Get Superior Residential Upgrades With Aloha Construction

The Aloha Construction Group reigns supreme in the aftermath of a storm. They operate as a family owned and operated roofing and siding business. They’ve proudly served their community for over 25 years from the southern Illinois area. In fact, they have the certification to satisfy your insurance claim. You can trust their service guarantee to get the work done right the first time. More importantly, they only employ licensed and insured technicians to perform their home remodeling services. The Aloha professionals are available for emergency repairs with online scheduling tools. Most calls are answered within 24 to 48 hours.


Get amazing siding opportunities available through Aloha. Their professionals understand that worn siding can decrease your property value. In fact, improving your siding can increase the value of neighboring homes. Aloha Construction provides a free consultation that will access your siding options including the cost. Their in-house financing opportunities provide you with a lower bill than local area competitors. Choose from the most popular siding samples during your consultation. In fact, their siding options are also durable with a 10-year warranty. You will enjoy the option of having several colors to choose from including custom colors. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve the siding of your commercial property with Aloha too.


Their roofing opportunities include the top materials. You can take advantage of roofing opportunities that will allow you to lower your energy bills. They understand that faulty roofing can be an entryway for pest. That’s right; pests will enter your home or business through the roof and build a nest. Choose from a variety of roof tiles including concrete. Aloha Construction has experience with every roof style including a flat roof. Their friendly team of professionals are standing by to take your call and get your roof or siding installed to perfection today.

Harry Harrison

Harry Harrison recently gave an interview on in which he discussed his views on entrepreneurship, life after Barclays, and the financial industry. Mr. Harrison spent over 20 years with Barclays as an investor, a derivatives trader, and a manager of fixed income sales teams. From 2014 to 2017, he was the head of Barclays non-core division, which involved investing and trading non-standard derivatives, non-core commodities, and emerging-market products. He left Barclays at the end of 2017 when the company closed the non-core division. Mr. Harrison is a graduate of the University of Warwick and received a master’s degree in finance from the University of Cambridge.


When asked what he liked to do as a successful entrepreneur, he said he preferred not to have a long to-do list and preferred being honest with people. He would handle issues as they arose and prioritized the most urgent problems. He would also delegate responsibilities to others while recognizing that certain things may not be completed at the end of the day. If those jobs were moving forward with an expected date of completion, then that was considered an effective use of resources.

Life after Barclays

Mr. Harrison says he is taking a break from working and enjoying life as a stay-at-home dad. He says he has a variety of activities that he deals with during the day with his two young children, and he is actively involved in several hobbies. These activities include participating in yoga and Pilates, learning French, becoming a better golfer, and reading more. He is also spending time as a consultant for entrepreneurs in the venture capital, private equity, and financial technology industries.

The financial industry

Mr. Harrison is excited how the financial industry has embraced technology and how the industry has incorporated technology in many of its operations. Many of the companies he is noticing are not directly fintech companies, but they are using Information Age technology to provide creative financial products and services to their customers. He recommends that investors should look at startup companies that are in the fintech adjacency sector because he feels that this is an area that has a lot of potential growth.

Michael Hagele: Corporate Law and Business

If you’re not already familiar with Michael Hagele, he is a serial investor and attorney, who spends the greater majority of his time investing in early-stage tech companies or fulfilling the role of general counsel for multiple top-tier corporations, namely in the biotechnology, defense, and aerospace fields. Hagele’s knowledge of corporate law and business has made him a highly sought-after corporate attorney. In fact, he has served as general counsel for some of the most celebrated companies. In addition to this work as an attorney, Hagele routinely looks for investment opportunities that can help small business startups, especially those in the restaurant and hospitality fields. Read more about Michael at

As far as his skills as an attorney and general counsel, Michael Hagele’s expertise is wide-ranging. He is highly proficient in licensing distribution and development agreements, and he is a skillful negotiator. On the business side of things, Hagele has demonstrated proficiency in areas relative to software, hardware, and telecommunications. With regard to his educational background, Hagele attended the University of Iowa, earning a B.A. in Political Science and English, in 1992, before going on to attend the University of California, Berkley School of Law, where he earned a J.D. Law degree, in 1997.

