Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group CEO

Sheldon Lavin is a market leader in meat processing and food industry. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer at OSI Group of companies in Chicago. The company deals with food processing and distribution. Lavin oversees the daily running of the firm and guides the staff to achieve the company strategic goals. He is an accountant by profession and started his career in banking sector and later joined food industry.

Sheldon joined OSI Company in 1970, the company was small and was called Otto and Sons which later branded to OSI companies. Through its leadership and vision, the company has grown and extended its operations to became an international brand. He supports the company to improve its financial base leading to increasing the number of staff, and food processing machinery’s has grown to be an international brand with established industries in 20 countries across the globe.

He owes the success of OSI Company to dedicate staff and board who have adopted entrepreneur approach in running the company’s works with goals and strategy’s which everyone has responsibility for achieving them.

In recognition of Sheldon accomplishments, The Indian Vision Academy gave him an award for his incredible achievements in the food sector, support to the growth of OSI companies and creating jobs in the same industry. Lavin felt honored to receive such a prestigious award, and he was grateful to OSI company for giving him an opportunity to grow the company to be an international food processing giant and powerhouse’s company recognized Sheldon dedication and commitment to employees welfare and organization continuous growth.

Also, Lavin passion to adhering to environmental conservation, OSI Company has received numerous awards in environment and company sustainability. Lavin urges fellow industry leaders to be cautious of the atmosphere during their company production assessment and should prioritize environment conservation.

Lavin is committed to mentor the next crop of leaders to be responsible, self-drive and innovative to address the challenge in all industries. Also, he would like them to grow their companies to be global commercial and contribute to welfare people in the world. About to know more OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award

Lavin spends his free time supporting charity work by Ronald Macdonald charities. Also, he loves spending time with his wife and three children.

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Omar Yunes, A Franchisee to Reckon

On December 5th, 2015, Omar Yunes emerged the winner of World Contest of franchisee which took place in Italy. The main thing that made him win this contest was his significant role that he plays in the trademarks that he represents. Since the time he was twenty-one years old, Omar Yunes has been a franchisee. Today he possesses thirteen franchised units situated in Puebla, Mexico City and Veracruz which reflect about ten percent of the units the brand has.

During the award, Omar acknowledged that his victory was not just for him alone but a representative of the triumph of the four hundred employees of the units that he manages and the trademark that permitted him to innovate. The 2015 Best Franchisee of the World had an attendance of thirty-four representatives of different countries. These countries include Hungary, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, Argentina, and France. During this event, the franchise got analyzed and its impact on the network aspects such as how it impacted network, its knowledge contributions, motivation to the employee and to what level it charged and the type of improvement you have suggested to the model and more

Diego Elizarrarras, an organizer of the BFW Mexico, recognized that Omar won this prestigious award because he proved to be a significant agent of change in a franchisee-franchisee relationship, enforced control panels that aid in having a comprehensive measure of each unit and for having a good control of information. Omar also emerged to be the winner of national chapter prize. Through those awards, it is a manifestation of the unity that franchisee companies have to provide excellent services to its customers. According to Diego, the awards reveal the reality that in the state there is a sector that won a terrific place in the international arena.

Omar Yunes is a Mexican investor who represents Sushi Itto. As a high franchisee, Omar has several awards in BFW competitions. Through his brand, he has managed to create more than four hundred jobs to people who work in the 13 units that he controls. He always motivates his employees by recompensating them so that they may realize the goal of the company. Because of his leadership, his brand has developed a robust business network.


The Madison Street Capital Catalyst to Financial Freedom

The Madison Street Capital is a consortium of financial experts that have been offering financial assistance to various businesses around the globe. The Chicago based firm helps businesses to navigate complex transactions, make investment decisions and gain access to loans and credit. The company also offers valuation and consulting services on mergers related subjects.

The Madison Street Capital has its reputation being constant on the rise. The trend can be attributed to the high experience levels, integrity, and expertise that the group exhibits. Over the years, the group has been able to focus its energy on serving the dominant financial needs of the low and middle market economies.

The firm is an international brand with representatives all across the world. The company has established offices in Oregon, Chicago, and Ghana. Being a multinational firm means that the company will mostly look at the local and international environment before providing any expert to its clients.

The company has continually won various awards in the global arena, ranging from different sections of the economy. Some of these awards are in the line of professional services, others on boutique investment and strategic deal making. Some of these awards include the Turnaround Award won in January 2017.

The firm fought with over three hundred similar organizations to emerge the best in the prize. The company has also won the M& A Advisor Award. The award aims to recognize and appreciate any corporate effort geared towards the attainment of business financing rules and success in the restructuring processes. Read more: Madison Street Capital Investment Banking Overview | Academia

Alongside professional assistance, the philanthropic roles have also contributed massively to the ever-growing reputation. The firm continually contributes to various nonprofit human rights organization like Red Cross. In its website, the company also encourages their visitors to participate in works of charity constantly and engage in activities that help uphold the human dignity of a person.

Over the past few years, the firm has developed an acumen to its wide range of clients. These include their participation in formulating and drafting of legal binding contracts that facilitate the buying and selling process in the world. Learn more about Madison Street Capital reputation:

The key competencies being in the area of taxation, bankruptcy and how to deal with mergers and takeovers. The bank has been on the record for issuing quality and professional financial expert advice to their clients.

