Dallas Investment Firm Executive James Dondero

James Dondero is the founder and President of the Dallas based investment firm known as Highland Capital Management. His firm is one of the leading financial services companies in the United States and the rest of the world. Dondero started up the firm in the early 1990’s and built it into one of the leading finance companies that manages credit backed securities. Over the years, Dondero has added a number of different services to help accommodate both individual and institutional investors. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Dondero worked for investment firms where he would oversee and manage debt backed securities as well as large sums of capital. In his spare time, James spends much of his time contributing to a number of charitable causes. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

At the beginning of his career, James spent a number of years working for investment firms where he would serve as an analyst. He would oversee and analyze credit backed securities and make recommendations to investors about what to invest in. During the next several years, he would move up to higher positions with more responsibility. At the end of his stint as an employee, James would serve as the chief investment officer. This position enabled James to manage billions of dollars in assets for large companies including American Express. He would later decide to start up his own financial services company.



In 1990, James co founded his own firm which specialized in providing life insurance products to consumers. Within a couple of years, his company emerged as one of the most reputable in the industry. By the year 1993, James decided to expand the company by introducing new services. During this time, Dondero would add things such as wealth management and asset management for investors. As a result, the company was able to meet the needs of investors. By the end of the 1990’s, James renamed the company Highland Capital Management along with offering a unique product known as collateralized loan obligations. As of today, James Dondero has been able to establish Highland Capital Management as one of the more versatile financial services companies in the world. His firm continues to provide comprehensive services to individual investors, government entities and corporations. Visit his website at

Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group CEO

Sheldon Lavin is a market leader in meat processing and food industry. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer at OSI Group of companies in Chicago. The company deals with food processing and distribution. Lavin oversees the daily running of the firm and guides the staff to achieve the company strategic goals. He is an accountant by profession and started his career in banking sector and later joined food industry.

Sheldon joined OSI Company in 1970, the company was small and was called Otto and Sons which later branded to OSI companies. Through its leadership and vision, the company has grown and extended its operations to became an international brand. He supports the company to improve its financial base leading to increasing the number of staff, and food processing machinery’s has grown to be an international brand with established industries in 20 countries across the globe.

He owes the success of OSI Company to dedicate staff and board who have adopted entrepreneur approach in running the company’s works with goals and strategy’s which everyone has responsibility for achieving them.

In recognition of Sheldon accomplishments, The Indian Vision Academy gave him an award for his incredible achievements in the food sector, support to the growth of OSI companies and creating jobs in the same industry. Lavin felt honored to receive such a prestigious award, and he was grateful to OSI company for giving him an opportunity to grow the company to be an international food processing giant and powerhouse’s company recognized Sheldon dedication and commitment to employees welfare and organization continuous growth.

Also, Lavin passion to adhering to environmental conservation, OSI Company has received numerous awards in environment and company sustainability. Lavin urges fellow industry leaders to be cautious of the atmosphere during their company production assessment and should prioritize environment conservation.

Lavin is committed to mentor the next crop of leaders to be responsible, self-drive and innovative to address the challenge in all industries. Also, he would like them to grow their companies to be global commercial and contribute to welfare people in the world. About to know more OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award

Lavin spends his free time supporting charity work by Ronald Macdonald charities. Also, he loves spending time with his wife and three children.

Sheldon Lavin’s Linkedin page @

Fabletics: Implementing Technology To Draw In Customers And Make Online Shopping Easier

When it comes to notable names in the activewear industry, Fabletics is a company that has managed to stand out. In the few years that the company has been in business for, they have managed to beat some of the long-standing competitors in the field. Fabletics was founded in 2013 by Hollywood celebrity, Kate Hudson. Kate is widely regarded as a fashion icon, who also has a side that believes in focusing immensely on personal fitness. She decided to launch her brand of fitness clothing and leisurewear designed to be extremely comfortable, and fashionable. Today, Fabeltics stands out for being a brand that knows what women want from their gym clothing and believes in offering them something akin to that idea. The brand has broken records and has taken over the online shopping experience that one has when they go to buy clothing.


