader also taught him the need to develop and adhere to his core principles. To this end, he started using a risk managed approach, developed discipline for his craft, and adhered to his trading plan.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a shrewd entrepreneur, investor, and trader. He is highly respected in the forex business. Unlike other traders, Secker is generous with his trading skills. Often, he advises the public on the innovative ways of making successful trades.

The trader was born in Norfolk, England. He is an alumnus of the University of Nottingham. Secker started his career by working for the Thomas Cook Financial Services before starting his business, Learn to Trade.

Edward Honig as a Standout Cardiologist in the NYC Area

The field of cardiology deals largely with the heart. These doctors are the ones responsible for performing a number of different surgeries and tests, all to ensure the health and safety of the patient. The field is in incredibly high demand, as you’ll find that it helps tremendously to see one of these experts if you should ever experience a heart issue yourself.
Edward Honig is one of the leading cardiologists in the New York area. He has extensive education and experience behind him, which allows him to take on a superior doctoral role to ensure the health of each of the people he works with every day. Edward Honig has graduated from some of the top programs in the nation, which provides him with an insight that is very difficult to come by. Because of the fact that he has graduated with a lot of education behind him, Edward Honig is able to handle all types of cases and see that his patients leave his office and hospital happy and healthy.
Edward Honig has also been working in the field of cardiology for quite some time and has made it his mission in life to provide this quality care to anyone who might need it. Once you begin to work with Edward Honig, you’ll find that he is totally different from other doctors with whom you might have worked. Now is the time for you to contact Edward Honig if you’re living in the NYC area and see if he can take you on as a patient as he has done for so many other people. He will be more than happy to help you if you are currently experiencing issues relating to the heart.
Cardiology is continually growing and is becoming one of the most prominent fields in medicine. With so many people experiencing health issues concerning their hearts, it’s no wonder that there are a lot of options available to you in terms of finding a good quality doctor. Once you are able to find a doctor with whom to work, you will be well on your way to getting your life back and ensuring that you’re doing something beneficial for yourself in every way possible.
The most important thing for you to consider when it comes to seeing a professional cardiologist is to talk with your primary care doctor to see if going to see a specialist is right for you. Once you get the okay to see someone specialized in this field, it is totally up to you who you decide to go and see and what they will do for you. There are a ton of people who are making the decision to utilize this service for themselves to regain control of their health and to feel better about themselves, so it might be a better option for you and ensures that you are doing something that will benefit you for the rest of your life if you are currently experiencing these types of problems.

Rocketship Education Blended-Learning and Personalized Style

According to the article on Education Week, most parents do not know who is going to teach their kids until several days before the starting of the school year. At the Rocketship Education charter schools, the parents help in choosing which teachers are going to be employed months before classes start. The Washington Post, an American daily newspaper, in an article written by Perry Stein, explained how parents take part in job interviews at first the first Washington school of the charter school chain, which was to open the fall of 2016.

That was nothing new for Rocketship Education, which runs 13 schools. The co-founder and CEO of Rocketship, Preston Smith, told Education Week that the participation of parents has always been the chain’s foundation, which was launched in the year 2007, in San Jose, California. Rocketship Education has mostly gotten national attention for its blended-learning and personalized style.

However, Rocketship also has made the involvement of parents a center of the program. Smith said that at all their campuses, parents usually take part in job interviews in some way, 3-6 families go through training for doing panel interviews. Sometimes, schools hold community meetings so that parents could meet job finalists. Smith said continued saying that their input matters, he cannot remember a time where parents and himself or the leaders of the school were in disagreement.

At Rocketship Education, which is a non-profit network specifically for public charter schools. They have been working with educators, parents, and community organizations to develop quality public schools’ ecosystem that put San Jose’s English language learners and low-income children on the college path. Because of these efforts, a total of 25 high-performing public charter schools that are serving communities of low-income have opened since Rocketship launched their first school.

Students in poverty, as well as English language learners in San Jose city, gain over one month of extra learning in both mathematics and reading for each year they attend a high-performing charter school. Also, districts such as Franklin-McKinley School District and ARESD, are associated with charter schools as partners in improving student achievement and boost the readiness of college.

