Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mark Mofid Has Made Many Improvements To The Cosmetic Industry

Mark Mofid is a well-known plastic surgeon in the United States and even somewhat around the world thanks to his impressive outcomes. Mark’s work has been seen all around the world because he is known for his ability to produce some of longest lasting and natural results in his field. Dr. Mark Mofid has been working hard to improve the name behind plastic surgery, especially in the United States, for many years. There are many negative points of view from people out there based on biased views or old methods that were not very effective. Today, plastic surgery has never been in a better place, with safer procedure methods all around and more compatible implant types that work well with the body.

Mark has been working in the medical field for nearly two decades and has mastered his practice, especially in the buttock department. Mark Mofid has developed several new techniques for gluteal augmentations and he has even developed his own glute implant that is much better than anything that was available in the past. Currently, Mark Mofid owns his own practice in San Diego, California, where he has helped thousands of clients over the years achieve different goals for their body and regain their confidence. Not only that, but Mark Mofid regularly works at hospitals in his area as a surgeon using his skills to help people in need.

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According to Mark, he was excited to enter the field of plastic surgery and get started on his career. Though, he had a rude awakening when he saw the state of the industry. He saw many issues throughout different practices and found a strong understanding of the level of fear that had been built against the industry. Fast forward more than a decade into the future and plastic surgery is growing steadily around the country, with more procedures being done each and every year thanks to doctors like Mark who are dedicated to helping the industry grow.

OSI Group Continues to Dominate the Food Service Market with the Purchase of Baho Food

Consumers are a hungry group of people and they must eat. OSI Group LLC. understands this truth all too well. This is why they are in business. The company has to feed the masses and they do it by providing processed meat and entrée products to grocery stores, supermarkets and restaurants. OSI Group LLC. can also be called OSI Food Solutions. This company has been around since 1909 when they were first known as Otto and Sons.

Baho Food is a private meat manufacturing company. This business specializes in the sale of meat products and dishes for retail outlets and the foodservice industry. Baho is based in the Netherlands but it has companies in Germany as well. The company was acquired this company as a part of their expansion effort in Europe. OSI Food Solutions has locations all over Europe include Germany, Spain and the U.K. The organization specializes in manufacturing various meat goods and entrée meals to consumers throughout the continent of Europe. They also have markets in Asia and at home in the U.S.

Currently, OSI Food Solutions is one of the best food producing companies on the market. This organization produces thousands of tons of meat that is sold to the markets they serve. They also create different dishes for local restaurants and the food industries. Baho had to sell their company to help keep it afloat in the ever-changing food service market. OSI Food Solutions did not get rid of the current management team at Baho. They absorbed these experienced individuals so that they could continually operate their plants.

This move will help to save OSI Group money and time since they do not have to find new employees to train for the operation of their new plants. OSI Food Solutions is currently one of the top rated companies in the world and the organization has consistently been increasing its market share in the food service industry.

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Jackie Brown’s Producer Lawrence Bender Continues Hollywood Movie Magic

Released in 1997, Jackie Brown is a classic movie about an airline stewardess that works for a low-class airline and smuggles money from Mexico to the U.S. as a side gig. When she is discovered with the money and arrested the plot quickly begins to thicken. The gun-runner, Ordell, that Brown had been smuggling for wants his money back, he approaches Max Cherry, a bail bondsman, to secure Brown’s release on bail with the intention of eliminating her once she is free. Jackie Brown works with the feds to bring down Ordell while secretly working on stealing his money without anyone finding out. She befriends Max Cherry who becomes smitten with her and the duo set out to put their double-crossing scheme into action.

Jackie Brown was produced by Lawrence Bender who has also been an actor and executive producer on a wide variety of projects. Lawrence Bender graduated from The University of Maine in 1979 with a degree in civil engineering. He used the skills he learned in college to begin a very successful Hollywood career. Lawrence Bender has had a whopping 29 Academy Award nominations for his several of his films with 6 wins including the award for Best Documentary Feature for An Inconvenient Truth. Lawrence Bender had been incredibly successful in the film industry. He has produced many popular films such as the Kill Bill 1&2, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, and Goodwill Hunting. He also owns a self-titled production company, Lawrence Bender Productions where he continues to make movie magic. His most recent film, released in 2017, was An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power. Lawrence Bender is sure to continue on his successful career path with his plethora of experience and strong work ethic.

Desiree Perez Tightens Up Loose Ends for Roc Nation

Everyone may not know who Dez Perez is, but the Billboard magazine has recognized her in recent months as a force in the music industry. She has been one of the top influencing forces for Jay-Z. Most people do not know how long she has been behind the scenes, but it is estimated that she has known Jay-Z for almost 20 years. This is essentially his entire career. She has proven herself to be an important ally more than once when it comes to negotiating contracts.

Prior to her time with Roc Nation as the Chief Operating Officer she was someone that worked at SC Enterprises. This allowed her to become a fierce contract negotiator, and this would give her exactly what Jay-Z needed to help him with more contracts in the future.