According to his Linkedin bio, Michael Hagele began his career in law when he joined the law offices of Fenwick & West LLP, in 1997, a firm specializing in online commerce and technology transactions. Hagele remained with the law office until 2000, before going on to pursue new opportunities. His career ambitions ultimately led to the role of Corporate Counsel with BigVine (recently rebranded as All Business), where he remained from 2000-2002. In 2006, Michael Hagele landed the role of Special Counsel for Metaweb Technologies, a company that designs and builds Web infrastructure technology.

In an article in, Hagele discusses a few tenets for his success; he strongly believes in putting the customer or client first. Additionally, he believes in being adaptive; according to Hagele, when it comes to long-term success, the ability to quickly adapt to changes, like the introduction of social media, is what makes certain businesses thrive while others fail. In fact, Hagele is a big fan of social media and routinely uses various social media platforms to connect with customers and to spur new business opportunities.

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Matthew Fleeger

If you are a business person that is connected with oil, gas, or waste management in this country, you’ve probably heard about Matthew Fleeger. He is a well respected leader in the industry. Currently, Matthew Fleeger is also listed in the Who’s Who Of Business Professionals too. Today, Matthew Fleeger holds the role of Chief Executive Officer, President, and Director of Golf Coast Western. Fleeger has led a very high profile and illustrious career.

Early Background

His distinguished career began with earning a business degree from Southern Methodist University. He earned a business degree from the prestigious university with a focus on finance and marketing which would prepare Fleeger for a great start in a business career. After graduating, Matthew Fleeger began his career in the oil, gas, and waste management industry, armed with the unique skills and education that he acquired. From 1986 to 1993 he worked with several prominent companies that were in the oil, gas, and waste management industry. Laser on, Fleeger joined a company in the same industry that was started by his father a few decades earlier.

During the year 1993, Matthew Fleeger founded MedSolutions, which primarily served healthcare facilities and was involved with waste disposal. Matthew Fleeger’s education, experience, and strong leadership led MedSolutions to great success in the industry. Fleeger sold MedSolutions and returned to his family owned business, Gulf Coast Western, in a leadership role. His remarkable leadership skills will lead the company to even more success. Meanwhile, Fleeger is also responsible for founding several other companies that are involved with the tanning industry. His outstanding leadership and business abilities will also lead those new endeavors to success.

Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western is a gas and oil exploration and development company operating in the Gulf Coast region and elsewhere in the United States. The Texas-based organization exploits promising geologic features using advanced technologies such as innovative horizontal drilling. They work in intensive production areas in the Gulf region, and some nearby states. The company aggressively pursues opportunities in promising geologic formations, and it actively seeks oil and gas acquisitions and development properties across the US.

– About Gulf Coast Western

The company explores prime geologic regions or oil, natural gas, and related energy resources such as enriched sands. Currently, there are active oil and gas exploration partnerships in operation in six states including Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas. They maintain active fields in Oklahoma and Colorado. By applying technology and engineering advances. Gulf Western has restored production to many closed sites.

Gulf Coast Western offers investment opportunities to venture partners and investors. Accredited investors can join one or more planned projects and participate in the economic gains that result from the successful acquisition, exploration, and development.

– Partner Testimonials

With more than one thousand partners, Gulf Coast Western receives many testimonials from enthusiastic investors. Many people have succeeded as investment partners on one or more project. Investor success comes from persons with various levels of knowledge and prior experience in the oil and gas industry. They frequently cite the strength of the relationships and the management philosophy of Gulf Coast Western.

– Corporate Citizenship and Community Support

Gulf Coast Western maintains a vigorous program of community engagement and charitable activities. The civic engagement partners include the American Cancer Society, the Children’s Medical Center, and the North Texas Food Bank. The organization encourages employees and officers to participate in civic affairs and organizations that strengthen communities.

Deirdre Baggot Weighs In On Bundled Payments

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) applauded the move to introduce bundled payments in medical care. This step was taken back in 2013 after a successful five-year pilot program. The private sector was keen to adopt this reimbursement method as it had shown great promise. Deirdre Baggot, a seasoned healthcare strategist, felt that the time was right for a shift in the healthcare sector.

