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In what has become one of the biggest advocates for human rights, the Lacey & Larkin Frontera fund has been a leading supporter for the greater good in the United States. By choosing to focus not just on civil rights for domestic Americans, the fund also has a big influence for helping in the fight for better migrant rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

What Jim Larkin & Michael Lacey have built is tremendous and continues to plan for bigger and better accomplishments year in and year out. As for its foundation, Jim and Michael met in her college years and had big aspirations for the improvement of rights for all people.

Needless to say, both businessmen and civil rights activists have done a great job with the Lacey & Larkin Frontera fund and have no plans of slowing down.

To add to the exact goals of the fund, both Jim and Michael created the fund to support the large community of Hispanics that were being oppressed and exploited in Arizona. Thier help has greatly benefited those who were affected by racial hostility and abuse.

Collectively, the fund has helped numbers that are sure to be in the hundreds of thousands, a feat that is quite impressive, to say the least. For more on how impactful Larkin & Lacey have been for many people, here is a recap on their (successful) efforts to fight against Donald Trump and his pardon of a sheriff who had a lawsuit against him for racial-profiling.

Larkin & Lacey vs Donald Trump

In an article by the phoenixnewtimes, it explains how disgusted and offended many were for President Trump’s pardon of a racial-profiler. The article goes on to explain how Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff who had a lawsuit against him for his unjust actions, was pardon just weeks before he was scheduled for sentencing.

The pardon itself was not as offensive to people as the timing of the pardon according to many people.

Where Larkin & Lacey come in is their powerful platform. With the news of the pardon, the article alludes to how successful the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund were in voicing the opinions and animosity the general public had against president Trump. In addition to this, both Jim Larkin & Michael Lacey individually voiced their resentment towards the president of the United States and his own actions to pardon such a universally disliked person.

With Jim Larkin himself pointing out president Trump’s low approval ratings, he also was quick to say that Trump’s actions to pardon the sheriff were a way to show his position of authority over the Mexican people in the United States and Mexico.

Wheather that is true or not, one thing that is certainly true is that impact that Larkin and Lacey have had thus far. Just like any other fund or advocacy group, the lacey & Larkin Fund does have its supporters as well as haters but, does not plan on stopping in their efforts to improve the greater good of the people.

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Everly Armani says:

Fighting for human right is not bad. Am not saying engaging in physical fight, rather a legal fight using pen and papers and also using the law enforcement agency when appropriate will add to and will increase the morale behind such fight. Sadly today many are now vulnerable to use of arms and different things. Many are suing even riot and I NO GO GREE WAKA as the slogan of the day.

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