The demand for expert financial advice has been on the rise. The Madison Capital firm has been appointed by various businesses, corporations and agencies to provide expert help. Despite the continued growth, the company has maintained its headquarters in Pennsylvania.

It is from here that the financial industry creates value and delivers the same to different businesses via cost management for the various firms that patronize their services.

Entrepreneur Marc Sparks On Attaining Business Goals

Marc Sparks is a renowned visionary Dallas entrepreneur and business expert. Marc through his experience has helped many companies achieve monumental success. He is a major shareholder in the following companies: Cardinal Telecom LLC, Blu Jay Wireless, and Cobalt Real Estate Services LLC.



Marc Sparks came up with the idea of Spark Tank, an innovative concept that requires executives in the social service industry to come up with ideas that lead to social success. Sparks has been involved in community work, helping communities raise funds for various support services. A good example is The Samaritan Inn homeless shelter. He helped this community project to grow from scratch to a $3 million annual turnover project. Today, the project feeds over 200 people every day. Learn more:



Through the Marc Spark Tank initiative, he introduced mentorship and offers financial support to small non-profit organizations involved in community charity work that supports the members of the community. One beneficiary of Spank Tank initiative is an organization called ‘Mommies in Need.’ They are the winners of the second Spark Tank financial grant: Mommies in Need engages in the activity of delivering trained nannies to families that need childcare assistance but do not have the financial capacity to do so on their own. Mommies in Need avails such support at no cost.



To qualify for Spark Tank grant, applicants should be a 501c3 group with at least 2 years of operations. Applicants are given 10 minutes to explain their course before a Spank Tank panel. The panel then reviews the applications and presentations and decides on the most deserving. Sparks being the successful entrepreneur he is, started this program to promote social success in his backyard. The idea is to improve the lives of the community by giving grants and presiding over accountability. Learn more:



In his latest book, ‘They Can’t Eat You’ Marc Sparks outlines his journey, from successes to failures. From this experience, Sparks established the Timber Creek Capital, LP, whose aim is to help people understand the various stages involved in launching a profitable business ( Through Timber Creek Capital, Sparks offers emerging businesses mentorship and access to requisite resources. Marc Sparks is the founder and the CEO of Timber Creek, LP. He is as well a philanthropist, author, and entrepreneur. Marc Sparks engages in humanitarian works such as building affordable housing for low-income families and donating laptop computers to needy children.



A Look at Anthony Petrello

Currently, Anthony Petrello is a CEO of Nabors Industries LTd., since 2011 and since 1991, its president. This is a holding company of Nabors Exchangeco (Canada) Inc. Nabors Industries happens to be the largest land-based oil and gas-drilling contractor.

Anthony Petrello is a well-educated man who obtained his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mathematics from Yale University. Later, he would attend Harvard Law and receive a J.D.

Recently, Lloyd Grove, who was Petrello’s old college roommate, published a story in The Daily Beast describing Petrello as a mathematical genius, something akin to the character Will Hunting from the movie, Good Will Hunting. Unlike many other students who attended Yale, Tony stood out. Lloyd describes Tony as working class, with a scholarship, complete with a Jersey accent. He liked to joke around and happened to be quite extroverted.

Instead of continuing on in the field of mathematics, Petrello decided to take on law school at Harvard. After law school, he would move to a Manhattan law firm, Baker & McKenzie (1979-1991).

Petrello would also decide to marry Cynthia Carrafa, who was a college girlfriend and also a soap opera actress. They eventually had a daughter, Carena, who was born with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). Their own family’s struggle prompted them to help others, and have donated $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute.

Petrello also serves as a Director of Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc. In addition to that role, he also serves as Director of Stewart & Stevenson, LLC.

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Timothy Armour Takes Aim At Warren Buffet

World famous business magnate and financial guru, Warren Edward Buffet recently decided to gamble on a rather standard S & P 500 Passive Index Fund (PIF). Buffet has, in the past, said numerous positive things about PIFs generally and given the fact that he is one of the most wealthy men in America (the second wealthiest, as of 2017, in fact) very few people take exception with his financial methodology. One man, however, does take exception to the promulgation of this tactic, namely, a one Timothy Armour.

Timothy Armour is a highly decorated investor based out of Los Angeles who is perhaps best known as the chairman and chief executive of the American financial service company, Capital Group. Mr. Armour takes special pains in a recently released piece critiquing Mr. Buffet that he certainly agrees with America’s second wealthiest man that there are far, far too many under performing and pricey funds out there, befuddling investors and also agrees that there is certainly a place in one’s portfolio for passive index funds. Where Mr. Armour sharply disagrees with Mr. Warren Buffet is upon the particular point of passive index funds as a standard model for big investments. Mr. Armour is of the opinion that passive index funds are by no means the safest way to a good and healthy nest egg. The reason for this is that they provide little to absolutely no protection from a down of falling market. There are trillion of dollars in passive index funds, however, only a handful of financial investors, 1200 specifically, who were surveyed online the previous year were aware that PIFs offered absolutely zero protection from market volatility.

Mr. Armour advises all prospective investors not to just blindly follow after Mr. Buffet’s example, he is a seasoned master at the game – most are not. Rather, he suggests that everyone follow the two principal paths to good investments: low cost and high management ownership.

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