What Graeme Home Offers Customers Of His Debt Reduction Firm

Graeme Holm is an Australian entrepreneur who founded Infinity Group Australia in 2013. His goal with this business was to help his fellow Australians improve the state of their financial lives and build true wealth to secure their futures. He takes a customer-first approach and the results they have attained for their customers has resulted in his company becoming one of the nation’s fastest-growing in the industry. They have helped thousands of people reduce the size of their debt and learn how to better manage their money.

Infinity Group Australia now has offices in Melbourne, Port Macquarie, Cronulla, Brisbane, and Bella Vista. Graeme Holm has been in the financial services sector for more than 17 years. The first 10 years of his career he spent with the Big Four banks area. He says that he got really tired of having to push one brand or service after another on people that were far more beneficial to the banks than they were to the people buying these products and services. He thinks that the big Australian financial institutions are providing a raw deal to their customers and he wants to help these people out. Along with Rebecca Walker, both his personal and business partner, they built Infinity Group Australia using their passion for finance and money management.

Graeme Holm started out by researching just what was going on in Australia’s mortgage industry. What he found was that consumers weren’t getting any support or advice in order to help them out with getting their mortgage balances paid down. Banks don’t want people getting out of debt and instead would love for people to pay mortgage interest forever. At Infinity Group Australia each of their customers is assigned a personal banker who looks at their total financial picture and then helps them get all of their loans, including their mortgages, paid down and eliminated. Each month their customers get detailed reviews and a monthly performance report of how they have been doing directly from their personal banker. The average Infinity Group Australia customer is able to get rid of $41,000 worth of debt in their first year with this company.

The reviews on Infinity Group Australia show that Graeme Holm and his team are great at what they do. The reviews mention a friendly and supportive attitude at this company. One customer said that everyone in his family including their kids were happier because there was so much less stress in their household over their finances.

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Jed McCaleb: The Bitcoin Investor

An American Entrepreneur comes programmer, Jed McCaleb founded the stellar organization.

Born in Arkansas, McCaleb studied at the California university in Berkeley.

According to McCaleb, he started his career in 2000 when he founded the meta-machine inc. This gave him an opportunity to build the Edonkey 2000 app, and he also developed the Overnet network and peered to peer Edonkey network.

In 2007, he acquired the, a domain, with a sole purpose of the creation of a trading site for the gathering cards. He later converted the site to be a bitcoin exchange in 2010.

The site also acted as a processor of the bitcoin to dollar trade. In 2014, together with Joyce Kim, Jed McCaleb cofounded the stellar Development Foundation, a non-profit making organization with the sole purpose of developing the open source heavenly protocol that would initiate cross-border transactions and the digital currencies.

Jed McCaleb launched the light in 2017 May. Later in the year, light year formed a partnership with IBM to launch block chain banking using the stellar lumen currency in the south pacific.

Jed McCaleb envisions a positive future of the blockchain technology. He was keen to note that the technology would ensure the Fiat currencies payments besides offering a universal operable payment network.

McCaleb predicts that the stellar technology is set to change the financial systems internationally for instance in the stock payments by the year 2028. Autonomous next, an economic research firm reported that the initial coin offerings helped raise slightly over 9 billion us dollars in the space of 4years.

With the primary aim of facilitating organic internet growth, Stellar has designed an upgraded network that has simple primitives composed in various ways. This is key to offering a maintainable, robust and robust system.

Jed’s company has had great success. One of its Xlm coins, the lumens, has managed to soar to one of the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies. McCaleb has been involved in various charity projects, and for instance, he donated 500,000 Us dollars to the machine intelligence which is a research institute. Get in touch with Jed McCaleb | LinkedIn.

Recently he promised to fund Artificial intelligence safety group, a nonprofit organization.

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NetPicks and Forex Give New Traders a Golden Opportunity

NetPicks has highlighted significant opportunities to build wealth that trading the foreign currency markets can provide. This premier trading educational company has helped numerous traders get their feet wet in this extraordinary market that spans the globe. It never really sleeps and several key factors give an indication of why it’s such a popular vehicle for traders or investors.

The trending nature of currency markets make them very attractive to trade as these can last for months at a time. Powerful economic forces often drive trends that persist and offer a plethora of money-making opportunities for participants. It is a speculative market at its finest and NetPicks teaches sound strategies so traders can prosper.

The currency markets are open 24 hours a day for five days so trades can be initiated around the clock. If the U.S. market is closed, Asia is open and opportunities are plentiful during this time as well. This characteristic is unlike equity markets and gives all traders the chance to be currency players no matter their schedule.

