Gobuyside Excels Under Arjun Kapur’s Leadership

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The Gobuyside platform has over four hundred clients that trust them with their human capital needs. They are located in over five hundred cities worldwide and the Gobuyside candidates have experience with over twelve thousand consulting firms, hedge funds, corporations, equity firms and investment banks. Gobuyside is a twenty first century executive search firm that that searches through thousands of compensation reviews to gain knowledge on specific private equity firm information for their clients. Follow GoBuyside on Linkedin.

Arjun Kapur founded New York City based Gobuyside in 2011. His company quickly became recognized as a top quality investment recruiting company. Job hunters strictly follow Gobuyside employment opportunities because they are considered premium listings. Previously the hedge fund and investment industry were simply not attracting enough top rated talent for employees. Arjun believes that the more knowledgeable and efficient the employees; the more effective the investment company. Arjun Kapur noticed this top tier employment void and wanted to find a solution for it. He was previously working in the investment and finance industry and had a Master’s in Business from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. Arjun also graduated from Johns Hopkins University. He was Phi Beta Kappa with a major in Economics.

Since Arjun Kapur launched Gobuyside in 2011 he has been able to expand his company’s’ services to over five hundred cities and has established an impressive client list that includes fortune 500 companies. His ever growing investment recruiting firm has become a highly sought after industry leader. A typical day for Arjun consists of business meetings and phone calls regarding technology releases. Arjun admits that he cannot allow his ever growing inbox to dictate his day and he compiles a to do list sorted out with the most important tasks first. Delegating work and prioritization are key elements to get through a productive day. Arjun Kapur also is highly interested in artificial intelligence and what the future will hold with new technology developments. One interesting fact about Arjun is that while he is involved in technology and financial recruitment that utilizes all platforms; he does not participate with social media. Gobuyside continues to expand and establish new clients as well as employees under Arjun’s strong leadership. Read more blogs at

Jed McCaleb’s Bitcoin World

Although blockchain technology is still pretty young, Jed McCaleb has already founded and run a number of blockchain-based companies. Her first read about bitcoin’s in a 2010 article on the technology sit, Slashdot. He wasn’t the only person inspired by the article. It was an article that led to a complete revolution of the marketplace by so many people. McCaleb loved the idea of there being a kind of currency that wasn’t centrally controlled. His first bitcoin company was the now famous company, Mt. Gox.

In 2011, he mentioned to CNBC that he sold this incredibly successful company to software developer, Mark Karpeles. His current one, Stellar, is concentrated on international remittances and payments. He then founded Ripple, the focused on streamlining the mining process. Up to that time the process had been very tedious and time-consuming. He then founded Stellar, which perfected many of the blockchain principles discovered with Ripple. In particular, Stellar effectively unified all of the bitcoin-based institutions in the world. Stellar utilized an innovative consensus that allows nodes to select nodes it trusts, which in turn create web-like structures of consensus in the network.

This makes it so that if a bad node comes into the network, the nodes that are already there will be enabled to ignore it. The system will also know to drop these bad nodes out of the lineup. What this does is to give the site a kind of Facebook-like quality. This method does have its critics, though, who say that a blockchain with less than a full load of nodes will not be as efficient. McCaleb says that that is not on an issue at all, because if something ever goes wrong because of the lack of full nodes, you can just set up your own.

Stellar is open to the public. This is usually the case these days. McCaleb says this is because making it private is more costly and requires more work. In addition, it misses the point of blockchain which is to enable the public to perform financial transactions to whomever they choose anywhere in the world. Since Stellar is public, it can connect to virtually any network in the world. Get more facts about Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn.

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Fortress Investment Group Leading Investment Management in the USA

Fortress Investment Group, established in 1998, operates in investment management from its headquarters in New York City. The corporation has been growing steadily and achieving authority in its line of work. The Fortress was built up by a small group of investors, most of whom are now at the helm of the business.

The business started out as a private equity firm back in 1998. It was launched by Randal A. Nardone, Rob Kauffman, and Wesley R. Edens. Over the next several years, the Fortress expanded upon its portfolio of services, and by 2007 it has already started offering different kinds of assets management and some advisory services. The business works with hedge funds, debt securities, investments related to the business of real estate, and many other services. In 2007, the company also became the first equity firm of its size to be traded publicly in the U. S.

The Fortress Investment Group had a good start in business as its investments grew rapidly between 1999 and 2006. The private equity funds started netting 39.7 percent. In early 2007, the corporation launched on the New York Stock Exchange along with the businesses Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs. Years later in 2010 and 2011, the company was named “Credit-Focused Fund of the Year.” In 2012, it was titled “Discretionary Macro-Focused Hedge Fund of the Year” by the Institutional Investor. The company continued to amass titles and recognition from publication in 2014 as the “Hedge Fund Manager of the Year” and “Management Firm of the Year.”