Online shopping has become one of the most sought after ways to buy clothing, but there is minimal scope for significant improvements to the experience that one has. Even so, the brand decided that it was something they would have to do to attract a large pool of customers. They wanted to make the online shopping experience as close to a real experience as possible, like the ones that people have when they physically visit a clothing store. To assist their customers with the process of shopping, the brand decided to give their customers something akin to a shopping assistant, to help them pick the right products to buy. To do this, the name integrated some of the most technologically advanced AI into their site. This AI is meant to read the customer’s shopping trends and offer them clothing options that they would like. When coming to buy clothing on the Fabeltics website, customers won’t have to scroll through hundreds of products endlessly. Instead, they are given options based on what they would potentially like. More often than not, this has helped customers find the kind of clothing that they would want to buy, which has turned out to be brilliant for the brand. They have managed to give customers a much better shopping experience that they would not be able to get elsewhere, which keeps the customer base of Fabletics growing.


For something as simple as the way customers buy their products, Fabletics wanted to do something unconventional. The brand decided that they would only sell their clothing through the online subscription system that they had in place. This system made it so that customers could receive sets of clothing every month in a few easy steps. Usually, people don’t log onto online shopping websites often because of their busy schedules and end up buying exceptionally rarely. This enables the customer to get the latest trends efficiently, and more efficiently, cutting down the time that they spend searching significantly. Because the brand knows that people come back to their store every month, they have made it a point to always have the latest styles on the market in their online store.

Dr. Jorge Moll’s Years of Dedication to the Medical Field

It will not take you long when glancing at the Brazilian healthcare system to notice the presence of Rede D’Or Sao Luiz as a major group of hospitals. This is because the company has grown to become the largest group of independent hospitals in the country. From just a single imaging laboratory founded in 1997 by Jorge Moll, Rede D’Or Sao Luiz has seen remarkable progress in term of expansion of services offered in various branches across Brazil. Under the chairmanship of Jorge Moll the hospitals’ group boast of more than 35 branches with more than 5000 bed capacity across the country. The contribution of Dr. Jorge Moll to the health care of ordinary Brazilian people cannot be overstated considering the huge impact his hospitals have on communities in Brazil. Know more about Jorge at Crunchbase.

In 1994 Dr. Jorge Moll graduated from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Medical School and proceeded to pursue Neurology in the same institution, graduating in 1997. He later joined the University of Sao Paulo’s Faculty of Medicine where he graduated with a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology in 2003. His entrepreneurial spirit gave rise to instant success as his idea of a health imaging laboratory seemed to be what Brazil needed most. Between 2004 and 2007, Dr. Moll was a post-doctoral research fellow at the National Institute of Health-Based in Bethesda, USA.


In 2010 Jorge Moll, being an enthusiast of medical research and development, founded the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR). This is a nonprofit organization that according to its strategic mission, aims at promoting scientific research and technological progress in healthcare and excellence in education. Due to its modern equipment and high quality of its research team, the institute stands a high ground in quality of its research work.

His immense interest in human cognition has led him to conduct extensive research in the field over the years. There is no doubt that Dr. Jorge Moll is an established academician with a trail of research articles published in major scientific journals. The articles he has authored or co-authored have attracted much attention from many other researchers in the field and have been cited more than 8000 times in various medical journals. Follow Jorge on

Omar Yunes, A Franchisee to Reckon

On December 5th, 2015, Omar Yunes emerged the winner of World Contest of franchisee which took place in Italy. The main thing that made him win this contest was his significant role that he plays in the trademarks that he represents. Since the time he was twenty-one years old, Omar Yunes has been a franchisee. Today he possesses thirteen franchised units situated in Puebla, Mexico City and Veracruz which reflect about ten percent of the units the brand has.

During the award, Omar acknowledged that his victory was not just for him alone but a representative of the triumph of the four hundred employees of the units that he manages and the trademark that permitted him to innovate. The 2015 Best Franchisee of the World had an attendance of thirty-four representatives of different countries. These countries include Hungary, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, Argentina, and France. During this event, the franchise got analyzed and its impact on the network aspects such as how it impacted network, its knowledge contributions, motivation to the employee and to what level it charged and the type of improvement you have suggested to the model and more

Diego Elizarrarras, an organizer of the BFW Mexico, recognized that Omar won this prestigious award because he proved to be a significant agent of change in a franchisee-franchisee relationship, enforced control panels that aid in having a comprehensive measure of each unit and for having a good control of information. Omar also emerged to be the winner of national chapter prize. Through those awards, it is a manifestation of the unity that franchisee companies have to provide excellent services to its customers. According to Diego, the awards reveal the reality that in the state there is a sector that won a terrific place in the international arena.