History had demonstrated that care delivery is always enhanced whenever the reimbursement policy is changed. Most health care experts believed that the new changes would follow the same course. Bundled payments would inevitably result in reduced costs for commercial payers. Learn more about Deirdre Baggot at

According to Deirdre Baggot, healthcare organizations need to appreciate innovations in the system if they hope to get anything from the new state of affairs. Skeptics view the bundles as unnecessary risks but the truth is that they will go a long way in motivating physicians. The healthcare system was being redesigned and it was only prudent for market players to realign themselves accordingly.

All these changes were brought on the board courtesy of the Affordable Care Act. The bundles would allow patients to enjoy care services three days before being admitted. They also get to receive post-discharge services that could last between one to three months depending on the bundle they choose. Select surgical procedures are also catered for.

Orthopedic services have for a long time been given high consideration when bundled options are offered. Numerous other commercial buyers have gone for pediatric and bariatric services. Given that patients are inclined to choose bundles for complex procedures, cardiovascular services are also featured frequently.

Deirdre Baggot believes that health care providers need to actively negotiate with commercial buyers so that no party feels aggrieved. She has spent a huge chunk of her career in the health care system and is well versed with how things run. Numerous health system boards have sought her advice on health care reform where she has made a name for herself.



EcoPays’ Online Wallet To Include Western Union

EcoAccount holders are now happy to find they can top off the funds in their wallets using Western Union. They will be able to use Western Union’s retail or online network to send money in domestic or international transfers within the United Kingdom. All of this was made possible because of the success of integrating the money-moving functionalities of the company with the easy-to-use platform of PSI-Pay partners and brands.


New Path For Payment Processors Online


This new integration is going to pave the way for online processors to join in on the access to Western Union in their own services. On top of the ability of PSI-Pay partners’ customers to use Western Union for money transfers domestically, they will also be able to send money to more than 150 other countries and territories. Plans are currently underway to move these new services to the ecoAccount mobile app at this time.


About Western Union


The company began more than 165 years ago and is a financial service and communications company. They are a global leader in moving money across states, countries, and continents. Individuals, small businesses and large corporations alike use the services of Western Union to transfer and accept money. The company is always looking for new and innovative ways to expand on their services to meet the needs of their customers.

About PSI-Pay


PSI-Pay is a company that offers their customers an alternative to traditional banking options. They are based in the United Kingdom and help their clients manage their financial affairs for both small and large businesses. The company was founded in 2007 and sponsors payment solutions for businesses as an accredited and regulated FCA institution. They are also a leading member of the “Fintech” company and licensed to offer clients debit cards, prepaid credit cards and other forms of electronic payments.


Differences Between Cryptocurrency And E-Money


Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Monero don’t rely on any central regulations. E-money, on the other hand, is fully dependent on government regulations. The value of cryptocurrencies is based solely on supply and demand. E-money has a value that is based on the fiat currency which is exchanged via an electronic form. PSI-Pay is a provider of reliable payment solutions such as e-money for businesses and individuals in the United Kingdom and across the world. Funds can be deposited and withdrawn from a member’s account in real-time. The company prides themselves on transparency, efficiency, and clarity.

Fortress Investment Group: A Powerful Partnership

Expanding its Strategy

There is a lot of exciting news happening out there in the world of finance today. One interesting event is coming from the Fortress Investment Group. A company that manages over 40 billion in assets, Fortress is now expanding its strategy to include a new investment. The firm has partnered with iPass, a worldwide provider of WiFi. iPass specifically gives businesses assess to the biggest WiFi network in the world.

The firm funded iPass with over 20 million. 10 of the initial 20 million dollar sum was immediately available for the WiFi provider to begin using. The investment is a big play that many are anxious to see will pay off or not.

The Appeal

With enough study, it quickly becomes apparent why the Fortress Investment Group is so interested in funding iPass. The connectivity company operates the world’s largest WiFi network. This lets consumers and businesses from all over the world access WiFi hot spots easier and more conveniently than ever.

