Doe Deere Explains Her Own Immigrant Story

Doe Deere is well known among fashion and makeup executives for her work with the successful Lime Crime brand which has been instrumental in building a positive body image among women around the world. Doe Deere has taken the time to explain how her own family had a tough time when they first arrived in New York from their home in Russia through no fault of their own.

Doe Deere and her family arrived in New York City when the founder of Lime Crime was just 17 years old and her mother moved the family to the U.S. in search of a better life. Fast forward 20 years and Doe Deere sits at the head of an internationally-renowned cosmetics line developed with the aid of a vegan and cruelty-free approach to creating an Online business. The entrepreneur wants everybody to know the U.S. was a distant dream when her family first began considering a move to America which Deere believes was the first step to her achieving her dream of long-term success in the fashion industry.

Upon arriving in the U.S., the family found their mother’s school records were taking longer than expected to arrive in the U.S. from Russia meaning she was unable to find work as an accountant. Eventually, the series of cleaning jobs undertaken by her mother proved too little for the family to survive in The Big Apple and they were forced to enter a homeless shelter.

It was during her time living in the shelter on Lexington Avenue, Manhattan, Doe Deere began creating the sketches which would one day win her a place at the Institute of Fashion in New York. Doe Deere believes the time she spent living and working in New York City and the struggles that formed her work ethic were important in helping her achieve the international success she found with Lime Crime.

Market America Provides Assistance for People That are Working for Themselves

Many people that are enjoying the benefits of working for themselves may find themselves at a disadvantage. One thing that the self-employed entrepreneur often believes is that they have to do everything by themselves. While there are many reasons for people to try to do everything on their own, it can cause a lot of issues for people in the long term. Another thing is that people can miss out on some of the benefits of having a team. However, they do get to continue on with the idea that they are sparing people the burden that can come with dealing with them.

Fortunately, Market America is one of the companies that believes that people should not have to do all of the work by themselves if they don’t want to. Therefore, Market America makes itself available for anyone that may have a question or may need help with some aspect of the marketing. One thing that Market America has is more than 700 employees. This gives them a much better ability to provide services to almost 200,000 unfranchise owners. Given that there is that many unfranchise owners, there is the chance for people to connect with one another and learn something that is going to help them make the right choices.

Another thing that makes Market America easy to work with is that there are tons of products that are exclusive to this company. Therefore, it can be a little easier to sell the products. When people see that they can only get that product from a certain company, then they are going to visit that company so that they can get the product. This is another aspect of marketing that people should be working on. People have to offer something exclusive when it comes to the products or the experience of shopping.