The liquidity of forex markets is unsurpassed as NetPicks points out and it’s very easy to enter and exit trades. The dollar value of currency transactions per day is mind-boggling and numbers into the trillions. Staggering sums indeed. This super liquidity drives down the cost of trades as compared with some illiquid option market as a point of reference.

The limited number of major currency pairs also highly recommends forex trading as research becomes more manageable. This is a great benefit for traders who may be pressed for time and yet still wish to find success in the markets. Major pairs are widely followed and good information abounds which also makes research easier.

The ability of forex traders to access leverage is much simpler and easier than the equity markets. High leverage is available which can maximize gains and NetPicks excels in teaching new traders how to use it responsibly. NetPicks offers a live signal service to help traders and their experts are steeped with forex experience. Netpicks can be the difference in helping traders avoids flaming out and blowing up their accounts based on

Brilliant Leadership of David McDonald, OSI Group President

David McDonald grew up in an agricultural farm in northeast Iowa. As a young man, he showed determination in farming and animal sector. David McDonald got enough support from his family members and friends in his quest to bring significant developments in the food production. The individual received an excellent education from the Iowa State University graduating with bachelor’s degree in animal science in the year 1987. After graduating from the University, he joined OSI Group. Currently, McDonald is the Chief Operation Officer and President of the industry. Initially, the group existed as the Otto and Sons.

At first, David McDonald joined OSI Group assuming the position of the project manager. However, through determination, he worked himself up through various ranks to the level of the president. Additionally, became the chairman of the North American Meat Institute. Also, he serves accordingly as a member of the board of directors of OSI Group. The philanthropist is in support of the Agricultural Entrepreneurial Initiative. Under his leadership, McDonald promotes giving internship opportunities to students in OSI Industry. The leader has a fraternity to which he offers scholarship opportunities known as the Alpha Gamma Rho.

Early this year, David McDonald initiated the expansion of the OSI Industries to raise the production to the next level. The group increased the production of quality chicken by a double from the initial 12,000 to 24,000 tons per year. Similarly, the development added 20 job opportunities to the initial 140 positions. In the 20 posts is the product development manager, whose work is to control the current products and bring new ones to the firm’s portfolio. Consequently, the total output of quality chicken, beef, and pork products raised to 45,000 tons per year. The development of the industry was to respond to the continually changing market demand for chicken products. OSI President, David McDonald said that it is high time the company prepares for the future for the firm to remain relevant leading food company globally. “The market will continue to broaden in future,” he added.

The leadership of David McDonald showed interest by extending the services of the company to North America by purchasing the Tyson Food Plant in the year 2016. The year 2017 was also a year of change when the company acquired the Flagship Europe. OSI made the plant the leading food distributor in the UK by naming it the Creative Foods Europe. Also, the company went ahead to purchase the controlling stake of Baho Food, which has extensions in Germany and Netherlands.



Jacob Gottlieb was born in New York, Brooklyn, Jacob’s father, was an immigrant who decided in the 1960s to relocate to the United States of America. Both his parents, Helena and Max, had a successful vocation. Helena was an excellent Pediatrician, and Max was an economics professor. Coming from a family with professional backgrounds in healthcare and economics, it is not a surprise that he developed an enthusiasm for both of them. Healthcare and Economics would, later on, inspire his future professional and education interests.

Jacob Gottlieb went to the University Of New York School Of Medicine; he got his degree in Medicine after graduating. Gottlieb did his internship at the hospital of St. Vincent situated in the city of New York. Jacob has an economics degree from the University of Brown situated in Rhode Island, Providence. It is clear that Jacob Gottlieb had a keen interest in both Medicine and Finance. He wanted to be a part of each one of them.

Jacob’s investment ability started when he was still young. While at the seventh-grade level, he emerged the winner in a stock determination challenge in school. His father keenly wanted to nurture his child’s freshly discovered ability and that is when he decided to open up a trading investment account for him.

In 1998 Jacob Gottlieb’s started his professional in trading. In a few years, Jacob moved from Sanford to develop his job as the portfolio manager of healthcare known as Biomed Merlin Group. Gottlieb worked at Biomed for a short while, after which he moved quickly to Balyasny Management of Assets to take up a critical position. Jacob realized his full potential when he was at Balyasny. He turned into the best worker at the company and became popularly identified for his considerable gains in the portfolio. Jacob Gottlieb wanted to have a broader chance in the management of more prominent funds, Jacob and his group decided in 2005 to establish Visium.

