Medical Doctor and Entrepreneur Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a qualified surgeon. He acquired his degree from the Tulane University medical school. Even though at first he began to practice medicine with his father, Mark was more attracted to the industry of property development. He established McKenna Ventures investment in 1999 after his graduation. Unluckily, he underwent distressing losses in 2005 from Katrina hurricane. This natural tragedy damaged a lot of his business benefits, but he worked harder to reestablish the area. He later relocated to Atlanta in 2007 and established ShapeMed which is a wellness medicinal practice.

He opened many offices that offered beautifying products like laser hair removal, Botox injection, weight counseling, and nutrition. Mark sold the business in 2015 to a lifetime fitness gym and a publicly-traded fitness firm and joined the workers. Dr. Mark McKenna served in the firm as the National Medical Director but later resigned when a private firm purchased the company.

In July 2016, Dr. Mark McKenna went back to his roots to provide innovative services to the patients that they could not get in any other place.

He established OVME. OVME Company is a medical aesthetics and rich in technology with a mission to reinvent elective healthcare. The company allows the patients to access optional health care preferences in a better and easy way. The ultimate aim is to connect those who are searching for elective health care services with qualified freelance experts, who can even give a house call to offer supposed treatment. This offers treatment and a level of service that is not offered currently even within many specialized areas in the healthcare field. This business plan highly attracted many potential investors and allowed Dr. Mark McKenna to secure more than $4 million to establish and set off OVME on the ground.

With his unique set of skills, proven understanding, success, and experience Dr. McKenna is the impeccable example of what it means to be the doctor and an entrepreneur. Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical expert who pursues to combine his skills and knowledge with the business model and new technologies that provide patients with the improved health care they require and when they require it. A lot of people take these as trend-setters in the future of healthcare productiveness, changing the scenery by making the patients able to receive treatment in a convenient manner and more timely.

How To Get Through Your Upwork To-Do List

There is nothing like crossing a task off your to-do list to increase your motivation. It gives you more time to enjoy life outside of work rather than spending every evening behind your desk. If this sounds appealing to you, use the following tips to get through your Upwork to-do list.

Create Your List In Advance: Start preparing your to-do list before you go to bed each night, and start your list with the task you want to complete the next morning. This way, you are not spending the morning creating your to-do list.

Write Down Your To-Do List: It is better to write down your to-do list rather than trying to remember it. You can even use a mobile application to record your to-do list. Trying to remember the list causes you to focus more on the incomplete tasks than the task at hand.

Keep Your Tasks In One Place: Whether you are using a memo pad or software, it is important to keep your tasks in one place. The time you spend looking for your to-do list could be used completing your tasks. Scattering your tasks also makes it difficult to create a timeline for your work.

Add Time Attributes: It is important to add time attributes to each task, such as what time you are going to start the task and how long it may take to complete it. The time attributes keep you motivated while sticking to a realistic time frame.

Define Your Priorities: You never know when something is going to change your schedule, so it is best to assign a priority to each task on your list. Start with the tasks that need to be completed right away, and then work on the tasks that can be rescheduled if something comes up.

Upwork is a platform that allows freelancers and clients to work together on a specific project. The categories include content writing, graphic design and digital marketing. It is one of the largest freelancer marketplaces online today.


You can power through your to-do list and increase your productivity by keeping the above tips in mind.


Ownership of Global Intellect: Dr. Kamil Idris is Building A Framework

Global competition of intellect is a fierce battle between world powers. Countries with fewer developed intellectual resources find it harder to compete. The technology revolution has given the advantage to large Multi-national corporations and power centers. Underdeveloped nations lag behind this revolution. Enormous wealth has vanished by not protecting their intellectual property rights.

Professor Kamil Idris director general for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) seeks to protect these important human resources.

The wealth of nations are being pirated. Large pharmaceuticals as an example, represent a huge drain on natural resources of the unsuspecting. Billions of dollars created from drug discoveries, never find their way back to the people.

Globalization is now a term that describes competition of resources and interconnectivity between borders. Technology has shortened the distance. Intellectual property rights are broad in scope. Science, art, trade, and economics all considered part of these rights. Natural and human resources can be priceless. With no structure in place, exploitation is rampant.

