Unroll.me: Your Email Unsubscribe Tool

Most email users have experienced the frustration of an overly full inbox. We are often bombarded by email newsletters, marketing letters, spam, and promotional material. We might often have the desire to unsubscribe from the sea of newsletters, but rarely do we make it a priority. After all, unsubscribing from email newsletters is a tedious task. Over time you have likely joined and subscribed to many newsletters and mailing lists that you no longer have any interest in. Newsletters can overload and take up space in your mail inbox. 

Fortunately, there is Unroll.me, a free downloadable tool that will quickly and easily remove unneccessary clutter from your inbox. The tool allows you to unsubscribe from all email lists in bulk. No more wasting time unsubscribing from lists one at a time. The tool automatically detects which lists are no longer in use and allows you to unsubscribe in bulk. You also have the option to select which lists to remain subscribed to individually. 

Unroll.me serves as a proxy server, storing messages from your inbox and archived in their system. Users can preview a thumbnail of each email to get an idea of the look and feel of tge message before clicking on it.

Unroll.me is renowned for its clean user interface and unique features. The tool does not actually unsubscribe from the sender, but no longer allows future messages from showing in the inbox. Some reviews state that there is a slight learning curve with the Unroll.me, which pays off greatly in fairly little time. Many users appreciate that the tool enabling them to successfully unsubscribe from difficult senders. In many cases, senders will continue to send mail even after you have opted out of their service. Unroll.me eliminates the headache of dealing with this issue altogether. Its tech-savvy features enhance the overall email experience, helping you to save time. 


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