Jacob was a vital piece in developing Visium. In its capacity, Visium had a hundred and seventy workers, and its dollars amounted to eight billion hedge fund in totality. Apart from managing Visium organization, Jacob is highly committed to some nonprofit associations in New York. An excellent example of these association is Robin Hood, is a vast organization that engages in fighting poverty in the city of New York. The organization gives real estate, management, and financial support. A hundred percent of the accumulated donations go to various partners in the community.


Meet the Former UTC CEO: Louis Chenevert

There are no specific steps that you can follow to be a successful investor. However, we can learn from the people who began the journey before us. By studying them, we get to know the mistakes they did and avoid them. We also get to understand better ways of doing business. Many investors around the world are using the mechanisms of Louis Chenevert to run their businesses, which they have confirmed to be very effective.

Louis Chenevert has been involved in more than 50 businesses that have turned out to be successful. He is best known for the legacy he left in the United Technologies Corporation (UTC), as their CEO. He made meaningful acquisitions that made the firm have a lot of leverage in the industry. He also led the company to invest the future.

Louis made history by closing the Goodrich deal worth $16 billion. He also bought the GTF engine from his former employer: Pratt & Whitney. Louis realized the power that it had, and the first thing that he did after joining the company was to purchase the engine. Although the project cost the firm two decades to design and $10 billion, the results have been very fulfilling.

Louis cared about the environment as the CEO of the company. When Louis realized that global warming on the rise; he took a step to solve the issue. He reduced the emission of greenhouse gases and reduced consumption of water. This act, led to the products of UTC acceptable to many nations, boosting the sales of the company. The shares of the firm also increased to 117 % to 37%.

Louis Chenevert says that he was able to acquire this kind of success by staying focused on his goals. He says that internal politics can sometimes interfere with the plans of the firm and the leader has to see that they are not slowed down by the naysayers.

Louis also emphasizes the need to see that all the employees are up to the tasks by investing in them. He says that despite your goals being mighty, you cannot accomplish them by yourself, you need the support of your team.

The contributions of Dr. Saad Saad in the medical industry

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon in New Jersey. He has been in the industry for the last four decades. His contribution in the industry has been great. He has made life-changing contributions in the pediatric surgical industry. He is a board-certified member who has used his experience to create innovations which reduce the risk and pain involved in surgical operations. As a surgeon dealing with children and young adults, he felt obliged to use the safest methods on his patients. In his four decades as a pediatric surgeon, he has made great contributions which have changed the industry. Looking back at the contributions of Dr. Saad Saad one will agree that he is a professional who used his career to change the industry for the better.


Dr. Saad Saad has served patients with dedication. In his role as a pediatric surgeon, he has performed hundreds of medical operations in different parts of the globe. He has never looked at anyone and discriminated against them because of the color of their skin or anything else. He has played out the role of a doctor applying ethics and maintaining the highest moral standards. He recognized that his role in the community is critical in developing the industry.


Dr. Saad Saad is one of the professionals who has been using his experience in the industry to make changes in lives of his patients. Whenever he has been called upon to offer services, he does not look at money first. His approach to the poor people is particularly amazing. He offers free medical services to the poor people in various medical missions he participates in especially in the Middle East. He has been to Jerusalem and West Bank a number of times helping with complex surgical operations for the poor.


Dr. Saad Saad has also been to the Middle East where he had been hired by the Saudi Royals as a private pediatric surgeon. This is apposition he was given in recognition for the great work that he has been doing in the industry. To be appointed by the royal families as a personal doctor there must be something that put you ahead of the rest. Dr. Saad showed that there was something extraordinary about his expertise. After serving in the Middle East, he came back to the United States to engage where he went ahead with service delivery. He made sure that he offered the best services in the industry. Learn more:


Dr. Saad Saad has two inventions to his name. There is the device that tracks the position of the catheter in the human body without a scanning machine, and there is a suction system for the endoscope. These two innovations have changed the manner in which the industry works. Surgeons can now enjoy performing their work through the contributions of Dr. Saad Saad.

Gregory Aziz And His Leadership At National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car. He is also the company’s Chairman and President. National Steel Car is a global leader in the manufacture and engineering of railroad freight cars. It is located in Hamilton Ontario, and for over 100 years, it has excelled in producing quality and innovative cars. It is customer focused and ensures that it keeps meeting the ever-changing demands and standards of clients. Following this, it has created a positive perception among clients especially in North America and has become a huge corporation.



Gregory J Aziz has majorly contributed towards the growth of this company. He was born in 1949 in Ontario. He went to college at Ridley College and later joined Western University to pursue economics. Since then, he strived to gather entrepreneurship skills. He entered his family business which dealt with the importation and sale of food. After leaving this company, he went to pursue his passion which was in investment. He sought jobs in several companies in New York. It was out of his hard work that he was able to buy National Steel Cars which was based in Canada.