Professor Kamil Idris and his WIPO organization shape fundamental change. Decades-old methods brought into the twenty-first century.

Inconsistent policies left the less fortunate an opportunity to profit. Patent offices have become a bottleneck. Underdeveloped countries see this as a detriment to entering a beleaguered system. The African Continent and other nations of the world are at the mercy of the more powerful.

The globalization of technology expedites piracy and outright theft of IP resources. Dr. Idris seeks to put an end to these grievous actions.

Professor Kamil Idris and his WIPO organization implemented copyright treaties, with the help of the World Trade Organization. These agreements bring a framework to the Globalization of Intellectual Property rights.

Globalization has given the advantage to world powers. Greater technological access provides these entities superiority. IP Rights controlled by a failed system needs the international community to find solutions. Globalization and interconnectivity must benefit everyone.

Professor Kamil Idris is making strides to level the playing field.

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Robert Deignan: Founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services

Robert Deignan Overview

Robert Deignan is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of ATS Digital services formerly known as Inbound Call Experts (ICE). He attended the St. Thomas Aquinas High School and later pursued a BS in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University which he attended from 1992 to 1995. He has an extensive career experience which has helped him grow both on a professional and individual level.


In 1998, Robert Deignan co-founded Fanlink, Inc. However, the company did not last long and was dissolved in 2001 after operating for two years. In 2002, he became the Executive Vice President at the iS3 where he worked for nine years before leaving in July 2011. His departure from the company was, however, a beginning of another phase in Robert Deignan’s life. In the same year, Robert became a co-founder of Inbound Calls Experts which specialises in providing digital support services to customers all over the world.

ATS Digital/Inbound Call Experts Overview

Founded in 2011, ATS digital is currently based in Boca, Raton Florida. The company is customer oriented and ensures that customers receive the highest levels of customer services and products. The company ensures that your computer is kept safe, stable and smooth at all times. So how do they make this possible? When you visit the company’s website, you will come across a customer service number. If you are having problems with your computer, you can call the number where you will communicate with a professional and knowledgeable team of technicians. The technicians manage to access your computer remotely and troubleshoot the problem securely. It’s as simple as that. The technicians take the initiative of implementing measures that will prevent any trouble in future.

The company through the leadership of Robert Deignan has managed to create history by becoming the first call centre to be certified by AppEsteem Corporation. AppEsteem is the body that approves applications and any other related service.

Robert Deignan has built a notable career through his diligence. He has also shown a keen interest in the community which is evident by his generous charity contributions. His company is also expected to continue to grow as the society continue to embrace technology.

Adam Milstein is Worried about a Growing Relationship between Islam and the Left

Adam Milstein is best known for his philanthropic efforts. Milstein and his wife Gila created a charitable organization that provides funds and services to other charitable organizations, bringing change to the Jewish community, the State of Israel, and the political relationship between Israel and the United States. Adam Milstein is also a member of the Israeli-American Council.

Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel and gained his education at the Israeli Institute of Technology.

Milstein has provided content for the Jewish News Syndicate{JNS), talking about issues and solutions for Jewish people.

In a recent article written for JNS, Milstein wrote about how certain alliances are fueling anti semitism. Radical leftists and radical Muslims share a common hatred for Western influence and this has morphed two groups of people who should hate each other into unlikely allies.

Milstein questions the radical left about their morals in the article. He asked them how they let radical Islam’s bigoted ideas, like the treatment of women and harsh punishment of crime stand.

Milstein goes on to explain why he believes the radical left is allowing these things to happen. Milstein believes the left thinks of Israel as an oppressor of Muslim people and says they consider the Jewish people to be at fault for every problem currently plaguing the Middle East.

Linda Sarsour, a prominent member of the feminist movement, organized the Women’s March in the United States Capital. Adam Milstein describes her as a major problem and hypocrite. She has been on the record praising how Saudi Arabia treats their women, but she is somehow a role model for women on the left.