Desiree Perez has been featured on websites like Gazelle Day, New York City Inquire, LA News Watch, Weekly Opinion and most recently Billboard.

Desiree has intrigued to work with artists that are part of Roc Nation entertainment, but more people may know her from the contracts that she has helped negotiate with people that are part of the Roc Nation sports team. She has done a great deal to help some of these athletes get great contracts, and this would start something of a floodgate of additional athletes that also wanted to sign up because they knew what Desiree Perez could do. She has been called the secret to celebrity success for Roc Nation.

People that know about all the business ventures that Jay-Z has endeavoured into can rest assured that Desiree Perez has had a big hand in helping him close many of these deals. She is the woman behind the business mogul that has generated a fortune that now surpasses Sean Combs according to Forbes.

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Why O2Pur Presents An Interesting Investment Opportunity

For people looking to invest in the eCigs industry one up and coming company offers a good opportunity. O2Pur is a newer company which differentiates itself from the big players in the industry in a few ways. One, they offer a premium experience. Two, as they are smaller they are much more nimble and able to swiftly adjust to changing consumer tastes. Three, they effectively market their products using social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

The eCigs industry has been consolidating in recent years. It is now dominated by three old-school tobacco firms. These three companies are British America Tobacco, Reynolds-American, and Philip Morris International (which is owned by the even bigger Altria). They have purchased a number of independent eCigs companies. The problem with these companies, though, is that they are huge multinational companies so they are very slow to react to markets and consumers changing what they want. Additionally, they market using old tactics which are no longer really that effective. That leads a great opening for smaller companies like O2Pur to exploit.

Through their online store O2Pur offers three premium vape pens to their customers. These their standard battery version, super battery version, and a variable voltage version which provides the best vaping experience. These cost from $29 to $76 dollars but their website offers a 50% off code which is “GRAPE”. They also, of course, add all of the peripheral items ones might need to use such as super coils, micro USB chargers, wall adapters, and carrying cases.

A new product O2Pur is now offering due to consumer demand is nicotine salts e-liquids. Many people says that salts make vaping faster, cleaner feeling, as well as better tasting. These come in three popular flavors which are caramel apple, cheesecake, and island breeze. Each bottle costs $14.95 but they have a “special offer” where consumers can get three bottles for just $29.90.

They keep their Facebook page updated with all the latest news and offers they have. They also post articles about the vaping culture. This includes their new nicotine salts and how they differ from regular vaping juices.

Nick Vertucci Helps People See Real Estate Investment Opportunities

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy was founded during the time where HGTV shows were becoming very prevalent when it came to fixing and flipping homes. Many people wanted to do this, but a lot of them did not know where they wanted to start. What Nick Vertucci has done is help give people the foundation that they need with a free workshop. They become aware of his education programs, and they get a chance to achieve their goals in real estate investing. For many this turns into a pathway to financial freedom. This is the reason why so many people are looking for the hands-on experience when it comes to repairing property that can be turned into a finished product that is sold.

Flipping homes is not a hard thing to do if you know where you need to start. This is what Nick Vertucci is able to do with his real estate academy. He is basically someone that is helping those that are trying to become real estate investors that have long-term financial freedom. This is what many people want, but they may not know how to go about doing this. Fortunately, Nick Vertucci is someone that has tried different business ventures, and he knows how this one works because he put everything he had into real estate. He developed training seminars because this is something that he was passionate about. Vertucci would find that other people wanted to make money through real estate as well. He knew that he could help others reach their dreams of wealth with his workshops.

Nick is someone that knows how to make the best of the real estate situations. He is someone that knows quite a bit about the world of real estate investing because has an extensive knowledge in fixing homes. He has really been able to show his skills and help more people by providing a plethora of scenarios where they can see a return on investment. Vertucci has become a master in real estate investing because he sees the trends and moves in on things that are profitable.

Market America Provides Assistance for People That are Working for Themselves

Many people that are enjoying the benefits of working for themselves may find themselves at a disadvantage. One thing that the self-employed entrepreneur often believes is that they have to do everything by themselves. While there are many reasons for people to try to do everything on their own, it can cause a lot of issues for people in the long term. Another thing is that people can miss out on some of the benefits of having a team. However, they do get to continue on with the idea that they are sparing people the burden that can come with dealing with them.

Fortunately, Market America is one of the companies that believes that people should not have to do all of the work by themselves if they don’t want to. Therefore, Market America makes itself available for anyone that may have a question or may need help with some aspect of the marketing. One thing that Market America has is more than 700 employees. This gives them a much better ability to provide services to almost 200,000 unfranchise owners. Given that there is that many unfranchise owners, there is the chance for people to connect with one another and learn something that is going to help them make the right choices.

Another thing that makes Market America easy to work with is that there are tons of products that are exclusive to this company. Therefore, it can be a little easier to sell the products. When people see that they can only get that product from a certain company, then they are going to visit that company so that they can get the product. This is another aspect of marketing that people should be working on. People have to offer something exclusive when it comes to the products or the experience of shopping.