Omar Yunes is a Mexican investor who represents Sushi Itto. As a high franchisee, Omar has several awards in BFW competitions. Through his brand, he has managed to create more than four hundred jobs to people who work in the 13 units that he controls. He always motivates his employees by recompensating them so that they may realize the goal of the company. Because of his leadership, his brand has developed a robust business network.


Desiree Perez Is There To See The Deal Between Live Nation And Jay Z Coming To A Close

The ten-year, $150 million deal in 2008 between Jay Z and Live Nation is ending. This may result in a buy-sell situation since either party could buy the company, or sell their stake. According to sources, Jay Z plans to leave the recorded side of music. An insider confirmed the deal is not being extended, and Live Nation no longer buys recorded music. The artists in Roc Nation include Shakira, Meek Mill, Fat Joe, Jay Z, and Rihanna.

Desiree Perez is Jay Z’s top executive at Roc Nation. Her meeting with the CEO and Chairman of the Universal Music Group, Lucian Grainge, led to speculation about UMG purchasing a stake in the company. This would enable Jay Z to develop additional artists. Insiders at UMG say there is already a distribution deal between the company and Roc Nation. If they agreed to a larger investment, UMG would have a bigger stake in the artists at Roc Nation.

According to an insider at UMG, the partnership already holds enough significance. Despite this, it was stated furthering business with Jay Z would be great. The end of the deal with Roc Nation has not yet been discussed at UMG. The reps for Universal, Live Nation, Roc Nation, and Jay Z all failed to comment.

Desiree Perez has served ROC Nation as the Chief Operating Officer since 2009. As one of the members of the team, she is involved in numerous areas including publishing, management, and labeling operations. She negotiated Rihanna’s deal with Samsung, and is considered an extremely tough negotiator. As a woman in a field mainly dominated by men, Desiree Perez has still managed to become successful. She is one of Jay Z’s closest associates, and has been for nearly twenty years. Her track record regarding running SC Enterprises is incredibly long. and Follow him

Cassio Audi Secret Talent

Music is the medicine of the soul and a valued skill. However, it is not news that some of the best musicians in the world are not always professionals in the industry. Take the example of Brazil’s most respected financial investment managers, Cassio Audi. All who knew him as a teenager from Sao Paulo remember the moments when he could keep them on jumping on the floor for hours. Read more about Cassio Audi at

A young rock star

In the early 80s, Cassio Audi together with four other Brazilian boys joined and formed a teenage rock band. They named it the Vipers. The young rock stars’ music was greatly influenced by the United Kingdom’s Heavy Metal genre. It was less recognized music style info the Latin American country. Nevertheless, they still enjoyed massive fan base in their home city and other parts of the country. Follow Cassio Audi on

Facing the inventors’ challenge

Cassio Audi and his friends were the pioneers of heavy metal music in Brazil and to a large extent Latin America. However, the music industry was not as developed as it is today. A raw talent was necessary for success. Finding a producer was the group’s chief challenge. For years, they earned a living only from doing shows in concerts and festivals.

In 1986, they decided to surmount the mountain and launch an album. To test the market, the Vipers conducted a demo launch of a collection called Killer swords. The following year, they launched their first album, Sunrise soldiers. The record remains one of the favorites among rock fans of the late 80s to mid-90s.

Music to Finance

As the group picked up momentum and a prospect for a great career in the music industry came knocking, Cassio Audi, took a bow to finish college. Though today he is one of the major authorities in the corporate world, there remains a gap in Brazil’ music industry only his hands on the drums can fill.


Make A Bold Statement From Lime Crime’s Unicorn Collection

Lime Crime is in the news once again. This eclectic brand is causing a huge commotion in a sense. The month of October is just about over, but Lime Crime’s purple hair dye revolution is just beginning. This exclusive purple hair dye is unlike any other hair dye on the market. It gives the user some of the most intense, deep colors. If you’re a brunette then this product is actually designed for you. Now you can express yourself the way that you want to and with no apologies. This is what the brand is all about. Doe Deere, president of Lime Crime, has brought in an all-new gothic appearance for the fall season. It also totally matches the season in a sense.

Welcome to the dark side. This should’ve been Lime Crime’s slogan from the introduction. The Unicorn Hair Collection hasn’t been around for a long period of time, but its bright colors have made its mark on society. Now, the brand has turned a total 180 degrees by introducing the intense colors of Charcoal (dusty gray), Chestnut (deep maroon), Squid (spooky purple) and Sea Witch (mermaid’s green tail). Can you name another brand with this much courage? Can you name another brand that has this much ingenuity? Check some more of the benefits below.