Another serious issue was brought up in the article: a Disorientation Guide published out of Tufts University. In this publication, students called Israel a white supremacist state, showing just how warped young people’s viewpoints are on the world. This isn’t the only instance of such a publication coming out of a prominent university. Students at New York University have a similar guide, which is amplified with the usage of phrases such as “fascism,” “alt-right,” and “socialism.”

Adam Milstein concluded his article by warning of the growing relationship between radical Islam and the far left. He says this relationship threatens Jewish people around the world and everyone in America.

For CEO of Illinois based, food company OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin, he is a key leader with an impressive career as an executive and role model for fellow executives and stakeholders in his industry

Sheldon Lavin began in food in 1970 by making contact with, then getting hired by the meat company, Otto & Son, Inc. Forward ahead to 2018 and CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has years of dedication and years of hard work and preeminence in his industry to thank for his past successes.

OSI Group, which is an American-based company with its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, manages 65 facilities, and 20 thousand employees who are working in 17 countries. OSI Group is a $6 billion-dollar firm. According to Forbes, OSI Group is the 58th biggest private company in America. CEO and President of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin, is responsible for leading OSI’s growth, in the Asian and European markets.

At one point, Sheldon Lavin held the role of Chairman of Amick Farms in 2006 after once OSI Group purchased this American-based poultry firm. OSI Group also received kudos for being one of the best 100 American food firms while under Mr. Lavin’s management. OSI Group is a firm that is known for its quality, excellence and impressive track record in areas of environmental safety, efficiency, sustainability, and processing. As CEO and Chairman of OSI Group, Mr. Lavin has been effective at attaining short-term, and long-term goals.

As CEO, Sheldon Lavin has focused on making some important deals in order to increase OSI Group’s growth, on an international scale. In the last few years, OSI Group has purchased BAHO Foods, Flagship Europe, and expanded its facilities to double its chicken processing capacities in Toledo, Spain. Because of the increased demand by consumers for chicken in recent history, Sheldon Lavin and other executive leadership at OSI made the decision to add energy efficiency solutions and new facilities to handle these market changes.

OSI Group produces a large variety of meat, fish, poultry, vegetable, specialty-dough, and other food processing solutions for many clients, stakeholders, and customers. OSI Group supplies its brands and products to private-label, food service-distributor, retail, and restaurants. OSI has focused on attaining key business milestones and making a larger push into many regions like Europe, India, and China.

Mr. Lavin earned his bachelor’s degree in business from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. He also obtained a degree in accounting and finance and attended Northwestern University and the University of Illinois.

Sheldon Lavin supports many causes like the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Lavin is the trustee and chairman of their capital campaign.

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IC System Core Valued and Compliant

IC System, since its small beginnings in 1938, have always kept a set of course values at its center. Core values are important for carrying out the vision and standards which are set by a company. Ruth and Jack Erickson sought to imbue IC System with values that would last. One core value that drives IC System today are treating propel with respect an letting others know they are important. Core values set a company’s vision and that is why integrity is so vital to IC System. Integrity is knowing you are doing the right thing for others. Along with people and integrity, IC System puts those core values into effect by its performance. IC System wants to be known as a portfolio recovery business that provides results for its clients while dealing honestly and ethically with all involved. IC System is proud to do what it does every day for its clients. Lastly, just as the Ruth and Jack were the first portfolio company to use computers so today IC System is a company of innovation and is always looking to the future in finding better ways to carry out its service for its clients.

IC System lives by its core values and when a worker witnesses these values to others in their work their fellow workers are encouraged to nominate that worker for its coveted Core Value Award, which is given to an IC System employee every quarter.

While IC System wants to always keeps its core values it always keeps these core values as real as the clients and people it works with on a daily basis. IC System still finds the “ethical, honest service” which Ruth and Jack Erickson established in 1938 as vital today as it was then.

IC System is bonded and licensed to work in all 50 states to better serve its clients and in recovering the multiple needs of the portfolios it serves for its clients.


Lime Crime Offers Beauty Lovers A Variety Of Products

Those who are interested in the world of beauty can find products to suit their needs through the Lime Crime brand. This brand is one that offers products that stand out from some of the things that other beauty brands are offering. One of the great products from this brand is the Venus XL Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette. This palettes features a good mix of matte and shimmery eyeshadow options so that a person can get a whole look from the one palette. The eyeshadows that are part of this palette are pigmented and beautiful and they will help a person create a unique eye makeup look.