Upon the acquisition of this company, Greg Aziz made a lot of transformations to make the company the best. He dealt with promoting teamwork whereby everybody in the company worked towards a common goal. He also developed effective human and investment capital plans. Strengthening the company’s capabilities in engineering was also part of the areas that he emphasized on. Due to the strategic plans, the employment opportunities shot from 600 to 3000.


Greg James Aziz has also enhanced an innovative culture in the company. Every year, the company aims at producing unique cars to suit the changing needs of the consumer. Most importantly, the production of high-quality cars has enabled the company to thrive.See This Page for additional information.



Besides manufacturing and engineering or railroad freight cars, James Aziz and his company participate in giving back to the community. The Hamilton Community where this company is located has benefitted from several charitable events that have been sponsored by the organization. The company supports the United Way, Hamilton Opera and the Salvation Army among others. Greg Aziz together with his wife offers financial support to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. This company is bound to grow due to the excellent leadership capabilities of Greg J Aziz. Today, people want quality which is what the company guarantees.



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Gobuyside Excels Under Arjun Kapur’s Leadership

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The Gobuyside platform has over four hundred clients that trust them with their human capital needs. They are located in over five hundred cities worldwide and the Gobuyside candidates have experience with over twelve thousand consulting firms, hedge funds, corporations, equity firms and investment banks. Gobuyside is a twenty first century executive search firm that that searches through thousands of compensation reviews to gain knowledge on specific private equity firm information for their clients. Follow GoBuyside on Linkedin.

Arjun Kapur founded New York City based Gobuyside in 2011. His company quickly became recognized as a top quality investment recruiting company. Job hunters strictly follow Gobuyside employment opportunities because they are considered premium listings. Previously the hedge fund and investment industry were simply not attracting enough top rated talent for employees. Arjun believes that the more knowledgeable and efficient the employees; the more effective the investment company. Arjun Kapur noticed this top tier employment void and wanted to find a solution for it. He was previously working in the investment and finance industry and had a Master’s in Business from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. Arjun also graduated from Johns Hopkins University. He was Phi Beta Kappa with a major in Economics.

Since Arjun Kapur launched Gobuyside in 2011 he has been able to expand his company’s’ services to over five hundred cities and has established an impressive client list that includes fortune 500 companies. His ever growing investment recruiting firm has become a highly sought after industry leader. A typical day for Arjun consists of business meetings and phone calls regarding technology releases. Arjun admits that he cannot allow his ever growing inbox to dictate his day and he compiles a to do list sorted out with the most important tasks first. Delegating work and prioritization are key elements to get through a productive day. Arjun Kapur also is highly interested in artificial intelligence and what the future will hold with new technology developments. One interesting fact about Arjun is that while he is involved in technology and financial recruitment that utilizes all platforms; he does not participate with social media. Gobuyside continues to expand and establish new clients as well as employees under Arjun’s strong leadership. Read more blogs at

Jed McCaleb’s Bitcoin World

Although blockchain technology is still pretty young, Jed McCaleb has already founded and run a number of blockchain-based companies. Her first read about bitcoin’s in a 2010 article on the technology sit, Slashdot. He wasn’t the only person inspired by the article. It was an article that led to a complete revolution of the marketplace by so many people. McCaleb loved the idea of there being a kind of currency that wasn’t centrally controlled. His first bitcoin company was the now famous company, Mt. Gox.

In 2011, he mentioned to CNBC that he sold this incredibly successful company to software developer, Mark Karpeles. His current one, Stellar, is concentrated on international remittances and payments. He then founded Ripple, the focused on streamlining the mining process. Up to that time the process had been very tedious and time-consuming. He then founded Stellar, which perfected many of the blockchain principles discovered with Ripple. In particular, Stellar effectively unified all of the bitcoin-based institutions in the world. Stellar utilized an innovative consensus that allows nodes to select nodes it trusts, which in turn create web-like structures of consensus in the network.

This makes it so that if a bad node comes into the network, the nodes that are already there will be enabled to ignore it. The system will also know to drop these bad nodes out of the lineup. What this does is to give the site a kind of Facebook-like quality. This method does have its critics, though, who say that a blockchain with less than a full load of nodes will not be as efficient. McCaleb says that that is not on an issue at all, because if something ever goes wrong because of the lack of full nodes, you can just set up your own.

Stellar is open to the public. This is usually the case these days. McCaleb says this is because making it private is more costly and requires more work. In addition, it misses the point of blockchain which is to enable the public to perform financial transactions to whomever they choose anywhere in the world. Since Stellar is public, it can connect to virtually any network in the world. Get more facts about Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn.

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