Desiree Perez Tightens Up Loose Ends for Roc Nation

Everyone may not know who Dez Perez is, but the Billboard magazine has recognized her in recent months as a force in the music industry. She has been one of the top influencing forces for Jay-Z. Most people do not know how long she has been behind the scenes, but it is estimated that she has known Jay-Z for almost 20 years. This is essentially his entire career. She has proven herself to be an important ally more than once when it comes to negotiating contracts.

Prior to her time with Roc Nation as the Chief Operating Officer she was someone that worked at SC Enterprises. This allowed her to become a fierce contract negotiator, and this would give her exactly what Jay-Z needed to help him with more contracts in the future.

Desiree Perez has been featured on websites like Gazelle Day, New York City Inquire, LA News Watch, Weekly Opinion and most recently Billboard.

Desiree has intrigued to work with artists that are part of Roc Nation entertainment, but more people may know her from the contracts that she has helped negotiate with people that are part of the Roc Nation sports team. She has done a great deal to help some of these athletes get great contracts, and this would start something of a floodgate of additional athletes that also wanted to sign up because they knew what Desiree Perez could do. She has been called the secret to celebrity success for Roc Nation.

People that know about all the business ventures that Jay-Z has endeavoured into can rest assured that Desiree Perez has had a big hand in helping him close many of these deals. She is the woman behind the business mogul that has generated a fortune that now surpasses Sean Combs according to Forbes.

Desiree Perez’s Facebook Page:

Glen Wakeman: How to Make a Company Successful

Glen Wakeman is an American financial executive who has been recognized as one of the most successful in his chosen field. For more than 21 years, Glen Wakeman has become a part of the corporate world, sharing his knowledge and expertise about the subject and helping small companies and businesses to develop and be more successful. He is also the reason behind the advancement of some small startup companies, because he is known for helping them to get their needed boost. Glen Wakeman has developed a passion to help businesses grow, and due to the methodology that he formulated, some of these businesses ended up being successful.


Recipe for Success

The five methods of being successful that Glen Wakeman is always showing small time business owners are the following: leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance. Each of the methods that Glen Wakeman pertains to would help an individual to broaden his knowledge about managing his business. Leadership for example, pertains to the ability of an individual to lead his company. Without leadership, there would be no effective communication between the company departments, and the lack of coordination would hurt the business so bad. Human capital is the next point that he wanted to teach the young entrepreneurs. According to Glen Wakeman, human capital is important because this is where the company would think about their mission and vision, as well as the approach that they will be executing in a community. The strategies and techniques that will be developed would also be helpful for the growth of company. The third point is all about execution, which is simply the integration of manual and technological labor for the success of the company. The use of gadgets and other devices would also fall under the execution pointer, because it would help the companies to become more manageable with the use of advanced technology. The next pointer talks about risk management, and the ability of the entrepreneur to focus on making the company successful despite the threats of risks. Finally would be the ability of an entrepreneur to govern the company. All of these pointers are important in managing a company and making it successful, according to Glen Wakeman.



How Louis Chenevert Rose To Lead United Technologies Corporation

Becoming a success in business can be a fiercely competitive endeavor. And to ride to the top of a Fortune 500 company is an especially incredible accomplishment. For Louis Chenevert, rising to the top of United Technologies Corporation was an acumination of a decades-long string of successes.

Mr. Chenevert’s story started in Montreal, Quebec. From a young age, Mr. Chenevert learned about business. Right after graduating from HEC Montréal with a degree in business administration, the Montreal native went to work for General Motors. It was at one of the largest companies in the world that Mr. Chenevert got his first taste of success.

Louis Chenevert rose to the position of general production manager during his 14 years at General Motors. During this time, Mr. Chenevert learned how to deal with the operations of one of the largest automotive companies in the world. His success at General Motors would lead to Mr. Chenevert being recruited by Pratt & Whitney in 1993.

At Pratt & Whitney, Mr. Chenevert was vice-president of operations. By 1999, he would become the President of the company. Me. Chenevert would remain President of Pratt & Whitney for seven more years.

In 2006, Louis Chenevert would receive a call that most business people only dream about. United Technologies Corporation wanted him to lead their entire company. Mr. Chenevert accepted the position and was named President, Chief Operating Officer as well as a Direct on the company’s board. Just two years later, Mr. Chenevert would be named Chief Executive Officer. And in 2010, Mr. Chenevert would become the Chairman of the Board.

