Glen Wakeman: How to Make a Company Successful

Glen Wakeman is an American financial executive who has been recognized as one of the most successful in his chosen field. For more than 21 years, Glen Wakeman has become a part of the corporate world, sharing his knowledge and expertise about the subject and helping small companies and businesses to develop and be more successful. He is also the reason behind the advancement of some small startup companies, because he is known for helping them to get their needed boost. Glen Wakeman has developed a passion to help businesses grow, and due to the methodology that he formulated, some of these businesses ended up being successful.


Recipe for Success

The five methods of being successful that Glen Wakeman is always showing small time business owners are the following: leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance. Each of the methods that Glen Wakeman pertains to would help an individual to broaden his knowledge about managing his business. Leadership for example, pertains to the ability of an individual to lead his company. Without leadership, there would be no effective communication between the company departments, and the lack of coordination would hurt the business so bad. Human capital is the next point that he wanted to teach the young entrepreneurs. According to Glen Wakeman, human capital is important because this is where the company would think about their mission and vision, as well as the approach that they will be executing in a community. The strategies and techniques that will be developed would also be helpful for the growth of company. The third point is all about execution, which is simply the integration of manual and technological labor for the success of the company. The use of gadgets and other devices would also fall under the execution pointer, because it would help the companies to become more manageable with the use of advanced technology. The next pointer talks about risk management, and the ability of the entrepreneur to focus on making the company successful despite the threats of risks. Finally would be the ability of an entrepreneur to govern the company. All of these pointers are important in managing a company and making it successful, according to Glen Wakeman.



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