Jed McCaleb, Creator of Stellar, Changing How We Do Money

As the creator of Stellar cryptocurrency Jed McCaleb as recently given his story to CNBC in how he foresees the block chain single payment system empowering the entire planets currency as the sole form of money. His form is called Stellar another block chain that is a type of digital currency token that monetizes payment setups that are used internationally. The cryptocurrency pioneer also stated he believes in the future that universal payments are inevitable and that the future will hold a time for all people will use one for a payment and it will be through the block chain.

For cryptocurrency known as Ripple, which actually being used currently by the South Korean won bank, has already started infiltrating financial institutions. Both Ripple and Stellar by many financial corporations are seen as forms of currency that are going to soon shake up how money is transmitted and done. Jed believes in the year 2028 block chain will have the technology to not just authorize payments, but also be able to trade assets like stocks and shares through a universal network.

Stellar has been progressively increasing over time and in a positive trend. After the inception of their Lightning Network they hope to prevent any issues they had in the past to keep occurring. Stellar has been in development for a long time as Jed McCaleb took his time. This is why he estimated that it would take until 2028. The creation of tools that can sustain the entire world finances. They could go into such advanced development to change the financial system, fund raising operations, even in the stock market, and in payment system by the year 2028. Within the past 4 years ICO, which is initial coin offerings, have been able to raise over 9 billion dollars. And while a few people who commit featured online have been taking advantage of the system. Hacking the system and even invested without using their cash making money and stopping actual investors from making money. This phenomenon has attracted many people with the hopes to regulate cryptocurrency systems. Jed McCaleb plans to change money for the better.

Jed is on LinkedIn, if you have questions.

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