Qualified Dental Surgeon Shafik Sachedina Makes A Big Difference In His Community

The Ismaili community is a branch of Islam that was once the largest community within Shia Islam. The Ismaili community places a heavy value on its members participating in voluntary community service.

About The Institute of Ismaili Studies
The London, England based Institute of Ismaili Studies is an organization that promotes Ismaili culture. The institute’s research focusses heavily on putting historical and contemporary Muslim cultures into context. The organization strives to promote a greater understanding regarding the relationships that Muslim cultures have historically and currently have with other cultural and religious groups. The institute also plays a vital role as a meeting venue for the Shia Muslim Ismaili community.

About Shafik Sachedina and Sussex Health Care
Shafik Sachedina is qualified as a dental surgeon and serves as the Joint Chairman of the Sussex Health Care Company that operates in Sussex, England. Shafik holds a degree in dental surgery that he earned from the prestigious medical institution Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School at the University of London. After graduation, Shafik made use of his dental surgery degree and spent many years in that occupation before he started focussing on the business end of the healthcare industry. Today he focusses on providing patient care through the work of the company he founded – Sussex Health Care. Sussex Health Care is a major care provider in the Sussex region and owns a number of care homes. The company focusses on care and support and has an excellent reputation for working with patients ranging from the mentally disabled, those suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia related conditions and people suffering from traumatic brain injuries. A large percentage of the Sussex Health Care clientele are of the elderly community.

Shafik Sachedina and the Institute of Ismaili Studies
Shafik Sachedina takes great pleasure in spending his time outside of his healthcare career engaging in the kind of voluntary service that is so important in the Ismaili community. In accordance with this tradition, he serves as Head of the Department of Jamati Institutions as a volunteer, taking great pride in coordinating the programs of the 16 principal areas of the Ismaili community. Shafik is a member of the Institute of Ismaili Studies Board of Governors and the former President of the Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom. He has also previously served as the Chairman of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International.

Jed McCaleb’s take on the cryptocurrency blockchain technology

Slowly by slowly, cryptocurrency is doing away with traditional banking as we know it. The newly introduced blockchain technology that is continually being improved is on the verge of changing the forms of global payments, fundraising, and the entire stock market.


Analysts predict that in the near future, global payments will be made by the use of public ledgers that individuals will be able to see but not change randomly. This trend may be positive to some while negative to others.


There are still some issues related to the blockchain technology that companies like Stellar are looking into. Such problems include the fact that not the whole corporate world is familiar with this financial system. There is also the issue of the increase in the first coin offering to an amount that is equivalent to 9 billion US dollars. This increase has led to the emergence of numerous deceitful fundraisers. The chief technology officer of Stellar, Jed McCaleb shared his insight on this technology, stating that indeed, cryptocurrency is the future of finance.


Jed McCaleb is an American software developer based in San Francisco that has been involved with the crypto marked for several years. Jed McCaleb came up with verified digital currencies that differ from the bitcoin technology under the name Ripple Protocol in 2011.


He launched the company Open Coin that would operate the Ripple token ownership and recruited some of the most accomplished individuals in the market like Chris Larsen as its executives. Currently, Ripple is reported to be worth an impressive twenty million dollars.


He also developed the eDonkey, one of the globe’s most extensive networks for sharing files in 2000 and the XRP currency company and served in it as an executive until 2013. His most recognized creation was the Mt. Gox which was the first ever bitcoin exchange company in existence which he later sold.


In 2014, Jed McCaleb joined forces with Joyce Kim to launch the Stellar Development Foundation. Stellar Development is a non-profit organization that allows for individuals to carry out monetary transactions across borders. His latest venture is LightYear, a project under Stellar that is meant to expand the operations of the organization to all continents of the globe.

What It Takes to be A Successful Business Owner and Leader Like Vijay Eswaran

When thinking about running a successful business, there are a ton of challenges. One challenge is getting started. Another challenge to think about is deciding the amount of hours to work. The most effective way to overcome these challenges is by reading from those that are experienced. Vijay Eswaran can talk about some of the leadership qualities that is needed in a business owner. These qualities are going to be some of the most helpful qualities for an individual. He also has a lot of advice to give on what it takes to actually start a business and make money from it.

One of the most important things to understand about starting a business is that one is going to have to change almost everything. He has to go from the mindset of trying to make money to the mindset of offering a product or service for people to enjoy. One thing that can help is taking the time to find a passion. When one finds his passion and works on it, then he is going to have the energy to work on the project and go above and beyond with his business so that he is going to make a ton of money.

When it comes to running a business that has multiple people, it is important for the leader to make sure that he is respectable when it comes to his company. For one thing, the leader has to figure out how he is going to get his expectations across to people. That way, people are going to be more comfortable with working for him. This is one thing that Vijay Eswaran has accomplished with his business. He has not only set up his business around something that he is passionate about, but he has also helped nurture that passion within his team.