Mr. Chenevert would remain at United Technologies Corporation until 2014. During his tenure, Louis Chenevert led the Fortune 500 company to increased revenue and profits. His reputation as a great business leader also led him to be named co-chairman of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation Board of Directors in 2015.

From General Motors to United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert has found success. With a determination for greatness, the Montreal native was able to make the most of his opportunities. As he enters his next decade in business, Louis Chenevert seeks to blaze more trails through the corporate landscape.

Larkin & Lacey

In what has become one of the biggest advocates for human rights, the Lacey & Larkin Frontera fund has been a leading supporter for the greater good in the United States. By choosing to focus not just on civil rights for domestic Americans, the fund also has a big influence for helping in the fight for better migrant rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

What Jim Larkin & Michael Lacey have built is tremendous and continues to plan for bigger and better accomplishments year in and year out. As for its foundation, Jim and Michael met in her college years and had big aspirations for the improvement of rights for all people.

Needless to say, both businessmen and civil rights activists have done a great job with the Lacey & Larkin Frontera fund and have no plans of slowing down.

To add to the exact goals of the fund, both Jim and Michael created the fund to support the large community of Hispanics that were being oppressed and exploited in Arizona. Thier help has greatly benefited those who were affected by racial hostility and abuse.

Collectively, the fund has helped numbers that are sure to be in the hundreds of thousands, a feat that is quite impressive, to say the least. For more on how impactful Larkin & Lacey have been for many people, here is a recap on their (successful) efforts to fight against Donald Trump and his pardon of a sheriff who had a lawsuit against him for racial-profiling.

Larkin & Lacey vs Donald Trump

In an article by the phoenixnewtimes, it explains how disgusted and offended many were for President Trump’s pardon of a racial-profiler. The article goes on to explain how Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff who had a lawsuit against him for his unjust actions, was pardon just weeks before he was scheduled for sentencing.

The pardon itself was not as offensive to people as the timing of the pardon according to many people.

Where Larkin & Lacey come in is their powerful platform. With the news of the pardon, the article alludes to how successful the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund were in voicing the opinions and animosity the general public had against president Trump. In addition to this, both Jim Larkin & Michael Lacey individually voiced their resentment towards the president of the United States and his own actions to pardon such a universally disliked person.

With Jim Larkin himself pointing out president Trump’s low approval ratings, he also was quick to say that Trump’s actions to pardon the sheriff were a way to show his position of authority over the Mexican people in the United States and Mexico.

Wheather that is true or not, one thing that is certainly true is that impact that Larkin and Lacey have had thus far. Just like any other fund or advocacy group, the lacey & Larkin Fund does have its supporters as well as haters but, does not plan on stopping in their efforts to improve the greater good of the people.

Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

All About Ronald Fowlkes

Ronald Fowlkes is a man who has revolutionized the defense and law enforcement industries. His unique combination of military and police experience and business savvy has served him well. He is able to see the bigger picture in a way that many others in the defense industry can’t.


Fowlkes served honorably in the Marine Corps during the First Gulf War. He was promoted meritoriously twice. When he got home, Ronald Fowlkes used that experience to serve his community by joining the St. Louis Police Department. For a number of years he was on the SWAT team. In that role, he participated in over 250 high-risk entry situations annually.


In 1990s St. Louis, Fowlkes effectively used his military urban warfare training to combat the gangs that were making citizens’ lives more difficult. He and his fellow officers were key to maintaining order and helping the city become revitalized. Ronald Fowlkes has a gift for teaching and was great at helping train new officers.


By the 2000s, Ronald Fowlkes was back in Iraq, working as a contractor for Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization. He ran infantry operations, and trained soldiers in a number of operations. His areas of specialization include hostage situations and interrogation of detainees.


After returning, Fowlkes felt he could make a bigger impact if he left law enforcement. He wanted to make better products for law enforcement officers, to make them safer and more effective on the job. In his current role as a business development manager, he has been able to achieve that aim.


Today, Fowlkes develops products for other law enforcement entities in his role at Eagle Industries Unlimited. He has been with the firm for almost a decade. Fowlkes’ responsibilities include training sales teams and selecting products to promote. His hands-on experience sets him apart from others in the field.


Ronald Fowlkes has extensive experience with urban warfare tactics and hostile crowds. He has a long track record of training soldiers and law enforcement effectively. Today, he is making it possible for others to carry on that work. Fowlkes has gone from protecting his community in St. Louis, to helping make all of America safer.