  • Are Animal Cruelty-Free
  • Provides Full-Coverage
  • Come In Numerous Deep Tones
  • Are Vegan Made
  • Is Gentle On Your Hair
  • And many more

Rock purple hair should seriously be used as a campaign slogan for the product. Lime Crime’s Instagram account is teaming with copious amounts of activity and the cosmetology industry is chatting with a buzz. These new products will certainly set new trends while raising the standard status quo and that’s a fact.

Meet the Two Technopreneurs Behind Techstyle Fashion Group

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are the two co-founders of Techstyle Fashion Group that sell membership fashion accessories. The two were once green on fashion matters; however, they had a keen interest figuring out what most clients desired and had a strong desire to succeed in their line of work.

Background History

Adam Goldenberg began his professional career in his teenage years when he created Gamers Alliance, an ad network design for gaming websites. In 1999, the company was acquired by Intermix Media, and Adam dropped out of high school to work as the VP of Strategic Planning for Intermix. Later at the age of 20 years, Goldenberg was promoted to be the Chief Operating Officer of Intermix.

Don Ressler too joined Intermix after selling his website to Intermix in 2011. At the time, he had raised enough capital from several online companies, and so he became interested in expanding his horizons into the world of fashion.

Adam and Don met while working at Intermix and became great acquaintances. In 2006, the two technopreneurs co-founded Intelligent Beauty and another successful business brand. During that time they started brainstorming on various ways of online shopping when they discovered that most consumers wanted comfortable, trendy, and personalized clothing that was not easy to find.

Launch and Success of Techstyle

Techstyle, JustFab, was the first company that Adam and Don welcomed to their website. JustFab was a membership-based clothing firm that specialized in personalized athletic wear and accessories. Moreover, JustFab also guided its clients in how to mix and match gym wear pieces for more trendy looks that suited their style choices. Matrix Partners were the official sponsors that funded JustFab, and it was also the same company that had financed Intelligent Beauty back in the day. JustFab changed its name to Techstyle in 2016 to reflect the two co-founders history with digital commerce and now fashion.

Presently, Techstyle has evolved into a colorful and modern workplace that can be found in most Silicon Valley startups. Techstyle focus on enhancing lives of women who can now access comfortable yet trendy wear that boosts their confidence is another factor that makes it stand out as a business brand. Remember, confident and healthy individuals are more productive to the society.

Moreover, Adam and Don are not just interested in making profits and running a successful brand but are also passionate about giving back to the society. They do so by participating in several public projects and hosting several charity events like the Cinderella Project, an initiative aimed at donating dresses and accessories to less-fortune kids that would otherwise not attend their proms.

Future Plans for Techstyle

Even though Goldenberg and Ressler are innovative technopreneurs and are expected to develop more exciting business ideas, their primary focus at the moment is to continue making Techstyle a leasing source of clothing and accessories for ladies across the globe.

Why Women Should Be Happy With Don Ressler and Fabletics

There are plenty of reasons for women to be happy with Don Ressler. One of the main reasons is that Don Ressler is for women. He not only wants to provide products for women, but also wants to bring them something that is going to make them happy and improve their self image. Don Ressler has gained an interest in fashion over time. He has also worked with Adam Goldenberg who was also interested in fashion. They have learned a lot about the world of fashion and what it means to people, especially women. Given that women have all of the different unique designs and a more fashion oriented mindset, Don has wanted to see what he can do to make it work for women.

The first thing he has done was establish a company that has eventually come to be known as TechStyle. Afterwards, he has gotten started on different categories of clothing. Before opening up an online retailer, he has looked at what he can offer that is missing from the fashion industry. He has started with shoes and opened up ShoeDazzle. These shoes had some very unique designs and a durability that exceeds that of other shoes. Women do place a lot of importance on the shoes that are right for the outfit.

Don eventually got into full outfits and has started looking for other areas where he can provide women with something that is going to help with their self image. He has looked at the active wear section of many stores and even dedicated active wear stores and have noticed that they are very limited in selection for women’s clothing. There is just nothing at most stores that is going to be flattering for women, and yet this was what they were offered. Don Ressler has worked with Adam Goldenberg and has even gained the help of Kate Hudson in order to bring forth a new brand known as Fabletics.

Fabletics has taken off and become a very successful brand. A large part of it is in the products being offered. Women have been impressed with not only the designs but how the product feels with the fabric. This helps women gain the needed confidence to pursue their goals.