These achievements caught the eye of the conglomerate from Japan SoftBank Group. In early 2017, the corporation started talking about acquiring the Fortress Investment Group for more than $3 billion. At the end of the year, the conglomerate completed the acquisition. Another discussed deal for the Fortress was its selling its OneMain stake to the Apollo Global Management. The deal was announced in early January this year, and it was later reported that Varde Partners would also be taking part in the contract.

The leadership of the investment management corporation is still intact. The founders and leaders are working under new contracts provided by the SoftBank Group. In five years after the acquisition of Fortress, SoftBank Group will be reworking the contracts and either keep or release the businessmen or appoint them to other positions within the Fortress.

Wesley R. Edens used to operate as Partner at the BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. At Fortress, Wes Edens is the Principal and co-chairman of the Board of Directors. He has been one of the driving forces of the growth of the business.

Randal A. Nardone is the newly-appointed Chief Executive Officer, and Peter L. Briger is serving as the Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors and Principal. The Fortress Investment Group leaders are also working on other projects and companies such as the UBS. Rob Kauffman, who is one of the founders of the Fortress, is no longer working in leadership. He is one of the managing directors of UBS along with Randal A. Nardone.

Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager

Why Clay Hutson Is One Of The Best Production Managers In The Music Business

Delivering a professional level concert is no easy feat. Delivering a flawless live concert takes talent but it also takes the ability to select the right professional to help you get the job done. Tours have so many moving parts: rehearsals, sound checks, lighting and set design. It takes a true professional to bring all of these elements together into a seamless entertainment experience that delight an artist’s fans. This is why when the up and coming pop star Halsey, of Sorry fame, was looking for a stage manager who could make all of this happen she and her team chose to turn to the veteran stage manager and tour management virtuoso Clay Hutson.


While most people might have never heard of Clay Hutson before the odds are high that they have probably experienced his work especially if they are a fan of music. Clay Hutson has built a reputation for creating some of the most seamless and flawless tours. He has been called upon for his services as a live sound engineer, tour manager and production manager by musicians from all walks of life. In his capacity as a support professional for various tours Clay Hutson has worked with the pop group OneRepublic, the producer and hip-hop artist Kanye West, the pop star Pink, the rock band Garbage and the virtuoso that was known as Prince.


According to an interview that Clay Hutson gave to the website that is known as Inspirey Clay was able to get his hands dirty very early on in his career by working for a number of companies that allowed him to try his hand at various disciplines such as sound engineering and project management. Because Clay had been able to develop a diverse array of skills in the live entertainment business he had everything that he needed to eventually launch an entertainment company of his own.


Clay actually started his business during the global financial crisis. Even though the economic climate was difficult during the early stages of his career as an entrepreneur Clay Hutson was still able to grow his business and to continue developing the professional relationships that have allowed him to be a sought after tour manager today. In the world of business it has been said that the best resume that you can have is a good reputation. Clay has been able to build his business by building a good reputation in the entertainment industry that has translated into very strong word of mouth marketing for his business. Learn more:

Jed McCaleb, Creator of Stellar, Changing How We Do Money

As the creator of Stellar cryptocurrency Jed McCaleb as recently given his story to CNBC in how he foresees the block chain single payment system empowering the entire planets currency as the sole form of money. His form is called Stellar another block chain that is a type of digital currency token that monetizes payment setups that are used internationally. The cryptocurrency pioneer also stated he believes in the future that universal payments are inevitable and that the future will hold a time for all people will use one for a payment and it will be through the block chain.

For cryptocurrency known as Ripple, which actually being used currently by the South Korean won bank, has already started infiltrating financial institutions. Both Ripple and Stellar by many financial corporations are seen as forms of currency that are going to soon shake up how money is transmitted and done. Jed believes in the year 2028 block chain will have the technology to not just authorize payments, but also be able to trade assets like stocks and shares through a universal network.

Stellar has been progressively increasing over time and in a positive trend. After the inception of their Lightning Network they hope to prevent any issues they had in the past to keep occurring. Stellar has been in development for a long time as Jed McCaleb took his time. This is why he estimated that it would take until 2028. The creation of tools that can sustain the entire world finances. They could go into such advanced development to change the financial system, fund raising operations, even in the stock market, and in payment system by the year 2028. Within the past 4 years ICO, which is initial coin offerings, have been able to raise over 9 billion dollars. And while a few people who commit featured online have been taking advantage of the system. Hacking the system and even invested without using their cash making money and stopping actual investors from making money. This phenomenon has attracted many people with the hopes to regulate cryptocurrency systems. Jed McCaleb plans to change money for the better.