Dave McDonald Pushes For Growth At OSI Industries

OSI Industries was happy to make the acquisition of Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a European food manufacturer that has been in business for over 60 years. The company has carved out its own market share in the European region. Dave McDonald and his team at OSI Industries was looking to gain a foothold in the European region and believes that partnering with Baho Foods is the necessary move. Baho Foods leadership is expected to remain in place and continue with the current business model of the company. They will in turn benefit from the tremendous resources of being affiliated with an international, multi billion-dollar organization such as OSI Industries. McDonald and his team are excited about the acquisition. They expect the relationship to open new doors for OSI throughout Europe in terms of industry diversity.

Tyson Foods was another acquisition made by OSI Industries as it pushes for growth. The purchase was made for 7.4 million dollars. The move helped the Chicago-based food manufacturer save up to 500 jobs. Tyson was looking to close its doors for good before the buy out. Dave McDonald offered 200 of Tyson’s employees positions at OSI Industries. Saving these jobs supports the OSI policy of creating opportunity for others to ensure healthy expansion of company objectives.

Flagship Food Group was acquired by Dave McDonald and OSI Industries. Flagship Food Group is also a European food manufacturer that has a unique niche in the industry. It specializes in mayonnaise and various serving sauces. Flagship Food Group has made acquisitions of its own, which will make it a valuable asset to the OSI brand.

As Chief Operations Officer, Dave MacDonald has made many moves in order to place his imprint on the company. He thoroughly restructured the management system in the China region in order to bring that area of the company to international standards. Executives throughout the world will be held accountable for their leadership decisions by a rotating group of experts that represents OSI’s worldwide initiatives. OSI Industries has since earned several awards for its consistent work practices. The company received the Globe of Honor Award from the British Safety Council in 2016. The honor recognizes companies that implement safety policy throughout the entire ranks of the organization.

Dave MacDonald is originally from Iowa. He attended Iowa State University and remains very involved with his Alma mater. He received a bachelor’s degree in animal science. Dave begin his career with OSI Industries immediately after college and remained with the company throughout the years, eventually earning the position of COO.

Notable Information about Felipe Montoro Jens

You can never talk about Brazilian Businesses without the mention of Felipe Montoro Jens. He is one of those in the investing industry that has managed to shape most of the industries in the country. He is a man whose history is worth reading as every business that he engages with prospers. In the present position, Felipe is the acting as chief executive officer.

People who have ever had an engagement with refer to him as a committed man who is always on the upfront of ensuring that Brazilian private industries prosper and are always on the rise. He has been busy to ensure businesses benefits with diverse possibilities, particularly from the foreign market.

Among the key roles that he plays is the leadership of CGP Company. According to him, the key factors to the success of any organization is active transparency and proper governance of any project structured. More to this, he talks of modalities of the board members, concessions and giving a way to correct public supervision on any of the projects.

Felipe Montoro discusses proper planning and execution of the organization’s goals through building a target. His main key theme is to help other people raise from their current situation more so what he refers as making clients business leaders or even steer headers of other business-oriented corporations.

Montoro also goes ahead to explain that for maximum results from any of the organizations, the management board members of the organizations should never be allowed to take part in discussions on matters that are causing conflicts from personal interest. More to this they should never be given the right to vote as there would be a high possibility of bias in their decisions. Montoro has been a mentor to organizations and companies, a factor that has contributed a lot to his popularity internationally.

Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group CEO

Sheldon Lavin is a market leader in meat processing and food industry. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer at OSI Group of companies in Chicago. The company deals with food processing and distribution. Lavin oversees the daily running of the firm and guides the staff to achieve the company strategic goals. He is an accountant by profession and started his career in banking sector and later joined food industry.

Sheldon joined OSI Company in 1970, the company was small and was called Otto and Sons which later branded to OSI companies. Through its leadership and vision, the company has grown and extended its operations to became an international brand. He supports the company to improve its financial base leading to increasing the number of staff, and food processing machinery’s has grown to be an international brand with established industries in 20 countries across the globe.

He owes the success of OSI Company to dedicate staff and board who have adopted entrepreneur approach in running the company’s works with goals and strategy’s which everyone has responsibility for achieving them.

In recognition of Sheldon accomplishments, The Indian Vision Academy gave him an award for his incredible achievements in the food sector, support to the growth of OSI companies and creating jobs in the same industry. Lavin felt honored to receive such a prestigious award, and he was grateful to OSI company for giving him an opportunity to grow the company to be an international food processing giant and powerhouse’s company recognized Sheldon dedication and commitment to employees welfare and organization continuous growth.