Dr. Edward Honig, New York’s Finest For Heart Health

Updated For 9-22-2017:
Edward Honig breaks down the recent heart health study that showed a link between carbs and heart disease for Patch. Important information for everybody with a possible heart condition.

Cardiology is a specialty branch of medicine, which deals with diseases and problems of the heart and the related blood vessels and arteries surrounding it. Most often a cardiologist will see patients for an evaluation or for on-going care once they have been identified with certain predisposed genetic markers or if they’re already suffering from heart disease.

So it can be said that one half of cardiology focuses on prevention, while the other half concentrates on medical treatment. Cardiologists recommend various forms of Western medicinal therapies and/or alternative treatments that may involve relaxation techniques, herbal remedies, vitamins and supplements for heart patients. This is because there isn’t always one contributing factor, a combination of things can play a role in either heart disease prevention or the sudden onset of heart related problems. These include eating fatty foods, stress, living a sedentary lifestyle, high cholesterol and high blood pressure and consuming very few “heart healthy” foods.

The conventional method of treating coronary heart disease involves regular visits to a cardiologist. Cardiologists are board certified specialists who are trained to correctly diagnose and treat conditions that affect the heart. After examining the patient and performing a battery of tests the cardiologists will then prescribes the best course of treatment. Not all doctors offer or use alternative treatments, it is a growing trend among health conscious individuals, who would rather avoid taking traditional Western medications.

A great deal of patience goes into finding a qualify cardiologist, some patients get a referral from another physician. One outstanding cardiologist who comes highly recommended is Dr. Edward Honig, he’s affiliated with Glen Cove Hospital. Glen Cove Hospital is a part of the Northwell Heath division and is located in Nassau County. As part of the Northwell Heath care team, Dr. Honig sees patients in New York and the surrounding areas. Dr. Honig often tends to patients after they’ve experiencing some type of problematic symptom, such as shortness or breath, an irregular heartbeat, chest pains or they get tired easily during light to moderate exertion.

It’s important to see a cardiologist as early as possible, whenever even the slightest abnormality is detected. Dr. Honig takes great care of his patients and makes certain that they’re well informed about what’s involved in living with a heart condition or heart disease. Some of Dr. Honig patients “genetic markers” for coronary heart disease (CHD). People in this group are more likely to suffer from heart related problems, due to their family history. Even when patients have hereditary heart disease, Dr. Honig believes that diet plays a central role in helping to ease the burden of health related issues.

Dr. Edward Honig graduated from Duke University of Medicine and is licensed in New York. He treats patients in all phases of coronary and cardiovascular heart disease. However, he also emphasizes to his patients the importance of preventive care, exercise and healthy eating more fiber to reduce some of the risk factors.

Greg Secker Leading The Forex Trade

Why Greg Secker is Popular

If there is a person to reckon with in the forex trading sector across London that is Greg Secker. Greg, an influential social entrepreneur, is a graduate in agriculture and food science, from the University of Nottingham. He has earned international recognition in financial trading, due to his popular Virtue Trading Desk (VTD) that allows traders receive quotes on the foreign transactions, and the widely used software (Smart Charts). From this success, Greg recommends that young investors in the forex trade should find successful mentors to emulate. For this reason, he has set the pace by venturing into the Learn to Trade platform. This platform equips over 200,000 budding entrepreneurs in Forex, with seminars and workshops. As a result, the company has earned several accolades and rankings. The platform offers its services across the world, as it has offices across the globe in South Africa, Philippines, and London.

Greg’s Mentorship and Charity

Greg is a man with many hearts. He is an international speaker, an author, and a mentor. As an author, he has shared helpful insights on forex trading in books like ‘Trading Your Way to Success’ and ‘Financial Freedom through Forex’. Additionally, he has used his expertise in the forex sector to mentor other upcoming entrepreneurs, through the establishment of the Greg Secker Foundation. The foundation has expanded its operations to help rebuild the society, by engaging in charitable deeds. This include helping the Philippines- typhoon victims, build typhoon-free houses, and offering access to education, and enlighten the young people on leadership, health, and wealth.