Jed is on LinkedIn, if you have questions.

David McDonald Leads The OSI Group With Integrity And Style

The story of the life of David McDonald started in Iowa. His career began when he graduated college with an Animal Science degree. He was serving the North American Meat Institute as the Chairman when he became a project manager for the OSI Group. Through hard work and vision he eventually became the President of the company. The OSI Group has become a top, premier provider of food all over the world. They ensure their customers receive the best possible services and foods.

David McDonald has been an integral part of the OSI Group for thirty years. He has been responsible for a lot of the company’s growth and success. He has a logistics team to handle the constant changes in the international market. He was responsible for the recent acquisition of a Dutch company called Baho Foods. This expanded the presence of the company in Europe. During his time with the business he has also established ten facilities in China.

David McDonald has always been passionate about agriculture and biology. This passion is what led him to the OSI Group. His vision has always been to surpass the expectations of customers. Flexibility is much easier because the company is private. He takes his time to ensure the operations run smoothly and the relationships are solid. The first customers were attracted by his high quality standards. He sees his customers and staff as part of his family and this has made a difference. This is why his clients continue to come back. Q&A with Dave McDonald, President & COO, OSI Group.

David McDonald has made the OSI Group a part of the local culture. This way their services and products always receive a warm welcome. He believes his success comes from the valuable partnerships his company has created as well as their understanding of specific geographic areas. This keeps their decisions effective and their budget accurate. Their global success is a combination of ethics and passion. One of his most satisfying efforts was the new facility in China. This was the result of the effort and time he placed in China. The investment was large but David McDonald believes it was the right solution. The OSI Group now has the ideal location and the required raw materials in place.

The OSI Group intends to keep adapting as the business environment continues to change. They will also continue listening to what their customers need. This will make certain the company keeps growing and improving.


David McDonald Excellent Leadership Skills in the Food Sector

David McDonald works at the OSI Group, LLC which is a private corporation that specializes in international food processing. He is the CEO and president of the company besides serving at the OSI Industries as the project manager. He holds a number of senior positions in other organizations where some include North American Meat Institute in the capacity of the chairman. He also serves at the Marfrig Global Foods S.A. where he has been an independent director since 2008. Again, Mr. McDonald serves as a member of the board of directors at the OSI Group and is the director at the OSI International Foods (Australia).

About David McDonald’s Life and Career

David McDonald was born and brought up in Iowa and received his degree from Iowa State University from where he studied Animal Science. Mr. McDonald then joined the North American Meat Institute which was over three decades ago, before becoming OSI Group’s project manager. What’s more, David McDonald’s hard work paid off when he earned himself the position as the organization’ president. Furthermore, the OSI Group grew exponentially under the leadership of Mr. McDonald where its vision to become global food provider was fullfilled. Also, in line with the company’s vision of being the market leader, its growth strategy leveraged on been of significance and value to all its customers.

About the OSI Group

The OSI Group leads in the sector of protein supplies of various products such as beef patties, sausages, sandwiches, and pizza among others. The corporation has so far ventured in 17 countries where it has more than 50 facilities. Equally important, the organization customizes its products as part of their customer satisfaction according to the different local tastes and cultures. This is chiefly achieved by employing the locals as the management team leaders since they understand the customs of the given localities that the company operates.

Moreover, one such country that OSI Group ventured under the leadership of Mr. McDonald includes China where it has operated for the last 20 years. Currently, the company runs eight factories while two more are under construction. Besides, as part of its expansion strategy, the company has partnered with a company from Zhoukou that is known as DOYOO Group to form DaOSI. OSI prides itself as the most prominent company in providing chicken in china, and its latest move will further help it in accomplishing its objectives of being global food processors. Additionally, OSI Group also recently acquired a Dutch manufacturer company known as the Baho Food where its products include snacks and deli meats among others.

About David McDonald:

Randal Nardone Success Story

The business industry is considered to be one of the best places to venture into. There are several individuals who have tried their luck in business, and some of them have been fortunate to make so much wealthy. The most influential tycoons in the world have invested heavily in various businesses. Although the market can be complicated for the ordinary investor who is not yet experienced in the world of business, there are people who have done well just by working hard and maintaining high levels of integrity. Randal Nardone is one of these few personalities. The businessman is a common figure in most American households. Randal is the leader of one of the largest investment firms in the entire world, known as Fortress Investment.