The centralization connectivity that iPass offers is something that is sure to hold value as it expands and people understand the service that they offer. That is something that the clever folks at the Fortress Investment Group have already picked up on. They know that this kind of service has a lot of room to grow, and that it is only a matter of time until their clientele base starts to pick up. At a certain point a successful business reaches a point of critical mass and has a massive ROI, that is exactly what Fortress is hoping for.


One of the big things that makes iPass’s service so appealing is that it offers their WiFi connections to an unlimited amount of devices, and has no data caps. There has been a big problem lately with companies limiting their data streams, iPass intends on making that a thing of the past.

The Fortress Investment Group has partnered up with iPass so that they can build bigger and better infrastructure, and really give them the push they need into profitability. Exciting times are ahead for both businesses, that much seems apparent.

Alex Hern, Solid Progression Of Virtual Reality Platforms

In the fall of 2017, the Virtual Reality firm, Tsunami expanded its base in California to occupy the newly completed Torrey Point Office Campus. The significance of this announcement was reported by the San Diego Business Journal. As the Co-Founder, Co-Chairman and Co-CEO, Alex Hern was excited about becoming the first tenant to move into the office space. When viewing the campus in the terms of potential growth for the area, Tsunami ARVR would soon fill the workspace of 32,475 square feet with approximately 200 new employees. Alex went on to state that it was, “a great platform for future recruiting.” The magnitude of the lease meant that 200 tech related jobs were added to the local economy. Read more about Alex Hern at

Alex Hern has co-founded many entrepreneurial enterprises besides Tsunami VR. During the mid 90s, he developed Military Commercial Technologies (Milcom) and later, Strategic Acquisition Ventures, Ltd. Alex also sits on the board of directors for Silicon Valley Internet Capital. It’s not surprising that Tsunami was the first tenant to sign a lease in a contemporary space. This goes hand in hand with the cutting edge core technologies developed there. Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin.

A few years prior, Alex Hern attended a “5G Wireless Forum and Connected Health Workshop.” At that time 5G was only a exploratory concept in connection with virtual reality platforms. He spoke about the future vision for Tsunami VR as being, “the intersection of art and science.” In a relative short span of time, just two years in the making and he adhered to that vision making multi-faceted 5G applications a possibility for all consumers. Alex Hern has been steady with his involvement in the entrepreneurial sector, he developed another company, Mobile Incorporated and Mobile Works. This is after Alex previously founded, Inktomi Corporation (INKT), a successful tech company that was eventually sold to Yahoo.


A Look At Fagali’I

Fagali’I is a village on the island of Upolu, located about 5 kilometers southeast of Samoa’s capital city of Apia. The Samoan archipelago contains many scenic and culturally rich islands and Upolu is no exception. The village of Fagali’I offers lush, tropical views of the island coast as well as easy access to downtown Apia. With beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear water, there is plenty of opportunity to relax and soak up the sun or enjoy an afternoon scuba diving and experiencing ocean wildlife.

Although a small village, with a population of only about 1,600 people, Fagali’I has a lot to offer. Drawing on a deep and rich cultural history, the Samoan people offer a firsthand look into their ethnic traditions through their cultural village and celebrations, both of which can be experienced when visiting Fagali’I. Another important local landmark is the Royal Samoa Country Club, one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. Like the village, this course also has an interesting history; started by members of the now defunct Apia Golf Club, an organization founded in 1925, the course itself was built in 1970 and has evolved over the years according to The island landscape offers a varied terrain for golfers to enjoy, including some track through what was once a coconut plantation as well as a creek and many other obstacles to play around.


Surprisingly, this small village also includes an international airport for easier travel. The operation of the airport has faced some difficulties and criticism, being once decommissioned due to government concerns about noise and safety. Thankfully, those concerns were eventually addressed and the airport was reopened in July 2009. Fagali’I Airport is owned and operated by Polynesian Airlines, offering multiple island to island flights as well as international flights to Pago Pago, American Samoa. They offer flights through both Polynesian Airlines and Samoa Air.

Though small, Fagali’I is definitely not a village to be ignored according to Full of beautiful scenery and deep history, there is something to offer for everyone who takes the time to visit.

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