Swiss Based Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is currently an entrepreneur who runs a company called Swiss Start up Factory. He started up this company in the year 2014 and has helped establish it as a very unique and beneficial company for entrepreneurs. Baur’s company provides mentorship, coaching and financing to entrepreneurs who are looking to start up or expand their companies. Before Mike started up Swiss Start up Factory, he was investing in start up companies and making a number of highly profitable deals. During the beginning of his career, Mike worked for banks which helped him get early exposure to working with business leaders and entrepreneurs. His experience in banking helped give him the idea for his company.


Before Mike started up Swiss Start up Factory, he was investing in numerous companies. Since he was in the banking industry, he became very proficient at valuing businesses and properly assessing their chances of profitability. With this knowledge, Mike was able to put his capital in a number of new and thriving businesses. As a result, he made a considerable amount of profitable deals. By investing in start up companies, he also had the opportunity to come up with an idea for a future business that he would eventually start up.


When Mike Baur began his career, he would work as a banking professional. This career would last for over twenty years and give him the experience he needed to better understand the business world. Baur would often work with numerous business leaders and help them find ways to become more successful. Part of this assistance was in the form of financing. Many entrepreneurs would consult with Mike and request financing for their new business. Baur would use his expertise to evaluate each business and determine if loaned capital would profit the financial institution. Mike successfully funded a number of deals that allowed entrepreneurs to fulfill their objectives of starting up and expanding their businesses in the near future.


With the combination of working in business banking and investing in start up companies, Mike Baur would develop one of the more unique business models. Since investing in start ups proved to be highly lucrative, Baur would use his experience to start up a new company that would benefit both himself and many entrepreneurs. He founded Swiss Start up Factory which helps provide funding sources as well as consulting to business owners. While only in business for only two years, Swiss Start up Factory has established itself as one of the top companies in Switzerland due to its unique business model.



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