Randal Nardone is a name that is associated with finance in the American society. The businessman represents one of the people who have worked hard to climb the business leader and become the most authoritative in the American society. Ten years ago, Randal was just like any other person in the American market. Together with several colleagues, the businessman felt that there was so much to do for the investors who needed some assistance to stand up on their feet. Randal had some knowledge about the market, and he knew where to start so that he remained in the right path to success. His friends were there to offer him any help, and they collaborated to form one of the largest investment banks in the entire country.

Randal Nardone has taken his position as the chief executive officer of Fortress Investment very seriously, and this is why he rarely disappoints the stakeholders in the large company. Randal understands each and every step the company is taking, and he is always there to make sure that things do not move in the wrong direction. Randal has excellent skills in finance, and he has all the patients a leader needs. The finance market can only forge ahead when experienced individuals have been given the leadership posts. Randal Nardone plays all the leadership roles in the financial services company with a lot of integrity, and this has helped the company to open branches in other parts of the world and at the same time extend the services to other parts of the world. Randal was fortunate to be brought up by very understanding parents who assisted him to acquire education in the right schools.


How David McDonald Brought OSI Group To Its Current Position

Mr. David McDonald is the President and the Chief Operating Officer OSI Group. Before then, he was the Chairman of North American Meat Institute (NAMI). McDonald is also a member of the Board of Directors of OSI Group. In addition to that, he is also the current Director of the OSI International Foods in Australia.

David McDonald was born in the Northeastern part of Iowa and he was raised there too. He attended Iowa State University and got a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from the university. He joined the OSI industries after his graduation and gradually rose to become the president of the group.

As a way of giving back to the society, David McDonald uses some of the resources of the group to improve the lives of residents of Iowa State. He is current giving support to students that are interested in agriculture or agricultural entrepreneurship. He once made it possible for some students to visit and study the facilities of OSI group in China.

In the bid to continuously expand the group, David McDonald has started launching offices and facilities in different parts of the world. This will definitely make for faster, easier, cheaper, and more convenient distribution of their products. One of the ways through which Mr. McDonald raised the bar in OSI Group is to hire a highly knowledgeable and experienced global logistic team that possesses expertise and experience in distribution within the international market.

He also ensured that the international logistic teams are always on the same page with different local logistic teams as this will promote higher productivity and efficiency. The international logistic team will get products to the local team of a particular region while the local logistic team within the region will get the products to the clients and customers.

In addition, it is the local team of a region that understands the demand, taste, and culture of the clients within their community and they will get the international logistic team informed about this. Some of the international clients of OSI Group are Starbucks, Yum, Subway, and Burger King just to mention a few.

Due to the fact that China has one of the largest populations in the world, OSI Group sees the country as a “hot” location. In the bid to continue their expansion, OSI Group acquired Baho Food in 2016. Baho Food is a Dutch-based meat processing company that serves several countries in Europe. McDonald believes that this acquisition will further reinforce the Group’s presence in the European Market. Apart from Baho Food, the group acquired several other great firms.

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Graham Edwards Continues the Enhancement of Telereal

The Center for Policy Studies is a think tank for British policy with the objective to uphold practical and comprehensible civic programs for major policy changes to buffer intimidations to British independence, back-up communities and modify public services.

As of November the Center opened its New Generation program that comprises new intellectual policies including fresh faces in order to be ready for the upcoming Brexit, where it will be able to create a new line of fundamental ideas for the policies intended for Britain’s post-Brexit (Gazetteday).

In line with the foregoing, the Center for Policy Studies will be introducing four main policy platforms that concern the constituents’ future and life as follows: welfare, housing and planning, business and enterprise, and tax and cost of living. The objectives of all the said programs are to be able to create policies that would permit people to have a better management of their lives and a true sense of proprietorship.

Graham Edwards was selected to be the Chairman of the Housing Policy Group and has been afforded the honor to be a Research Fellow of the Center for Policy Studies. Graham Edwards is Telereal Trillium’s Chief Executive Officer, and along with his responsibilities at the CPS he will be collaborating with the Center’s in-house professional to create needed policies that would hasten home ownership and house construction.

Telereal Trillium is a renowned company that had a major influence in the formation of the United Kingdom’s property industry within the 21st century. As of the moment, Telereal Trillium oversees a wide range of collected assets which is valued at £6 billion. The present portfolio of assets is composed of real property assets that cover an overall floor space of 86 million square feet. Telereal Trillium is likewise acknowledged for having built 1% of the housing for the labor force of the United Kingdom.

Graham Edwards molded Telereal’s success since its establishment in 2001. It was able to secure assets that have a total area of approximately 59.2 million square feet by acquiring British Telecom. He also initiated the purchase of Trillium that resulted to the possession of excess property that are considered liquid assets making Telereal Trillium a leading figure in the outsourcing of properties.