Troy McQuagge the Winner of the One Planet Awards 2016

The One Planet Business and Professional Awards is an annual event that honors and awards companies and firms that excel in the following categories of business; public relations, corporate communications, marketing, teams, new products, and services. The One Planet Awards operates on a global scale which means that it recognizes and awards organizations from all over the world.

The Biggest Winner

One of the most coveted awards of this prestigious event in the executive category is the CEO of the year award. On the 2016th annual One Planet Award, Troy McQuagge received the gold win for the chief executive officer of the year. Troy McQuagge is the chief executive officer of the USHEALTH Group, which is a company he has been leading for more than five years till date. Mr. McQuagge received this much-coveted award only two years after the acquisition of his position as CEO of the USHEALTH Group.

Troy McQuagge joined the USHEALTH Group to be among the Company’s advisors in 2010, where he took up the task of rebuilding the company’s captive distribution agency. His initiative turned the company around positively, and his insight in making this achievement made him be elected as the company’s President and CEO in 2014. During his time as CEO, the USHEALTH Group has recorded tremendous growth in profits that never have been achieved in the company’s previous history. Such success is undoubtedly why the One Planet Awards saw Mr. Troy McQuagge as worthy of such an honorary award.

In his acceptance speech as 2016’s One Planet Awards Gold CEO of the year, Mr. McQuagge was modest enough to dedicate his award to all the employees of the USHEALTH Group. In his speech, he said, “In reality, this award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group, Inc. It is a testament to our company’s ongoing commitment to solving the health care affordability problem for customers by providing them with innovative coverage that can grow as their healthcare needs grow”.

The USHEALTH Group Inc. in Brief

The USHEALTH Group Inc. is a company located in FT. Worth, Texas, and specializes in insurance holdings. The company’s main agenda is the provision of new and fresh ideas for health coverage for self-employed individuals and small business owners. The individual health insurance market has proven to be quite competitive as it seems, but with the niche taken up by the USHEALTH Group and under the leadership of their CEO Mr. Troy McQuagge the future of the USHEALTH Group Inc. appears to be bright.

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