Also, Lavin passion to adhering to environmental conservation, OSI Company has received numerous awards in environment and company sustainability. Lavin urges fellow industry leaders to be cautious of the atmosphere during their company production assessment and should prioritize environment conservation.

Lavin is committed to mentor the next crop of leaders to be responsible, self-drive and innovative to address the challenge in all industries. Also, he would like them to grow their companies to be global commercial and contribute to welfare people in the world. About to know more OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award

Lavin spends his free time supporting charity work by Ronald Macdonald charities. Also, he loves spending time with his wife and three children.

Sheldon Lavin’s Linkedin page @

Omar Yunes, A Franchisee to Reckon

On December 5th, 2015, Omar Yunes emerged the winner of World Contest of franchisee which took place in Italy. The main thing that made him win this contest was his significant role that he plays in the trademarks that he represents. Since the time he was twenty-one years old, Omar Yunes has been a franchisee. Today he possesses thirteen franchised units situated in Puebla, Mexico City and Veracruz which reflect about ten percent of the units the brand has.

During the award, Omar acknowledged that his victory was not just for him alone but a representative of the triumph of the four hundred employees of the units that he manages and the trademark that permitted him to innovate. The 2015 Best Franchisee of the World had an attendance of thirty-four representatives of different countries. These countries include Hungary, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, Argentina, and France. During this event, the franchise got analyzed and its impact on the network aspects such as how it impacted network, its knowledge contributions, motivation to the employee and to what level it charged and the type of improvement you have suggested to the model and more

Diego Elizarrarras, an organizer of the BFW Mexico, recognized that Omar won this prestigious award because he proved to be a significant agent of change in a franchisee-franchisee relationship, enforced control panels that aid in having a comprehensive measure of each unit and for having a good control of information. Omar also emerged to be the winner of national chapter prize. Through those awards, it is a manifestation of the unity that franchisee companies have to provide excellent services to its customers. According to Diego, the awards reveal the reality that in the state there is a sector that won a terrific place in the international arena.

Omar Yunes is a Mexican investor who represents Sushi Itto. As a high franchisee, Omar has several awards in BFW competitions. Through his brand, he has managed to create more than four hundred jobs to people who work in the 13 units that he controls. He always motivates his employees by recompensating them so that they may realize the goal of the company. Because of his leadership, his brand has developed a robust business network.


The Madison Street Capital Catalyst to Financial Freedom

The Madison Street Capital is a consortium of financial experts that have been offering financial assistance to various businesses around the globe. The Chicago based firm helps businesses to navigate complex transactions, make investment decisions and gain access to loans and credit. The company also offers valuation and consulting services on mergers related subjects.

The Madison Street Capital has its reputation being constant on the rise. The trend can be attributed to the high experience levels, integrity, and expertise that the group exhibits. Over the years, the group has been able to focus its energy on serving the dominant financial needs of the low and middle market economies.

The firm is an international brand with representatives all across the world. The company has established offices in Oregon, Chicago, and Ghana. Being a multinational firm means that the company will mostly look at the local and international environment before providing any expert to its clients.

The company has continually won various awards in the global arena, ranging from different sections of the economy. Some of these awards are in the line of professional services, others on boutique investment and strategic deal making. Some of these awards include the Turnaround Award won in January 2017.

The firm fought with over three hundred similar organizations to emerge the best in the prize. The company has also won the M& A Advisor Award. The award aims to recognize and appreciate any corporate effort geared towards the attainment of business financing rules and success in the restructuring processes. Read more: Madison Street Capital Investment Banking Overview | Academia

Alongside professional assistance, the philanthropic roles have also contributed massively to the ever-growing reputation. The firm continually contributes to various nonprofit human rights organization like Red Cross. In its website, the company also encourages their visitors to participate in works of charity constantly and engage in activities that help uphold the human dignity of a person.

Over the past few years, the firm has developed an acumen to its wide range of clients. These include their participation in formulating and drafting of legal binding contracts that facilitate the buying and selling process in the world. Learn more about Madison Street Capital reputation:

The key competencies being in the area of taxation, bankruptcy and how to deal with mergers and takeovers. The bank has been on the record for issuing quality and professional financial expert advice to their clients.

The demand for expert financial advice has been on the rise. The Madison Capital firm has been appointed by various businesses, corporations and agencies to provide expert help. Despite the continued growth, the company has maintained its headquarters in Pennsylvania.

It is from here that the financial industry creates value and delivers the same to different businesses via cost management for the various firms that patronize their services.