The Breakthrough

Success is earned through hard work, and this is what Greg has done throughout his successful journey. As a result, he has risen the leadership ranks from working at the Thomas Cook Financial Services to leading the Mellon Financial Corporation as the vice president. Secker, who hails from a humble background, and his career kicked off in 1990, as he was working at the Thomas Cook Financial Services. This is where he built a trading system of foreign exchange, that later led to an online forex trading platform (virtual trading desk).

Dr. Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics

If you haven’t heard of Dr. Clay Siegall, he is the CEO of Seattle Genetics, a biotechnology company based in Bothell, WA. Founded in 1997, Seattle Genetics has been hailed as a leader in the field of oncology, which is a special field of medicine aimed at improving the lives of those, diagnosed with cancer. Seattle Genetics has been praised for their research in antibody therapy, which works by administering cytotoxic (toxic to living cells) anti-cancer agents that destroy cancer cells. Additionally, the antibody therapy known as ADC (antibody-drug conjugate) is capable of differentiating between cancer and normal tissue, thereby mitigating the side effects commonly associated with traditional cancer treatments.

Dr. Clay Siegall attended George Washington University, where he earned a Ph.D. in Genetics. He then went on to earn his B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland. Upon completion of his studies, he began his career as a Senior Research Investigator with Bristol-Myers, a pharmaceutical company in New York City. In an effort to further immerse himself into cancer therapy, Dr. Siegall joined the National Cancer Institute, as a staff fellow and Biotechnology Fellow, before co-founding Seattle Genetics in 1997.

Dr. Seigall’s work in the field of oncology has received considerable praise; in addition to being named University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year, in 2013, he was also named the Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, in 2013. Dr. Seigall has been described as unrelenting when it comes to breaking new ground in cancer treatment protocols. In an effort to share his findings with colleagues and scientist, Dr. Seigall has published upwards of 70 articles describing his commitment towards eradicating cancer.

According to, 7.6 million people die from cancer every day; although these numbers are staggering, companies like Seattle Genetics, and practitioners like Dr. Clay Siegall, are making strides when it comes to research and treatment options that can patients gain a better quality of life.

Neurocore Effortlessly Takes Care of Your Depression

Depression is a common mental illness affecting millions of people in the US. There are several types of depressive disorders such as Persistent Depressive Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Postpartum Depression, and Seasonal Affective Disorder. Depression can be difficult to understand for those people who don’t suffer from it especially when there are many factors to depression. As a matter of fact, factors that cause depression aren’t always easy to pinpoint just like how symptoms of the mental illness aren’t always obvious. It’s common for depression to give a sense of hopelessness which, in serious cases, can manifest into thoughts of suicide and even worse, actually committing suicide. With alarming rates of suicide among people, especially the young, there needs to be more funding for depression research. Despite depression being such a harsh illness, it can be treated with antidepressants and therapy, or as an alternative can be treated with neurofeedback therapy.
Neurocore Brain Performance Centers is a privately held company, founded in 2004, working within the Health, Wellness and Fitness Industry that has 51-200 employees. This company specializes in helping children and adults with issues surrounding their mental health such as sleep, ADHD, depression, anxiety, stress, autism, and migraines. Neurocore works to improve brain performance by providing “data-driven, brain-based assessments, and training programs”. These resources allow people with said issues to sleep better, concentrate better, and stress less.
Neurocore has valuable resources to figure out how well each patients brain is working and the type of help each patient needs individually. With advanced qEEG technology, with the “Heart Rate Variability” test, the “Integrated Visual and Auditory Continuous Performance” test, along with a behavioral checklist, it is now easier to figure out what exactly is up with each brain and easier to give the right feedback. The Neurofeedback Brain Performance Training involves biofeedback training and the fun neurofeedback training which involves only watching a movie. Both types of training are proven to increase energy level, reduce stress, and improve mood.