Milan Kordestani of Milan Farms

Milan Kordestani was born in Stanford California and lived there until 2009 when he moved to London with his family and then moved back to the Bay Area in 2010. Kordestani graduated high school in 2017.

Kordestani’s love for riding horses began at age 10, when he was thrown off a horse he was riding and got back on. He began riding horses in lessons, but then started competing shortly after starting lessons. In 2015, Kordestani won fourth place in the Worlds Championship Horse Show. In 2016, Kordestani then placed second in the Worlds Championship Horse Show.

In addition to excelling in his equestrian adventures, Kordestani develops Milan Farms in his sophomore year of high school. Milan Farms concentrates on producing poultry, eggs and saffron. In addition to his farm and equestrian hobbies, Kordestani also writes for Huffington Post and attends college in the San Francisco area.

Milan Farms prides itself on its transparency to the consumer. They pride themselves on only using organic plants. Milan Farms sells saffron, eggs and herbs. The Milan Farms website allows customers to order all three of these products. The eggs have to be delivered to specific areas, but the saffron and herbs can be shipped anywhere. The chickens that produce the eggs are not fed soy or corn, are free range and eat organic vegetables. The chickens live in a wooden coop and the packages that the eggs are sold in are organic as well. The Milan Farms website lists the ingredients that are in the chicken feed that they provide to the birds.

The saffron that Milan Farm sells is grown in part with hydroponic farming. Milan Farm is still experimenting with this way of growing saffron, but they are excited to be testing different methods of growth.

The herbs that are grown on the farm are scientifically measured and cared for to yield the best crops. Milan Farm prides itself on innovation as well as transparency and a quick trip to their website confirms these facts.


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