The Plushies Liquid Lipstick from Lime Crime add to the natural lip color of the individual who is wearing them. These do not fully cover the lips in the way that some liquid lipsticks do but they simply add a little color to the lips to help them appear a little more pronounced and a little more beautiful. These lip colors are available in multiple shades so that an individual can pick one with a more natural appearance or a deep colored one. These lip products have a candy-like scent to them that makes applying them enjoyable.

The Lime Crime brand has created a hair color option for those who would like to change up the look of their mane. Those who are looking to go bold with their hair color will love the product that the Lime Crime brand has created. The Unicorn Hair Color from this brand is a semi-permanent hair tint that is available in fun color options. Those who are looking for an interesting color choice that they can use to change up their hair will appreciate all that this product line offers. They can choose from greens, purples, blues, and pinks when purchasing Unicorn Hair Color.

Learn What the Review Says About Dr. Walden Role on Women Empowerment

Self-esteem is one of the greatest things people cannot live without if they are to feel and appreciate their self-importance in the society. However, some people fail to appreciate who they are because of some of their physical features they consider undesirable. A great solution to people with such problems has come and at the right time. With physicians such as Dr. Jennifer Walden who do plastic surgery, most people have been able to get and feel back their worth. She is a competent cosmetic surgeon based in Austin, Texas and her medical field philosophies and her own outlook on life have proved who she is.

This aesthetic plastic surgeon has also gone a long way to make nonsurgical practices part of her medical practice. Dr. Walden competently performs surgery on the genitals, nose, breast, and face among other body parts. Her office has a room that is fully accredited within the right privacy. She is among the handful board-certified female plastic surgeons and this has made her career quite interesting. From the many positive reviews from her clients, it is evident that she does her cosmetic surgeries with a great consideration of genes, ethnicity, race, and culture. Besides doing the secondary cosmetic surgeries, Dr. Walden also does revisional plastic surgeries.

In the prestigious American Society for Aesthetic, Walden is an active member especially when it comes to Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr. Walden also serves as a member of the America Society that regulates Plastic Surgeons. The American Society of Surgeons considers her as a Fellow. To the ASAPS Communications, Walden serves as the Commissioner. Her main task in this professional organization that is globally authoritative, she oversees all its communications. One of the reviews you get about her from the Texas Monthly is that Dr. Walden is on the list of the super doctors that Texas has today. She is a renowned advocate of the autonomy, empowerment, and health of women an to know more

Perry Mandera Sets the Standard for Business Success and Giving Back

There is a lot more to Perry Mandera than the effective role he plays as CEO of Customs Companies (Slideshare). His company is certainly a benefit to the employees and customers served. Perhaps his true character emerges as a result of his commitment to community services.

Mandera’s business provides full-service transportation services which has benefited commerce to a great degree. The company employs hundreds and generates annual sales of more than $200 million. His business success combined with his charitable giving makes a powerful impact in his community.

His drive and commitment no doubt originate from his time in the Marine Corp. He drove trucks and heavy equipment. After serving his country honorably, he worked for several transportation companies. Having experienced success at these companies he decided to venture out on his own and started his own company. He can also add politics to his resume where he served for a brief period.

The establishment of Custom Cares Charities complemented his business skills perfectly. He has always had a desire to assist the underserved ( Over the years, his company has set numerous sponsorship records with more than 100 sports teams for Chicago youth. In addition to youth, Mandera is keen on helping veterans regain their edge in life. He is actively involved with organizations like Hire Our Heroes and Marines for Life. Perry Mandera understands drive and what it takes to complete a mission. His company employees echo the same mission.

His company sent 40 truckloads of supplies and food to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane devastated communities. The devastation hit the poor especially hard. All of Louisiana’s residents appreciated his company’s efforts to help restore a degree of normalcy. The Illinois Crime Commission awarded Mandera the Citizen of the Year Award. Between 2010 and 2013, Mandera also received the President’s Award and Bishop Sheils Award.